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Sad, sad, sad! What I find equally sad is that Martha has shown no respect for the Constitution and our opportunity to be honestly represented fell by the wayside with her defeating McCarthy. I fear Americans are about to get what they deserve.

  Martha needs to expose this fact that Mark is connected to EveryTown for gun control and Bloomberg..  I am sure Bloomberg is funding 90% of Marks run for senate seat. I don't think this would be hard to prove..

   As we know Martha tends to  jump on rake with both feet from time to time.. Get straight girl

 Enact Democrat control.....

Not voting for Kelly.

I am really sorry that the election is going this way. I really was disappointed that the AZ GOP did nothing to help Daniel McCarthy because he was the only one who stood a chance of beating Martha so he could beat Kelly. I am holding my nose and will vote Republican, but it's really a rotten way to think about electing a senator who will work for Arizona citizens. We really need to start looking for someone now who can run against whoever wins this position and against Kyrsten Sinema. 

 Good point sister.. 

 Kyrsten Sinema needs to go. McCarthy  should get Sinema in this sights and go after her in the next senate election. I  fear we are going to get stuck with Mark this time around.

The time to start the Defeat Mark campaign is now.  We all know that a vote for Mark is a vote for Gabby Giffords who is a rabid gun control advocate..

  We need to start now in order to defeat Mark and Gabby Giffords and bar them from any future involvement in Arizona politics ...

Enact Democrat control ...

Here is the link to the other shoe. The great thing about Veritas is he usually has more than one source on every subject they do investigations on.





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