Sorry, folks, this is totally fake news. We have a gallery of shots of ordinary people who got their picture taken with Mr. Trump during the campaign.  Sadly, these tactics are par-for-the-election-season course - creating a false impression of who you are. Rogers claims she was on the Trump Train from day one but that is not true. She was, instead, a close inside member of the Jeb Bush campaign from day one and stayed on that campaign until shortly before Bush threw in the towel. Trump was leading in all real polls, not the fake polls, and she quickly jumped on the Trump Train. She was never an insider there. Like many others, she was a normal supporter with no special connection to that campaign.  We did get a good chuckle over ther box at the bottom: Rogers/Trump Border Plan as though President Trump was collaborating with Rogers on a border plan.  We doubt President Trump could pick Rogers out of a line-up, so to speak.

This type of disingenuous claim is why so many are fed up with politics. Since politics is involved in every facet of our daily lives and now we know it, candidates do a diservice to their constituents when they are less that forthright.  According to internal polling, Steve Smith is leading in that race by 4.2% and early ballots will be arriving in mailboxes in the coming week.  This looks like a desperation move to us.


Candidate's 'newspaper' causes controversy

CASA GRANDE — An official-looking “newspaper” tabloid section is making its way into the hands of voters in Congressional District 1.

But it’s not a newspaper at all: It’s a political advertisement paid for by CD1 candidate Wendy Rogers. The eight-page section, which is printed on regular newsprint and has a nameplate calling itself The Arizona Sun News, is full of pro-Rogers articles, many of which outline her purported affiliation with President Donald Trump.

And it’s those claims, among others, that upset state Sen. Steve Smith, R-Maricopa.

“If she’s the ‘Trump candidate,’ why has President Trump’s top leadership team all endorsed me?” Smith asked.

Not to mention, Smith said, the real-looking “paper” might confuse voters.

“It’s unfortunate that Wendy Rogers is, apparently, trying to deceive voters with a somewhat official-looking Republican publication,” said Smith, one of three candidates in the GOP primary race.

Fellow challenger Tiffany Shedd of Eloy said: “1st Congressional District voters are tired of politicians who don’t tell the truth. Whether through fake polls or fake newspapers, my opponents are proving to rural Arizonans that they just can’t be trusted. As a farmer, a firearms instructor and a homeschool mom, voters know that I won’t try to deceive them with tired campaign gimmicks.”

Where the publication was printed and how many copies were made is not clear.

What also isn’t known is whether the publication is going to Republicans only or to all registered voters.

Calls and emails from PinalCentral to the Rogers campaign weren’t returned.

Smith also claimed Rogers is perpetrating “fake news.”

“I, along with our president, encourage voters to not listen to or read ‘fake news,’ ” Smith said.

Source: The Casa Grande Dispatch

Editor's note: We shook our head over Shedd's comment where she correctly said, “1st Congressional District voters are tired of politicians who don’t tell the truth." We totally agree, which is why we are wary of the Shedd campaign. We discovered that Ms. Shedd is paying Meridian Consulting, McCain long time operative Jon Seaton, for campaign consulting services aka management services. After we made that claim, a supporter asked her if Jon Seaton is her campaign manager. She said no and named another woman as her manager, never explaining that Seaton is actually managing the strategies for her. Is this not an attempt to deceive?  Shedd is running a distant third in a 3-way race.

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The same can be said of M McSally and Kelly Ward who were both never Trumpers before the election. I am still not sure how either of these two can get up the nerve to claim to have supported our President. I do know we will never be able to trust them in office.

John, You could rightly make your assertion about McSally however it is wrongly applied to Kelli Ward.

I ask you for bonafide proof that Dr Ward was not on the Trump train.

Wrong. Open those baby blues and see the facts about WARD.  Instead of expecting someone else to do the research for you, hows about you do it. It's a better way to learn.

Oh, my. Yes, this is quite cunning and underhanded.  I do so wish candidates would be candid with our voters so that we could know just who we are voting for.  Oh, yes, every candidate this year was on Mr. Trump's side from the very beginning, even though most were not.  It would be pleasant if we could believe a word they say. This is such an important time in politics.  I do so hope voters are vigilant enough to see through this subterfuge.  I do believe Ms. Rogers is always running for one office or another.

Politicians often speak out of both sides of their mouth and chew gum at the same time.

Spin and spin lying plus stretching their messaging is an occupational hazard for the politician.

My reply on Kelli Ward too. Where was Kelli when we were going to the monthly meetings at the capital for Border Security meetings every month? When did she ever come yearly to our Memorial for our Officers and ranchers and many others that were killed by Illegals in Arizona ? She was never around. There are many like Wendy Rogers and Ward working off of President Trump now. I want the real Conservatives to stand up .

Charlene, I think your questions might be better answered by Kelli Ward herself, have you asked her?

O yes they have been. She is a lover of herself and her husband has been rude and crude to many people especially women. Kelli has lied many times and twist things around. She did not even finish her term at the capital. At meetings she can not even answer a lot of questions at all, and will give a smart remark back. If she ever has to go against K.Sinema that Dem.will come out with the truth about her and the husband.

Charlene, What you have said has NOT been my experience in any way. I have found Kelli, Mark, her daughter and Mom warm, caring and friendly. I have never had an experience where her husband has been inappropriate or crude in any way, just the opposite. 

I'm saddened that you hold this impression. 

Well, Patricia, hang around long enough and your turn will come.  Neither of these people are what they seem.  Political chameleons.  I'M saddened that more people spend no time vetting but believe just what they see and are told by candidates who want their vote.

Pat, Agree the more locally involved I am the more I have learned and a good bit of it I do not like.

I have spent hours researching candidates. I have liked being on AFA and reading others thoughts.

Doesn't mean of course that I agree all the time with what an AFA member posts.

Another failing candidate trying to cash in on Trump.  Right on. She was affixed to the Bush campaign and stayed nearly throughout.  Anyone who would support another Bush could never switch their allegiance to Trump. 

Charlene and John P are right about Ward.  She has terrible votes in the senate where she was for a short time, not enough to realistically rely on that as "experience."  She will sell out before the last vote is counted. McSally has the best chance to defeat Sinema but most voters are too ideological or ignorant to see that keeping Sinema at home is the best route to take.  We are one seat away from losing the senate so why wouldn't every republican voter vote for the Supreme court instead of making an emotional vote?  SMH



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