Arizona 2014 Candidates

Here is the complete list of candidates who got the minimum signatures to get on the ballot.  There are 10 days for the opposition to launch a challenge and all challenges must be settled by June 11th.

This is a listing of candidates running for office in 2014 at the State level.  Note: some have X's or ** beside their name.  Scroll to the bottom to see the legend.

Go to this link, put in the candidate's name or File number to get more info :


Linda Gray, LD1 House, R, File # 201400323  Prescott

**Noel Campbell, LD1 House, R, File # 201400388   Prescott

Karen Fann, LD1 House, R, File # 201200041   Prescott

Richard Ringler, LD 2 House, D, File # 201400263 Tucson

Rosanna Galbadon, LD 2 House, D, File # 201400252 Green Valley

John Ackerly, LD 2 House, R, File # 201400236 Sahaurita

**Richard Hopkins, LD4 House, R, File # 201400424  Buckeye

xJuan Carlos Escamilla, LD4 Huse, D, File # 201400336  Yuma

Jennifer Jones, LD5 House, R, File # 201400504   Quartzite

**Sonny Borelli, LD5 House, R, File # 201200349  Lake Havasu 

**Sam Medrano, LD5 House, R, File #201400303, Mohave County

**Brenda Barton, LD 6 House, R, File # 201400284 Gila County

**Robert Thorpe, LD6 House, R, File # 201400459  Gila County

**Darla Dawald, LD8 House, R, File # 201400432  Casa Grande

xFrank Pratt, LD 8 House, File #201400293 Casa Grande

xT. J. Shope, LD 8 House, R, File # 201400253 Coolidge

xEthan Orr, LD 9 House, R, File # 201200317

Todd Clodfelter, LD 10 House, R, File # 201400260 Tucson

William Wildish, LD10 House, R, File # 201400440  Tucson

**Vince Leach, LD11, House, R, File # 201400102   Tucson

**Mark Finchem, LD11, House, R, File # 201400155   Oro Valley

**Eddie Farnsworth, LD12 House, R, File # 201400352  Gilbert

**Waren Petersen, LD12 House, R, File # 201200227

**Steve Montenegro, LD 13, R, File # 201000166  West Phoenix

**Darin Mitchell, LD13, R, File # 201400038

Diane Landis, LD13, R, File #  201400139   Central Phoenix

Susan Syfert, LD 14 House, R, File # 201400271 Graham County

**David Gowan, LD14 House, R, File # 201200129  Sierra Vista

**David Stevens, LD14 House, R, File # 201200013

Aron Johnson, LD 15 House, R, File # 201400259 Phoenix

**David Burnell Smith, LD 15, R, File # 201400033, Phoenix

xHeather Carter, LD15 House, R, File # 201000575  No. Phoenix

John Allen, LD15 House, R, File # 201400113  Phoenix

**John Fillmore, LD 16 House, R, File # 201400266 Apache Junction

**Kelly Townsend, LD 16 House, R, File # 201400239 Mesa

xDoug Coleman, LD 16 House, R, File # 201400255 Apache Junction

XAdam Stevens, LD16 House, R, File # 201400221  San Tan (baaad guy)

Cara Lee Prior, LD 16 House, D, File # 201400242 Apache Junction

Thomas Grier, LD 16 House, R, File # 201400159 Mesa

**J D Mesnard, LD17, House, R File # 201000365

**Jill Norgaard, LD18 House, R, File # 201400120 Phoenix/Ahwatukee

**John King, LD18 House, R, File # 201400500  Phoenix

David Pheanis, LD18 House, R, File # 201400818   Tempe

xBob Robson, LD18 House, R, File # 201200015 Chandler

Sophia Johnson, LD 19 House, R, File # 201400441   Avondale

Mark Anthony Hammond LD19, R, File # 201400319  Avondale

**Thurane Aung Khin, LD20, R, File # 201400444   Phoenix

**Carl Seel, LD20 House, R, File # 201400386

**Paul Boyer, LD20 House, R, File # 201200308

**Bryan Hackbarth, LD 21, R, File # 201400363  Youngtown

Rick Gray, LD21, R, File # 201200120  Sun City

**David Livingston, R, File # 201200401  Peoria

Phil Lovas, R, File # 201200283   Peoria

**Jay Lawrence, LD23, House, R, File # 201400324   Scottsdale

xEffie Carlson, LD23 House, R, File # 201400197

**Michelle Ugenti, LD23 House, R, File # 201400122 Scottsdale

XBob Littlefield, LD23 House, R, File #201400065  Scottsdale

**Lei Lani Cortez, LD23 House, R, File # 201400353   SW Phoenix

Adrian Fontes, LD 24 House, D, File # 201400286 Tempe/Scottsdale/Phx

Richard J Bauer, LD 24 House, D, File # 201400267 Tempe/Scottsdale/Phx

Austin Head, LD 24 House, D, File # 201400256 Tempe/Scottsdale/Phoenix

Jerry Walker, LD25 House, R, File #201400264 Mesa

**Haydee Dawson, LD25 House, R, File # 201400430   Mesa

**Russell "Rusty" Bowers, LD25 House, R, File # 201400431  Mesa

**Justin Olson, LD25 House, R, File # 201000526

Michelle Udall, LD25 House, R, File # 201400247 Mesa

Roy James, LD 26 House, R, File # 201400275, Mesa

Ms. Chris AH Will, LD26, House, L, File # 201400545  Mesa

Mary Hamway, LD28 House, R, File # 201400051  Paradise Valley   

xKate Brophy McGee, LD 28 House, R, File # 201400249 Phoenix

**Shawna Bolick, LD28 House, R, File # 201400165

**Aaron Borders, LD 29 House, R, File # 201400040,  West Phoenix/Litchfield Park



xSteve Pierce, LD 1 Senate, R, File #201200060, Prescott

Kelly Leo Gneiting, LD2 Senate, Americans Elect Party, File # 201400366

**Chester Crandall, LD6 Senate, R, File #201400290, Payson

**Irene Littleton, LD8 Senate, R, File #201400321, Pinal County

xBarbara McGuire, LD8 Senate, D, File # 201400142,  Pinal County

Mark Edwin Morrison, LD 10 Senate, R, File # 201400244 Tucson

**Steve Smith, LD 11, Senate, R, File # 201400105  Maricopa, AZ

**Andy Biggs, LD12 Senate, R, File # 201400320  Gilbert

**Don Shooter, LD13 Senate, R, File @ 201200035

Dave Ryan, LD15, Senate, R, File # 201400551

**David Farnsworth, LD16 Senate, R, File # 201400305

Scott Prior, LD 16 Senate, D, File # 201400241 Apache Junction

Karen Sundt, LD16 Senate, R, File # 201400548 Apache Junction

**Steve Yarborough, LD 17 Senate, R, File # 201400273 Chandler

**Tom Morrissey, LD18, Senate, R, File # 201400443  Phoenix

xJeff Dial, LD 18 House, R, File # 201400017 Chandler

XJanie Hydrick, LD18 Senate, D, File #201400350

**Kimberly Yee, LD20 Senate, R, File # 201400010

Debbie Lesko, LD21, Senate, R, File #201200020

**Judy Burgess, LD20, Senate, R, File # 201200027

**John Kavanagh, LD23 Senate, R, File # 201400311   Scottsdale/Fountain Hills

XJeff Schwartz, LD23 Senate, R, File # 201400494  Scottsdale, donated to Democrats

Bill Follette, LD24 Senate, R, File # 201400533  Scottsdale/Tempe/Phoenix

**Dr. Ralph Heap, LD25 Senate, R, File #201400317, Mesa

xBob Worsley, LD 25 Senate, R, File # 201200424   Mesa

**Dale Eames, LD26 Senate, I, File # 201200269   Mesa WRITE-IN

Aaron Joel Marquez, LD 27 Senate, D, File # 201400248 Phoenix

xAdam Driggs, LD 28 Senate, R, File # 201000155 Central Phoenix

**Paul Yoder, LD30, Senate, R, File # 201400396,  Phoenix


x=Voted for or supports Medicaid Expansion & other liberal causes


Statewide Races:

Mark Brnovich, Attorney General, R, File # 201400272

**Tom Horne, Attorney General, R, File # 201400245

Steve Vondran, Attorney General, I, File # 201400842

**Al Melvin, Governor, R, File # 201400104

**Christine Jones, Governor, R, File # 201400269

**Andrew Thomas, Governor, R, File # 201400109

Chip Howard, Governor, I, File # 201400325  

Rick L Murphy, Governor, I, File # 201400337  (Mohave Cty)

XKen Bennett, Governor, R, File # 201200109

XScott Smith, Governor, R, File # 201400416

XDoug Ducey, Governor, R, File # 201400191

**Frank Riggs, Governor, R, File # 201400438

James Lee Draper, Governor, I, File # 201400370

Edwin Douglas Patterson, Governor, I, File # 2014502

Barry Hess, Governor, L, File # 200291785

XFred Duval, Governor, D, File # 201400250

John Lewis Mealer, Americans Elect, File # 201400089

Martin Sepulveda, Treasurer, R, File # 201400225 (Withdrawn)

XDavid Garcia, Superintendent of Public Instruction, D, File # 201400265

**Diane Douglas, Superintendent of Public Instruction, R, File # 201400223

XJohn Huppenthal, Incumbent, has declared but has not yet filed

**Jeff DeWit, Treasurer, R, File # 201400251

XRandy Pullen, Treasurer, R, File # 201400338

XHuge Hallman, Treasurer, R, File # 201400449

**Wil Cardon, Secy of State, R, File # 201400209

**Justin Pierce, Secy of State, R, File # 201400192

xMichele Reagan, Secy of State, R, File # 201400015

**Doug Little, Arizona Corporation Commission, R, File #201400452,  Scottsdale

XLucy Mason, Arizona Corporation Commission, R, File #201400330, Prescott

**Tom Forese, III, Arizona Corporation Commission, R, File # 201400121

XVernon Parker, Arizona Corporation Commission, R, File # 201400458


**Known Conservatives

X Known liberal Republican, and there doesn't seem to be anything but liberal Democrats on the list.




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Comment by Arizona Freedom Alliance on April 2, 2014 at 12:08pm


Thanks for those updates.  When this list was started in January, Forese had not yet filed to run for ACC although he was talking about it.  We could find no listing under the name Wenninger on the AZSOS site so if you have a file # we'd add him to the list.  Looking back through the notices of filings we get from the aZSOS office, we can find no Wenninger.  Perhaps the spelling is incorrect?

As to those "thought to be conservative," that is from vetting, voting records, activists in those districts and other sources.  "Conservative" is subjective but for the purposes of AFA, we accept the info we get from other conservative grassroots activists who are contributors to AFA.  

And this is a work in progress and will be until the filing deadline has passed.

Comment by Angi Stamm on April 2, 2014 at 11:24am

Additional Correction: Steve Yarbrough is not in the House, but only in the Senate.

Comment by Angi Stamm on April 2, 2014 at 11:20am

Correction:  Tom Forese is NOT running in LD17 for the State House he is only running for Arizona Corporation Commission.  However, JD Mesnard an incumbent is running for LD17 for the State House and Jeff Wenninger a Republican and Chandler City Councilman is running for Tom Foreses vacated position. How was it determined who is a "Known Conservative"?   Angi Stamm LD17 2nd VC

Comment by Angie Anderson on March 30, 2014 at 5:15pm

After meeting Treasurer candidate Jeff Dewit, we give him our strong support. Because his last name has only one "T", he claims he can save the state money on INK! 




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