T-Rex is quickly draining the swamp but listen to what he is finding in the State Department.  Wonder no more where leaks are coming from:

And then we have the other side of patriotism, the Swamp Grinder style patriotism of John McCain. We will no longer refer to McCain as "Senator" and that word carries a status and reputation that McCain does not deserve:

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Why isn't there a move to recall/remove McStain form ofc.???

There is a way to stop McCain and power brokers like him. Call Senator Burges's office in LD 22 and ask her to vote yes on SCR 1024 this week on the senate floor. This is the resolution to call for an amending convention to add Congressional and judicial term limits to the Constitution as authorized by Article V of the Constitution. 

Call Senator Burges' office (602-926-5861) and ask her bring the power and money in DC back to AZ by voting YES on SCR 1024 on the Senate floor. 

who else should we call on this?  All Senators?

McCain should present his arguments about a "free speech" to that of the Obama media cabal of thieves, to the UN, and those families of Christians whose members LOST THEIR Christian HEADS ... at the hands of ISIS. McCain's hypocrisy and ego are satanic! What did he say about the press when he lost his election bid?

This goes way back, for George HW Bush, George W bush, and McCain himself called out the press as "biased". For most of his career, this RINO would jokingly refer to reporters as "communists," but his relationship with the press was so mutually affectionate that he and his aides happily referred to the media as their "base." He hated the mainstream press and its favoritism toward Obama. McCain's "straight talk express" was slowed by a 38% increased in favored articles toward Obama, and 33% of articles that were negative articles toward McCain vs 31% for Obama, all during his Presidential campaign in 2008. 

McCain has always been a "reactive candidate" ... and thin skinned, to think that ONLY he is the protector of our freedom and Constitutional rights, when it was he who has demeaned them for self-interest egotist gain ... IN HIS OWN mind.

Doesn't he understand that the "media" is quick to jump on the bandwagon of Republican hypocrisy at every turn, yet don't hear nor see that from the statist collectivist press? Nope he is S T U P I D ... with regard to the cause and effect it has on our national persona abroad.  He doesn't care so long as the media reports on his activity as a RINO.

"Don’t be selfish; don’t try to impress others. Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourselves. Don’t look out only for your own interests, but take an interest in others, too." - Philippians 2:3-4.

Obama with his apology tour in 2009, McCain with his apology tour in 2017. Who needs traitors like these?

Mike Kapic, you need to re-study your position on SCR1024.  First, the term limit aspect of it should be named the "lame duck" amendment.  When the senators are termed out they will no longer have to answer to their constituents for their actions for six years.  The same applies to members of the House for their last two years.  Secondly, as Antonin Scalia said, we don't know what will come out of an "amendments" convention, "Article V" convention, "Constitutional"convention (ConCon), or whatever you wish to call it. It (the convention) is its own sovereign body, regardless of what their delegates' instructions from their respective states will have been, just like the original constitutional convention in 1787.  I've heard all of the arguments of the proponents of a concon and they don't comport with the events leading up to and including the convention of 1787.  Don't go there.  It's too risky.

You've "heard" the arguments against the conventions and the Constitutional Convention but you haven't verified them against historical fact. The founders, through the Constitutional Convention of 1787, created the federal and gave the sovereign states, and therefore we the people, the power to change the document and control of the federal. From reading the history of the process, you'd see that 38 of the 40-50 conventions had been recorded and not a single one failed and all accomplished the single subject they were sent to do by their colony or state. The records go back 3 centuries. But again, you'd have to research the information to know what is true and what isn't.  Regarding Scalia, that's a misquote. Here's the quote by Antonin Scalia on May 23, 1979: "I would like to put the whole thing in perspective, though, and tell why I am willing to risk those absurdities [runaway convention]...What is the alternative? The alternative is continuing with a system that provides no means of obtaining a constitutional amendment, except through the kindness of the Congress, which has demonstrated that it will not propose amendments-no matter how generally desired--of certain types." Things such as limiting their own terms and restricting their lobbying efforts afterward. Or their free spending and taxing. As far as McCain goes, he said what the voters wanted him to say and then went to DC and did the opposite...and we keep voting him in because there aren't limits. The COS is the only solution. Ask Senator Burges (602-926-5861) to vote for SCR 1024. And every American needs to read the background on the history of the Constitution and all the conventions and stop listening to naive, uneducated rhetoric. Determine the facts for yourself. 


Hooray, you nailed it. Those that supported the COS did so before Trump was elected, and before state legislatures and Washington DC establishment was put on notice ... ENOUGH.

We have to stand up .. to MOVE Up .. with pride for America.

You're right, legislators would select folks to go the convention, just like they did in the colonies and states. Remember that blacks or women couldn't vote in those societies. I think you'd agree that humanity naturally has been evolving over the last 100,000 years, and we've just recently arrived at universal suffrage. And we haven't arrived, we're still evolving. With that in mind, your comparisons of group make up is probably true, but your assumption of a fixed morality and attitude are certainly not. We continue to evolve. You insinuate that there can be no good people selected today that could be trusted to make good decisions. That's absolutely wrong. Go to www.conventionofstates.com and click on the simulated COS to see how the first ever COS worked last Sept in VA. This has and can work. If we do nothing, we lose America to the left. No choice.  

Agreed. To open up this “can of worms”, is to subject us to an interpretation of those who are the “principle partners” of a leadership within this Convention. They may or may NOT represent us when all is said and done. We would be at their mercy, for those within the “established political class” don’t respect us today… only our votes do that. There is NO NEED for a Convention of the States … if we just dump those liars and thieves out of office!  Those that have a self-interest gain won’t give up that control and desire more of it. To really believe that they will, is all a rosy picture of deceit. Watch out for those thorns on that rose, for it is those behind the Curtain of Oz, that will hurt America in ways we never wanted, envisioned, or realized. Words matter, but it is the methods behind the actions that matter more. Citizenship is being responsible to the kind of government we have, use it with existing force … by a vote.

So, how is voting working out for you? McCain and Flake doing a bang up job are they? You're happy with the way things are in DC. You're copying someone else's misinformation. You don't know the history of the many conventions in our past. The most famous was in 1861, two of them in fact. The last one was in 1922. This year two more sets of records have been found, 1684 and 1889. This is a "can of worms" only to those who have "heard" all about it, but have never bothered to verify the misinformed rhetoric they've been listening to. I know it's hard to believe, but "experts" are biting and chewing on this fake news. Educate yourselves before you lose your country completely.   



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