Brilliant – Justice Department Appoints Robert Mueller To Investigate 2016 Russian Election Interference…

[Editor: You dems want a special investigator?  Here you go!!]

Brilliant move.

…”Be careful what you ask for because you just might get it”….

Tremors tonight in the Deep Swamp. The deep cleaning machine just got fired up.  Watch how quiet and tenuously supportive the Democrats and their Left-Wing media cohorts are with this announcement.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein at the Justice Department has appointed former FBI Director Robert Mueller as special counsel to justice to oversee the federal investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

The appointment of a special counsel is excellent because it means Mueller has wide latitude to look into all of the 2016 Russian Conspiracy narratives the political opposition to Donald Trump has postulated.

Deputy AG Rosenstein did the appointing because Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from the ‘muh Russia conspiracy’. sion(sic) between Trump campaign associates and Russian officials. The results here will be splendid for the Trump administration because there is no ‘there’ there in the collusion narrative. The White House approved of Rosenstein’s decision.

This opens up an independent investigative path of: ♦The DNC leaking (Seth Rich), and ♦The impetus of the “Russian Dossier“, and ♦The Obama White House “surveillance and leaking” (Susan Rice/Evelyn Farkas), all the way to ♦John Podesta, the Hillary Clinton campaign, and the Obama White House.

Remember, FBI Director James Comey specifically stated (March 20th) that he intentionally withheld notification of congress for the FBI counterintelligence operation that began in July 2016 and was premised on the ‘vast russian conspiracy theory‘.

Former National Security Adviser Susan Rice only needed to confirm one aspect of the intelligence unmasking story for all of the dots to connect. She made that confirmation within two minutes of her interview with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell.

[Editor: this is us smiling broadly  ;-)  ]

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The lovely surprises just keep on coming. LOL

The SWAMP Managers are winning as we all should know this investigation can go anywhere and as for the limited time given it's never worked in the past and don't believe it will this time. The Establishment is dead set on keeping this in the news to help the Dems in 18 and discredit President Trump enough to slow down if not bring and end to what he needs votes to get done as hopefully most know any Executive Order of his can and most likely will be terminated by the next Socialist in the White House no matter the party. God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk 

Clair, you may have said something brilliant but your lack of punctuation makes it difficult to know just what you said. Could you re-post with , and . and Caps, etc.  Would be helpful.  I see this format you use frequently and usually don't stop to read them because I know how hard I have to work to figure out what you say.  Thanks.

Wowser! Great news!! I felt earlier this evening that Poppa was hinting in my heart that something big was coming. I was watching a new to me news channel, One America News Network & the mod was talking about the Russia collusion  fairy tale.

Great station I might add. I get it via DirecTV on channel 347. Beats the heck outta Fox, except for Dobbs & Carlson.


The idea that the GOPe has that it can get along with Democrats by way of a “special counsel” to search for a Russian-Trump electoral ties is to prove innocence which will never happen from those who hate him with all their moral fiber … for they have none themselves! The media will not allow privacy concerns for the NY Times violates it all the time through leaks. Trump will not be allowed to “clear his name” as so many GOP political hacks say for they don’t understand what EVIL is, and it’s game plan, for destruction of a Godly good for America. If you compromise your walk with God for the sake of pleasing the people around you, you will lose. God is not trying to take life away from you in America (as abortion does); He is trying to give you a better one through the one He chose for us.

"Moral" fiber?  Methinks not! LOL

My first impression was, "oh, crap. The Uniparty at work again."  In reading this point of view, I can see that it's the right thing to do. Dems can't criticize Mueller bc he served in the Bush AND Obama admin and they loved him then and so did the R's. I've looked into his background and it seems his history is to be non-partisan. And he will find exactly what Trump said he will find: nothing between Trump/Russians but plenty about Dems and Russians. Be very careful what you wish for, Schumer!



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