The Left has been very busy planning for 2018 and 2020.

Luckily for us, Hillary Clinton cannot miss an opportunity to try to keep her name alive in the party for 2020 (hubris, it's what's for dinner) and she has given us a window into their activities that we might otherwise have missed.

She tweeted out links to the following election related activities by the left nationwide:

  • The organizers at @iVoteFund worked with partners on the ground to get automatic voter registration on the ballot in Nevada.

    450 brand-new civic leaders and activists attended the very first @ArenaSummit — and they’re on track to train 5,000 people by the end of 2018.

    At @alliance4youth, young people are using local organizing to address economic inequality, attacks on voting rights, and more.

    The team at @latinovictoryus is working to elect more Latino candidates at every level of government.

    More than 400 students and leaders met last month at the @votolatino Power Summit to share resources and tools for national advocacy.

    And with the help of @collectivepac, 23 African-American candidates have been elected to local, state, and federal offices since August 2016.

    Along with @IndivisibleTeam, @ColorOfChange, @EmergeAmerica, @swingleft, and @runforsomething, I know these groups will continue to do the incredible work of making our democracy stronger in 2018, and I’m proud to be on their team.

    Thank you to everyone who has donated to Onward Together in our first year — we’re only able to support these great groups because of you. Let’s do even more in 2018. Onward!

Yes Hillary, onward into the penitentiary for you, onward into irrelevance. The country has finally MOVED ON from Clinton and Obama and we have been and will continue to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN with President Donald J. Trump!!!

In order to MAGA, we need to be AWARE of the ongoing activities of the left in the Election Integrity arena, and we need to GET ACTIVE to ensure nothing like what we see on this list is enacted here in Arizona.

To that end, I will be posting on all the election related bills coming out of our legislature, and I will also have a write up on the Democrat running against SoS Michele Reagan.

Preview: He is an absolute nightmare, supports Automatic Voter Registration and compares Voter ID laws to slavery. 

We also need to stay active and AWARE as these groups roll out their plans and prepare the battlespace for 2018, which is the left's test run for 2020.

In recent happenings:

The Maricopa County Recorder has sent out a call for all Deputy Registrars to register voters for the CD8 election.


Let's pick the strongest candidate we have, get through our primary, and then throw everything we have behind whomever emerges the victor on the GOP side.

We absolutely cannot afford to lose ANY seat or ANY office as we head into 2020.

Thank you for being part of preserving Election Integrity. You are all a blessing.

Together, we can help ourselves, our family, our country and President Trump by preserving the RED state of Arizona for 2018, 2020 and hopefully forever.


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Gina: You say "In order to MAGA, we need to be AWARE of the ongoing activities of the left in the Election Integrity arena, and we need to GET ACTIVE to ensure nothing like what we see on this list is enacted here in Arizona." 

I suggest we need more than that. America cannot be made great again so long as it is committed to support United Nation's policy, so long as Americans are in economic bondage due to an ungodly and unconstitutional monetary policy that is in compliance with the 5th plank of the Communist Manifesto, and so long as America pretends to owe the many debts resulting from this policy that cannot possibly be paid.

To date, Trump has shown no inclination to acknowledge these needs. It makes me wonder if he is serious or if MAGA is simply a catchy slogan to give the poorly informed a warm and fuzzy feeling.

I agree with you Walter, that we are very far from where the founders intended us to be.

We all have something to bring to the table to restore America.

For my part, I am focused on election integrity,

Speaking for myself, without a particular focus, everything that has gone off course can seem overwhelming and I have seen the sheer magnitude of all that needs to be done overwhelm people, and lead them to give in to despair and to throw their hands up, give up, and walk away.

We must not allow that to happen, or the light that is America, the last, best hope for mankind, will be extinguished.

For myself, I begin with protecting our vote. Without that, nothing else we do will matter (except of course for prayer, which is always needed and always powerful).

Thank you for your comment, and your reminder of how much there is to do.


I commend you for your work on the integrity of the ballot box. We have but six boxes with which to MAGA; the soap and mail boxes in all their forms, the grand and trial jury boxes (but only in theory thanks to our Constitutionally authorized common law grand juries having been unlawfully declared obsolete in the 1946 changes to the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure), the ballot box and the bullet box. 

I think that for the ballot box to be effective people are going to have to accept the fact that the Republican and Democrat parties are two wings of the same bird. Though I know many people look upon Trump as being our savior I have grave doubts about this being so. He has surrounded himself with Wall Street billionaires. He has increased the number of troops and civilian mercenaries in the Middle Eastern countries 33% and continues to have U. S. troops in over 170 countries; presumably to enforce the "edicts" of the SUPRA-NATIONAL authority promoting the New World Order. He is leading the attack on North Korea and Iran; two of the three remaining countries lacking a Rothschild central bank through which to enslave their people.  

Though we need the integrity of the ballot box if we are to avoid having to use the cartridge box we must also have a better educated population willing to turn to an alternative political party. Of those available I find the Constitution Party to have people having the integrity needed to MAGA.


Interesting that you mentioned the two (out of 3, the other being the anomalous Cuba) countries still without central banks owned by the same cartel of international bankers.  You might also recall that these four countries have had central banks installed in the last 15 years:  Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Sudan.

I hope President Trump's stated goals to slow down our country's march toward national and international socialism is sincere.  But even if so, he can't rely on McConnell and Ryan, whose major contributors largely come from the banking, finance, and securities industries.  And I'm not sure anyone can be elected President in this country without backing from these sectors.

Trump has shown an inclination to acknowledge your points and do something about it...

* he submitted a budget decreasing spending bigly.... but until we get the McConnells and Ryans out of there ... nothing is going to happen.

* he is starting to take money away from the UN.

* there is only so much he can do with the Rhinos in Congress!

I do agree that we need to get majorly ACTIVE.  The socialists are not giving the DNC but the are giving HUGE dollars to their PACS... just look at what their pacs spent on getting Doug Jones elected!

We dare not sit back on our laurels as the low blow racist, sexual predator, etc ploys will be used without the presentation of any proof ... and the average uneducated voter believes their lies and vote with their unsubstantiated feelings not FACTS, 

God Help us in the Mid Terms and pray for strong leaders to continue to lead us to prosperity.

Trump did not become a billionaire by being stupid.  And I certainly can't know the content of his mind.  I DO know that he is something "different", NOT a politician and plays his cards extremely close to his vest.  He continually surprises us and I believe he's playing a very foxy game of chess.  I've given up trying to second guess his actions.  And only time will tell if "making America great again" is his true aim. If not, we're in very deep doodoo.

I don't see any motivation from either political party to audit the Fed and then reconstruct a National Bank according to the findings, and according to the Constitution.  If Kennedy had been successful in  continuing to issue (from June 1963 up until Johnson took over) precious-metals-backed currency directly from the Treasury (as per Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution) instead of borrowing and then re-selling in the market the Fed's fiat reserve notes (with interest to the Fed), in violation of Article 1, Section 8, we would likely have $20T less debt, as we could not have spent money we did not, do not, and probably never will have, with debt to the Fed and its BIS that has been increasing geometrically.  And to make it even scarier, most Americans do not know that  virtually all countries' central banks (incl. ours -- the Fed), and the central banks' central bank (the BIS located in Basel, Switzerland) are owned by the same complex network of privately held international banks. 

The U.N.'s World Bank and IMF were set up by the international community to redistribute money from the developed countries (mostly us) to the underdeveloped countries.  We provide the taxpayer-sourced funds to the U.N. as collateral, and the U.N. gives out loans with interest, knowing fully well that the poor countries (e.g., in Africa, et al) have no chance to pay back the accumulating loans.  All they can do is borrow more to "pay off" the existing loans, until at some point the whole spiraling mess inevitably implodes since it is not mathematically possible to grow our way out of existing and promised entitlement obligation debt by growth alone, much less by taking out more loans from the central banks to pay for the spending.  Issuing more money (e.g., Quantitative Easing, economic stimulation, and bailouts) just means more debt to the Fed and BIS. And we continue to sit back and fund most of this upward-flowing debt to the central banks (and their BIS) with our tax dollars.


Mike, you mentioned that "You don't see any motivation from either party ..." and I, unfortunately, agree.  There was some hope with the R's when Ron Paul was in office.  It appears that Justin Amash, Thomas Massie, and especially Rand Paul are taking up this fight now.  Whether they have any hope against the RINOs, though, is a big question. 

I now live in Las Vegas and Everytime I go to a video or an article, I see the ad to vote online here in Nevada. I am glad to know who is behind this. I always just get rid of it, but I worry now just how many people will actually fall for it. I did not know but was very suspicious of this. I am so glad to find out about it and will tell everyone I know. Thanks for the information!!



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