For Richer Or And Poorer?

With Richer At Recorder, Is Maricopa County All The Poorer?

Dear Arizona Republicans: An Open Letter from Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer

I didn't want to be in the spotlight. Truly.

I ran on the platform of making the "Maricopa County Recorder's Office Boring Again." I sought to competently, fairly, lawfully, and quietly manage the three duties of this office: public recordings, voter registration, and election administration.

To that end, I declined every media opportunity upon taking office on January 4 until May 14, 2021.

But I am human. If you prick me, I bleed. And if you consistently defame me and the people in my office, I eventually fight back. And that's exactly what happened. Beginning on May 14, I started speaking out - on Twitter, on national TV, on local TV, on national radio, on local radio, in published articles, at public hearings, and at public events. I've set the record straight about the 2020 election, the hardworking people of Maricopa County, and me.

I stand by everything I've said over the past three months. But prior to this report, I hadn't told my full story. If this is self-indulgent, forgive me. I largely agree, but many people have me why I'm doing what I'm doing, so here it is...

Read the rest of Recorder Richer's open letter to Maricopa County HERE.

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Richer is an AHole.  He claimed to high heaven that he was a Republican Conservative at our Tea Party and we supported him.  Then when the BOS wouldn't give us the ballots and machines, Richer came again and said there was no fraud.  We booed him out of the room and turned our backs to him when he left the room. He needs to be brought to the gallows along with his BOS buddies.  Please let me wipe that pretty lying smile off his face before you hang him.

Did Richer watch any of Mike Lindell's program from August 10-12 in South Dakota? I don't think so! Did Ducey or Mark big mouth, and no results Attorney General watch the 3 days of evidence. If you are a Critical Thinker, then your conclusion is that these people are either  liars, have an agenda,  or too stupid to ever be elected to another Government office in Arizona. We will wait until after these people are out of office, and then we can have a field day in suing each one of these traitors. I know of at least one of these clowns who  will have egg on their face when all the evidence is presented this month. Deny, Deny, Deny.

Where is the senate audit report?  Richer can go on and on -- and he does, perhaps too much.  He evokes Shakespeare:  "methinks he doth protest too much...".  He certainly believes that the election was fair and above board in Maricopa County.  Perhaps he's right.  As I manned a Trump campaign office periodically, I recall the indefatigable worker Arthur Cooper saying of his door to door work with Republican voters, paraphrasing, "we're gonna lose."  Too many GOP voters were sick of Trump.  But...where is the report?  Why is it not available?  That will settle it for me one way or the other.

First of all, do you believe that too many Republicans were sick of Trump?  The crowds at his  rallies have only increased.  Second, Richer lied to our face and said that it was a fair election when the whole world knew that there was runaway fraud.  And he smiled his same sickly smile when he said so.  I think he got elected on his happy little-boy Huck Finn smile.  Oh so innocent and cute ........ and demonic.

I only know that I was not sick of him, Larry.  I was sick of the majority GOP congress we put into office who would do nothing to support him, that is, us, in congress, the DOJ or media.  But then, following their majority actions and inactions during the Bush and Obama years, I was already sick of them.  Around the country, I don't think voters were sick of him. But then, I wasn't going door to door as Arthur was.  Who knows?  I don't.

So, you're not sure if there was fraud in this last election.  Haven't you watched any of the videos by Mike Lindell or heard any of the things that Jovan Pulitzer has said or seen any of the videos where they pulled suitcases of ballots from under the tables or watched Ruby put the same ballots in multiple times or ..... or ..... or ....

Have you been living under a rock or are you just too scared to say anything commital?

I didn't say that I didn't think there was fraud in the last election!  It's for sure that there was, culminating with Mike Pence.  What I meant was strictly related to Dominion voting machines in M. County, period.  Waiting for the senate's report.  Looks suspicious alright, with delays, denial of access for inspectors and etc., but will reserve judgement until the senate reports.

That said, I'm sure that there was ballot tampering, harvesting, phony ballots, illegals voting, dead people and multiple votes for one person and every other imaginable chicanery in PA, MI, GA and probably here as well.  We saw video of Somalians in MN buying ballots from people, courtesy of  Project Veritas.  We'll see what the senate has to say about our machines.

As one of the workers in the audit, we already know there was rampant fraud.  We know that the Senate wants the subpoenas enforced and we know that Brnovich doesn't want to enforce them.  Why ...... because he says the Senate missed its deadline.  Since when does  exposing crime and revealing the truth have a deadline.  Brnovich is another wall towards getting the crimes exposed.  And yet he wants to run for Senator.  There's no way in Hell we're going to let him become Senator.  Just another RINO, but we caught this one before he could sneak into office.

Larry,  the "why" is because that is what the GOP Establishment does!  They were every bit as much behind ousting Trump as the Democrats were!  They never wanted him, remember?  They refused us everything which caused us to vote for him.  They are simply -- and only -- conservative obstructers, Leftist enablers!

Get free of the GOP!  No half measures.  If we don't, we will be an authoritarian socialist state before too long.  It's pretty obvious.

I'm starting to believe you Jeff.

Going back to G. H. W. Bush and forward, look at the GOP record when they have a congressional majority, the White House, or both.  There's your answer in both actions and inaction, compounded for the GOP's brazen "up yours" to their voters ever since 2016!  G.H.W. was a one-term president because he was a liberal!  He set up Clinton just as his kid set up Obama!  They are secure knowing that Americans won't do anything to change things.  We must, however!  Forget how "conservative" they posture and pose when they are the minority and nothing they talk about will ever come to pass.  If they become the majority again, they'll revert to the same.  We'll get a liberal Speaker and/or majority leader  and they'll spend and spend and spend.  There will be no border control until such time as the Establishment thinks that enough human poison has been injected.

We must change it.

Jeff, Jeff, Jeff,

The election was stolen. Have you seen this video? I was still open minded until I watched this entire video. It is a bit technical but I am sure you can understand it. Arizona was stolen.

NH was absolutely stolen. The Italian Mafia is in charge of counting the votes!!  and neither party is doing anything about it.





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