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How DJT Lost the White House, Introduction:

This report by Patrick Byrne is in four parts.  Each part is extremely long and detailed.  When you read it, you will see where an election…

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance

1 Feb 8
Reply by Frank Chance Chenoweth

SCOTUS Ends Anti-corruption Lawsuits Against Trump

Five days after the end of Donald Trump's presidency, the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday halted lawsuits accusing him of violating the U.S. C…

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance

1 Jan 25
Reply by Patrick Smith

Leakers, sneakers, bums and liars - Obama plants in the WH

White House Search and Destroy Mission in a Target-Rich Environment Unless the New York Times op-ed now dominating the news was written by…

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance

2 Sep 7, 2018
Reply by Patricia Gillenwater

NSA Adviser Quits Post Amid Leaker Allegations

OANN offers up information on world and national news not found on mainstream TV news organizations, including Fox News.  This video came o…

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance

12 Apr 16, 2018
Reply by Patricia Gillenwater

Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved... Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption [Editor: See video below. Also, remember, what is done by Executive Order can be undone with…

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance

2 Dec 27, 2017
Reply by Arizona Freedom Alliance

Strategic Omnidirectional MAGA-Winning is Ongoing… Just what you have been waiting for

Don’t be so caught up watching the granules moving at your feet that you fail to step back and recognize the entire landscape is shifting. …

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance

5 Dec 7, 2017
Reply by Eric Barnes

HHS Secretary Tom Price resigns from Trump Cabinet amid furor over private jet trips

[Editor: Of course, everyone in the Obama admin took private jets, even on vacations. where was the media?  Where was the uproar? Where wer…

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance

5 Oct 1, 2017
Reply by Jaspersgoat

Gorka Resigns White House job - or did he?

Last night it was announced that Sebastian Gorka, terrorist expert, resigned his job at the White House.  Then reports said, "no, he did no…

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance

10 Aug 27, 2017
Reply by Pat J

Steve Bannon out as Trump's chief strategist

[Editor: Sometimes, we have to wonder.... who is actually serving Trump and the American people? Gen. Kelly said he and Bannon agreed today…

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance

9 Aug 19, 2017
Reply by Mike White

Trump Fires Signal Flare: Winter is Coming – “The Big Ugly”…

[Editor:  Trump is like that campfire everyone thinks has been put out but then smolders out of site until.... BOOM!  The fire is in full b…

Started by Arizona Freedom Alliance

14 Jul 28, 2017
Reply by Walter Myers






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