Unless you have spent some time traveling behind the political scenes among the elite in Arizona, you may find this name strange.  He's well known in certain circles, however.  He's the newest candidate in the race for Flake's Senate seat and, in watching the video from the link below, he seems (key word) to be calm, mature politically and personally, accomplished with plenty of items on his resume` and while he's never run for anything, he is certainly political.  He will be well funded, which in previous years has been the mother's milk of winning campaigns.  His base will be among the generally well-to-do and well-known movers and shakers in Arizona.

His campaign manager is Jan Brewer and his treasurer is Fife Symington.  Ah, it's almost like a stroll down memory lane!  His consultant will NOT be CQ but may be Chuck Coughlin!  He was the power behind the Governor when Brewer carried that title.

Here is the [LINK] to the video from Square Off on Ch12, Sunday mornings.

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Mr Heiler said that there is a "political class that has lost touch with the people"..... but his supporters are the definition of "political class"....

Who is funding him??


Sounds like a well-oiled swamp critter to me. Beware.  Bannon's cost to get Ward elected just went way up.

If we want to elect another Flake??? this is how to get it done. Who is funding him? The Establishment McCainiacks of course. If my guess is not to far off we will see "McCain" Lines Graham and some of the others step quickly in behind this guy. The wheels in the back of the machine never really stop turning, sometimes they put extra grease on and it gets quiet for a bit before picking up speed to run over us.

The better question might be "What is Jay Heiler"? 

Scary! Talks like a politician.  Jan Brewer and Chuck Coughlin? Mrs. and Mr. Medicaid Expansion just to name one deception by those two.  I would bet a hundred bucks this guy did not vote for Trump. YUK

From one of our astute members:

I googled and found he was on board with Trump very early.
Brillant video. 
His oh so subtle mocking of KW was well played, he respectfully acknowledged then dismissed her.
Education and God. He will win right there. Build the wall, bring back jobs and energy, 
I dont buy he is McCain. 
McSally is the McCain camp.
Interesting about RG. Very interesting.

We will be doing more indepth investigation on this candidate in the coming days.  Maybe he is the real deal!!  Or close to it.  This we know without digging deeper: McSally, who announced yesterday, IS surely the McCain candidate, unless our good friend [snark] Robert Graham, suddenly gets in.  The comment above about RG is that we told this member that he had been spending a lot of days at the McCain compound since Flake announced.  Never a good sign.

Why would Brewer and Coughlin support him?

Reminding all of a couple of things: A. Brewer is not running for anything  B. Brewer was a YUGE supporter of Trump. 

Before we indict this guy why not find out who he is?  It's not like we have an actual winning candidate on our hands elsewhere.  I read a poll today showing Ward waaaaay behind Sinema. McSally is the linchpin now.

MEMO: look what happened to Gillespie. He lost by 9 pts because he refused to embrace Trump's policies. Lesson to learn in AZ primary.

How do you know the poll you saw today is valid?

Jasper can speak to that question but my question to you is how do you know it's not valid?  Similar polls have been going around for months. Even the Flake knew he would lose to Sinema. Common sense also comes to that conclusion. I know you are soaked in the rhetoric of Kelli Ward but me, I am interested in keeping the senate and pray we get new people who will vote McConnell to the curb. That is my #1 goal. I also think republicans are the worst voters because they will wait for someone else to do the work of research.  I agree with Jasper, I will take a wait and see and vote for whoever can take McSally out and not lose to Sinema. In this race, I don't care about anything else.

You are right about who paid for the poll, Clair. Last year when Ward and McCain polled even at 39, all Ward supporters were gleeful.  I didn't trust that poll. Fortunately, my buddy got to see the actual poll (I can't say how that happened but i was not surprised which is why he's my buddy) and it was clearly stacked to get that outcome. But there were plenty of small pollsters that said Trump would defeat Hillary.  Then again, that is why I inserted the key phrase: common sense.  Just study each candidate, how they run their campaigns,  their disposition in tight situations when challenged (ward fails miserably here), how well informed they are and most important how they think on their feet.  That is yet to be determined but a war it will be.



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