It's been decades since we have seen so much passion in a Presidential Preference Primary election - or any election, as we have seen this year.  So many people know without question that this country is hanging by a thread and all of these voters know who they think should rescue the United States. What they don't agree on is who that should be and that is itself the exhilarating part of this process.  On the Republican side, there are no bad guys.  Nearly half of those voting believe Donald Trump is the best of the good guys.  There are no good guys on the Democrat side.  Defeating the Democrats is our most important job in November.

Having reviewed the posts and comments on this site and having chatted with people who volunteered for the campaigns, here are our observations:

Winner: the election process overflowing with voters

Loser: voters who stood for hours to vote

The candidate winner of the Arizona Republican primary was announced while thousands of voters still waited in long lines.  Our thrill is the determination of those who waited up to four hours to vote - results or no results, they wanted to vote and they wanted that vote to count.  Hallelujah!!  The Founding Fathers would be happy with the demonstration of love of country shown today.

Both Cruz and Trump campaigns made get out the vote efforts nearly right up to poll closing times.  Maybe that was a tad much but that's what wins elections.

Reports are that Cruz and Trump campaigns handled these calls differently.  Trump volunteers were instructed to be very polite to all those with whom they spoke, no matter who their choice was and from our interviews, they were.  Some people who called in were experts in foul language but everyone has to be really good at something!  Cruz volunteers are reported to have hung up on all they called if they were not for Cruz.  Some of our team members got those calls and we can testify that is what happened if they didn't prefer Cruz.  Volunteers from the Trump offices reported voters called in and made similar reports.

Reports from both campaign volunteers revealed that many Republican voters were given Democrat ballots, were not on the voter roles (even some who had been Republicans for years) and had to vote provisional ballots.  Some callers reported there were boxes of provisional ballots in most locations.

The huge SNAFU was by Helen Purcell, Maricopa County Recorder.  Maricopa is one of the largest counties in the country.  Huge increase of voter turnouts had been experienced in every state that had voted.  Yet, Purcell made the decision to cut the voting locations from 400 in 2010, 200 in 2012 to only 60 in a year where interest in this election has been at an all time high.  Driving voters away due to the wait time is equal to voter suppression.  Purcell seems to be the only person on the planet who underestimated voter turnout but that is her job!  This is unacceptable. In our view, this earns her early retirement in November 2016

As of this writing, Trump won more votes than Cruz and Kasich combined. It's speculation as to what effect the protesters had on the outcome.  Trump=46%, Cruz=22%, Kasich =10% and the rest went to Rubio and Carson.

Prediction as we close down for the night:  

Trump wins 58 delegates in AZ (Total: 738 with MO still not certified);

Cruz (total: 423 + Utah to come) will win Utah and it's very possible for Cruz to take all delegates;

Kasich wins neither state, no delegates and has 123 delegates;

There will be a huge onslaught of early ballot requests before the primary in August!  County Recorders - take note!

The unanswered question is what, if any, effect the terrorist attacks in Belgium today had on this race or will have on future elections.

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What is True Grit?

On Saturday (3-19-16) I was one of the drivers in the Donald Trump motorcade as we made our way to Fountain Hills from the Sean Hannity Town Hall meeting in downtown Phoenix.  As the Hannity event was in progress we received reports that protestors had shut down street access to the enormous Trump event in Fountain Hills.  Concerns about what we might be facing going into that venue were raised by law enforcement officials as we planned a possible alternative route to the event.  We were in a holding pattern as the Hannity event ended and Sheriff Joe came through the door from the meeting and headed toward the vehicle I was driving.  He asked me why we weren’t ready to roll and when he heard the news that there was a possibility that we wouldn’t be able to get through the protestors he said, ”that’s not going to happen.  They are not going to stop this man from speaking.”  He got on the phone and directed his deputies on how they should handle the matter, saying, “I want those streets cleared and I want that to happen now”!  He then went into meet with Donald Trump and asked him what he wanted to do and the response was a quick and resounding “let’s go”. 

When we arrived in Fountain Hills the amount of Trump supporters was unbelievable.  A sea of people as far as the eye could see.  (The media seemed to ignore that fact).  Bottom line, Donald Trump spoke to that massive gathering because he and Sheriff Joe refused to cave into bullies.  That is the only way to get it done and a sign of True Grit in both men.

Tom Morrissey

thanks for this great reportTom

Thank you Tom for giving us the inside information.  Cheers to Sheriff Joe for taking care of the thugs.

Thanks to the Holy One......and pray for protection for Donald Trump.  We KNOW the war that we're in and what the enemy will try.

Sen. Ted Cruz won 69.2% of the caucus votes in Utah and all 40 delegates.  Cruz has won every caucus except Nevada.  Trump came in third but neither Kasich nor Trump got any delegates from Utah.  This means Trump gained 18 delegates on Cruz on Tuesday.  Two states still to be certified.

Donald Trump continues to widen the margin between Ted Cruz and himself.  If the turnout yesterday, in an actual election in our state, doesn't register with the Establishment Elite, then they will never understand how done we are with them. When those who could not vote yesterday, because of them not understanding the primary voting process, get a chance to vote for their candidate in November, the world just might be turned upside down for the old order.  I love it! 

Thanks for the report.  What was the final vote count in Arizona?

Trump won all 58 delegates with 47.1% of the vote.  He carried every county except Graham County on the east side of the state.  Cruz carried that county.   Cruz does very well in caucuses but in primaries where every ballot is actually tied to a voter, Trump wins hands down.  Frankly, we have pretty good evidence that the state party Chairs stacked the deck against Trump in Nevada, Iowa and Maine, failing to give the caucuses to Cruz only in NV.  We suspect similar action in Utah but really, Cruz could have won that state with no shenanigans in his favor.  Most of the coming elections are Primary elections but some states are some form of apportionment called Winner-Take-Most.

You might be interested to know that there were 406,326 Democrats that voted in Arizona with 46 precincts outstanding.  There were 527,404 Republicans voting with 46 precincts still outstanding.  These are mostly rural precincts. 

Sent in this morning from a voter: "Standing in line. The line behind me is just as long."

In my area of voting around 32nd St and Union Hills area at the church near PV College was very heart warming for once to see the huge crowds all day long. Someone took my Trump signs when we went back to pick them up. At 8:00 P.M. you would not believe the lines of people for many blocks away. It made me feel so good to see the Americans stand up and go vote for once. We can thank Trump for bringing these people out to vote once again. Cruz just can not stop the blame game against Trump. Reports have said, that there were a lot of cheating going on in Utah.

I smell a giant stinky rat in Utah.  that vote count is just not credible.  Something is up with that.

Let’s not be so anxious to throw Purcell under the bus. A big chunk of blame goes to AZ voters. If the county will send a ballot directly to your house, well in advance of the election, and you can, at your leisure, research and mark your ballot in the comfort of your own home, and then drop-off said ballot at any convenient mailbox or post office… and instead you choose stand in line like a herd animal, then the blame is on you. The losers are people who don’t pay attention to changes made for their convenience. Losers are people who don’t accept responsibility for knowing and understanding their duties, rights and privileges as voters, like the Independents who stood in line only to find out they can’t vote at all in a Preference contest. If Republicans are supposed to be about smaller more efficient government, they should be applauding saving taxpayer dollars by reducing physical polling places as anachronistic vestiges of the past and embrace the modernity of … the U.S. Postal Service!?! If you didn’t jump on the absentee ballot bandwagon on day one, you have only yourself to blame. The only excuse for showing up at a physical polling place is a move or name change within 3 weeks of the election. Oh, and thanks to the candidates who are charging up people to get out there and vote. We may actually win the White House if we’re smart enough to figure out this voting thing. Sheeesh!



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