August 2nd, 2017 DOJ Letter From Rod Rosenstein To Special Counsel Mueller Outlining Investigative Authorization…

[Editor:  Daily, we see more evidence of the deep state and at this point, it's impossible to determine who all of the players are.  We wonder about Rosenstein.... is he just seeing the handwriting on the wall and decided early on that his butt was in a sling?  Is he a double agent, of sorts?  There is not a playbook big enough to keep a straight list of who is involved, what side they are on, when and how many times have they switched sides to cover their tracks?]

When reviewing new information against the backdrop of existing information it is important not to get so caught up in the weeds that you miss the obvious.  This is the important aspect to a new information release from Robert Mueller.

Overnight last night Special Counsel Robert Mueller released an attachment as part of a responsive court pleading.   The attachment was a previously unknown letter from Asst. Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to Robert Mueller outlining the specific authority of his investigative appointment.  The letter from Rosenstein to Mueller is dated August 2nd, 2017.

Chameleon #1 Mueller                                   Chameleon #2 Rosenstein

There are several elements to break down, and one of the best ways to review the information is to first ask “why”?

  • Question #1) Why did Asst. Attorney General Rod Rosenstein deliver a non-public outline of investigative authority to Mueller on August 2nd, 2017?
  • Question #2) Why would Robert Mueller be seeking a signed more specific outline of his investigative authority on August 2nd, 2017; a full three months after he was assigned the role of Special Counsel?
  • Question #3) Why would Robert Mueller need to redact the content of an official outline of his investigative instructions from the Asst. Attorney General?

First, it is important to put the Rod Rosenstein releases into context.

On Wednesday May 17th, 2017 Rosenstein announced the following:

See Conservative Treehouse for more.  The Treehouse is not always correct, but they are always interestng.

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Fire them all and put their ass in prison

Shut the doors on the special council past time a filthy swamp smell whiffs from its open doors.

Time as well for serious transparency.

The Manafort sins if they exist note not on President Trump's watch.

I also think Carter Page has been harmed and they need to be held accountable for this.

This entire Mueller "crap" was a democrat wet dream to deflect from the criminality of Clinton and the O administration.

Have any of you checked out Mueller's background? I have. He not only framed 4 innocent men and put them in prison for life, he also framed another innocent man and sent him to prison on the word of someone who just told him to go after this professor and he only used the word of his informant. Truned out the informant was the guilty one. Not only does he frame innocent people, he also covered up information on 9/11. Not only that, he handed Russia samples of uranium. All of this information is on goggle. Andrew McCabe is worth 11 million dollars. How does an FBI agent get 11 million dollars and then set up a go fund me page and get 1/2 a million dollars for defense??? Comey is also a multi millionaire???? We need a real justice department.
By the way the 5 men he framed are suing the government for millions.



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