[Editor: After McSally was whipped around by Lou Dobbs last week, she follows it up by ignoring her constituents.  How over confident is she and why is she so confident?  She pulled a "Ann Kirkpatrick" maneuver.  Maybe you remember when Kirkpatrick was holding a campaign stop on a corner in Holbrook. When she was asked a tough question, she turned and ran.  McSally seems to be channeling Kirkpatrick!  It didn't hurt Kirkpatrick and might not hurt McSally.]

Arizona State Rep. TJ Shope has come to symbolize the attack of the Republican establishment on GOP precinct committeemen. So when Shope showed up last week to introduce U.S. Rep. Martha McSally, at a campaign event, it created a stir within the ranks of the GOP grassroots.

Shope was not the only controversial figure at the April 5, grand opening event at McSally’s Phoenix campaign headquarters. Constituents from her congressional district, in southern Arizona who follow her everyplace to complain that she had gone missing in action to run for the Senate seat being vacated by Sen. Jeff Flake.

One woman vet was reportedly asked to leave McSally’s ice cream social when she asked when McSally
would accept an invitation from challenger, former Arizona State Sen. Dr. Kelli Ward, to debate. She described her experience on Facebook:

“This is the Martha McSally volunteer that insisted that I leave because I asked McSally why she will not debate with Kelli Ward. I told her that I am AN ARMY VETERAN FROM GILBERT if you want to order ME to leave… say it on camera. She backed up immediately and said she never told me to leave. She tried to hide her face from the camera multiple times. Three other women that came from Tucson because McSally refuses to talk with her constituents… were also told to leave for no reason. McSally when I confronted her… never answered and left 5 minutes later. She also arrived 45 minutes late for her own event.”

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I think McSally is a RINO-CINO. I am voting for Kellie Ward. Our RINO-CINO Senate 'leader'  McConnell endorsed McSally. Not a good thing...


I am a big supporter of Dr Kelli Ward. Was true in 2016 and more enthusiastic for her today.

I am fed up with the McCain machine in AZ and yes I believe that McSally hand picked by McCain's machine. AZGOP is bias towards this in state machine and obviously McConnells wishes. Its a nasty thing to behold.

Torunn Sinclair was the communication director for AZGOP. She suddenly disappeared. Located now on McSally campaign staff. Humm I don't think this is an accident, can't bring myself to view any other way. 

With azgop bylaws missing in action, the desire of azgop to silence the conservative grassroots and McSally marching in lockstep we conservatives have a lot of work to do.

McSally being a member of the U.S. House is AWOL from the Freedom and Western Caucus' now ask yourself who are the players of the uniparty she is satisfying.

Did McSally vote for our President? She does not answer that question and her silence informs me she did not (I haven't read otherwise).

McSally and AZGOP no friend of conservatives and it appears they have no intentions to be.

Ugh.  I don't like Ward because of her voting record in the miniscule time she was in state government and I can't stand McSally.  Arpaio is too old. Sinema is a disaster.  Hold my nose and vote again.  A state as big as AZ should be able to produce a true conservative republican to run for this seat. Next up, McCain's seat that will be stolen from us.

Pat J, what was it that Ward voted for or against that you are referring to?



SamFox good question. I have been researching today what the burr attached to the butt that prevents Pat J. from supporting Ward since the other R candidate, McSally, is so objectionable and of course never the demo-rat.

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