We wonder if anyone is really paying attention to the 4000# donkey in the room.  Other than being a hot-topic talking point, maybe not.  We see no movement or rush to protect the vote.  We have said it and wonder if it sinks in.  Maybe this will, because what happens if more of us vote for Trump than Biden, and Trump loses?

You have received a mailing from Fontes, Maricopa County Recorder, encouraging everyone to sign up for early ballots. Even the Republican party is pushing this idea.  Do you know that it has been proven in court there are at least 100 ways to cheat a mail in ballot?  No, it doesn't matter how your early ballot gets back to the Recorder.  Mail it as soon as you get it, mail it just before the deadline, take it to a drop off place?  100 ways to cheat that ballot!  You are 4-6 times more likely to have your vote manipulated with an early ballot.

The time to act is now.  After November 3, croccodile tears will mean nothing.


This Will Defeat Trump in Nov, Not the Economy

By: Devvy

While tens and tens of millions of Americans worry each day about putting food on the table, will they get their job back or will their governors continue their draconian and unnecessary lockdowns, there’s a lot going on that demands our attention.

The long list of relentless attacks against Donald Trump are well documented because the prostitute media has made sure the nation is saturated day in and day out with all the lies.  Truth left the MSM, print and electronic decades ago.

Joined by zealots in Congress, state capitols, the “look at me” Hollywood skanks, effeminate pretty boys and special interest groups, all that matters is their agenda which is to make sure Trump does not win in November.  Who is destroyed along the way is of no consequence as they suffer no sense of moral responsibility for their actions.

Their avarice knows no bounds as does their lust for power and money. Those two aphrodisiacs have led to criminal actions by high ranking members of the FBI and DOJ.  Lying by the aforementioned above has become a fine art.  Flame throwing or ‘scorched earth’ strategies have turned our political process into a glimpse of Hell.

As incredulous as it seems and despite the whipping Democrats took over the grotesque impeachment hearings against Trump,  Adam Schiff [D], Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee who appears to still suffer from strangulation by jock strap, >has informed the U.S. Supreme Court they are engaged in an “ongoing presidential impeachment investigation” which requires redacted, grand-jury documents from special counsel Robert Mueller, according to court documents.”

Oh, darn.  Four days later SCOTUS issued a temporary block against releasing those transcripts.

Knowing the Democrat/Communist Party USA has nothing to feed the American people during an election year except their dangerous ‘New Green Deal’ [1] which would kill millions of jobs and be the ultimate thermo nuclear bomb to this already collapsing economy, the Masters of the Game are going for their final Hail Mary:  Mail in ballots.

Continue reading...

When we think how stunningly easy it was to capture and house arrest 300+ million Americans over a bug, blown well out of proportion to the degree that everyone on TV now wears a mask, it just makes the head spin.  Saying it was a massive hoax is a well-worn understatement.  Still today, people stay clustered in their homes, scared to death that... death is around the corner.  The media, the "news," the talk shows... all of them are still pushing "be safe" wear a mask mantra until now, no one flinches seeing everyone with a mask on.  YOU are the odd one because you are not wearing a mask.  YOU stand out in a crowd today.  Yes, the globalists made this personal to everyone in America.

We say, cast off those stupid, useless and dangerous masks.  

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I was able to request to have my early ballot cancelled. At least that was what was on the email.

I have always gotten a early ballot and I dont understand the issue here.

Perhaps you will re-read that part about your ballot can be manipulated or corrupted in at least 100 PROVEN ways.  It happened in 2018 and believe us when we tell you, Fontes is planning to double down  in 2020.  Why do you think he is spending $thousands to mail out flyers with a postage paid form to fill out to get on the early voting list?  Do you think he's just being a good guy?  So repeat: YOU have a 4-6 chance your ballot will be corrupted: revoted (yes, happens all the time), lost, thrown out as defective, we even heard from an eyewitness they take the ballots out of the envelope and decide it's not correctly voted and then re-vote it, not just cleaned up a ballot that has a mark that might make the ballot to be kicked out.  Overheard in 2018, between two workers: "I think they really meant to vote like this." And they changed the vote!  Is that OK with you?  If so, keep your early ballot.

Ballot harvesting is not just a national issue, it's happened in our own GOP state and County convention here in Phoenix. So why would you "trust" when you can't VERIFY that your vote is properly handled? Remember what Communist Joseph Stalin said ... "It's not the people who vote that count, it's the people who count the votes".  Democrats can't win honestly or ethically so they "Covet they neighbors goods" !!!!

Mail-in ballots can be opened up and viewed as to how the person voted.  If they voted demonRat, that ballot would be counted; if the person voted Republican, that ballot would be filed ......... in that bin on the floor on the side of the desk.

Larry, don't forget: one of our Republican lawmakers reported finding a box of ballots hidden in his/her neighborhood after the 2018.  We wonder how many times that was repeated?

I refuse to wear one and only where I work one morning a week. I tried to get into T-Moble to look at phones but I had to wear a mask and refused. I am moving to a phone that is not Adroid or an I Phone. Everyone should they are installing Contact Tracking without our permission. Buy a Faraday bag to block EMF and do not use your phone sitting next to some one on a phone they communicate. 

Opinion:  Globalists at work. Getting Americans used to having non-elected officials making decisions for all of us. And we MUST do as they say or else. Unfortunately, we do have some elected officials who do exactly as they're told and impose the will of the few on the rest  of us. I don't question the qualifications or credentials of the experts, I question their judgement at times.  However thank heaven for our Constitution,  these rules and regs are being challenged in the courts. On another note, this pandemic was planned deliberately to collapse our economy   and for China to emerge as the one and only super power on this planet. I believe contributing to this effort are  the WHO, the UN, and the Globalists. Since we have a strong leader in President Trump, they are hoping to destroy him at all costs. Helping with this agenda is  the Democrat/Leninist Party.  It has done its share to sully this President's reputation. They are so full of hatred for this man due to jealousy and envy of what he has accomplished before Covid 19 hit. So my question is: why  didn't they accomplish something of value for our country while they had the power during the 8 previous years? Trump was elected because  most voters believed our country was heading in the wrong direction. President Obama wanted the USA to become another Socialist country like Europe.  France,Italy, Spain are very nice countries to visit. But to live there for a long while is totally different.. The government is involved in most aspects of their lives. There are rules for many things_ too many as a matter of fact. I doubt that most Americans who are used to individual liberties and freedom would appreciate this type of intrusion. That's  why Hillary lost the 2016 election,  as she would have followed in President Obama's footsteps, and voters did not want that. And  the Democrats are still sore about that one...  Shouldn't they have gotten over it by now??The mainstream media is also complicit with this agenda of hatred toward Trump because he  calls them what they  are,  which is fake news. And he doesn't back down like other politicians do who are afraid of reprisals by  the media.  For the past 4 years, we've heard/read nothing but negatives about this administration. Republicans can do nothing right and the Democrats can do nothing wrong. Imagine the logic in that mindset!!! Just think what would have happened if the Republicans had tried to unseat  and constantly criticized President Obama. OMG, we would never hear the end of it. They would still be talking about it for many  future general elections!! I hope those guilty of all the lies, the fake Steele dossier  etc will be brought to justice.

Only with Jesus Christ in your heart can you take away the fear of death. Say this prayer with me. 

Heavenly Father,  I know I am a sinner. Please forgive  me. Your Son Jesus died for me on the Cross to erase my sins past, present and future. He paid the price for my sins. I invite Jesus into my heart and know that He will give me eternal life with no fear of death. In the Holy Name of Jesus. Amen

Find a Bible-believing church and read the Bible daily starting with the New Testament. The Bible is to your soul what food is to your body. It is still a best seller.

Fear is the tool of Satan.

America was founded, not a fear, but by the "risk takers" who believed in God as they fled from the corruption and persecution found through out Europe at the time. Such is the case in America today, we are being stifled by Fear which citizens bow down to, refusing to stand up for Liberty & Freedom as Jesus taught to believe in Him for everlasting life. It's not about us ... it's about Him.

"When tempted, no one should say, “God is tempting me.” For God cannot be tempted by evil, nor does he tempt anyone;  but each person is tempted when they are dragged away by their own evil desire and enticed.  Then, after desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, gives birth to death." - James 1:13-15.

I just posted this on FB to urge everyone I know to go to the polls on election day to cast their votes even if they receive an early mail in ballot. Unfortunately Twitter suspended my account so I could not post it there as well...

Tell them to either get off early ballot to be sure their vote is counted as cast.  Or find out if a person can take their early ballot to the polling location and put it through the machine.  If they have to vote a provisional ballot instead, that doesn't get the job done.  There are no shortcuts here.





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