Trump's move will lead to higher premiums for middle class consumers he's vowed to protect

[Editor:  It is, of course, true that some people will pay a higher premium when President Trump's EO goes into affect.  If my neighbor is no longer forced to pay part of my premiums, it's a fact that I will have to pay the entire premium but my neighbor will no longer be punished for making more money than I do!.  It's also possible that competition will lower all premiums. Competition always results in lower costs to consumers and often, higher income for companies based on economies of scale.  

The fact is that 1. The Constitution does not give authority to the Federal Government to get into commercial enterprises.  The fact that there is nothing against it in the Constitution comes under Obama's credo that the Constitution does not say what the government can do to you (us).  And, 2. The Constitution has limited powers and among them is not the power to force taxpayers to subsidize those making less than they do or penalizing those who make more than you do.  Therefore, cost-sharing (just a cleaner name than forced theft) is not Constitutional.

The plan has worked very well. When health insurance became the norm, everyone bought it like they buy new shoes, out of their own pockets.  They had an agent most often. Then along came wage controls in the 1970's as a way to curb inflation.  It didn't work.  Government programs almost never work.  But while they were in effect, employers started to pay health insurance premiums as a defacto wage increase. See the plan forming up?  People came to rely on that even after wage controls were long gone. Then all of a sudden, every employer with more than a certain number of employees had to offer health insurance as part of their "benefits."  Now, everyone expects employment goes hand in hand with company supplied health insurance.  Who paid for that?  Consumers, in the higher cost of goods and services. There's no free lunch and no free health insurance. Government-mandated programs always result in a circular firing squad. The plan is now fully operational.

Why not just let free markets work like it does with car sales or home sales or clothing sales?  Because government always wants control, that is not in the plan.]

The federal government will still pay higher premiums for millions of lower-income people after President Trump's decision late Thursday to stop paying subsidies to insurance companies, which help cut premiums for Americans who make too much to qualify for other assistance. 

Under the Affordable Care Act, individuals and families earning less than four times the federal poverty limit receive help paying for their health insurance. People who make more than that receive no financial help from the government, but their health insurance costs were offset by a separate class of cost-sharing subsidies the government paid to insurance companies. 

It is those cost-sharing subsidies that Trump announced the government would stop paying. Without that money, insurers have announced higher rates that will be paid by Americans who don't qualify for the other subsidies, health care experts say.

"The two potentially vulnerable groups here are those who are in counties where insurers may pull out as a result of this action, and those not eligible for subsidies to help them pay the higher premiums," says Larry Levitt, senior vice president of the Kaiser Family Foundation. 

Trump's move is widely seen as his most significant one yet to undermine the ACA, which the Republican-led Congress and Trump have so far failed to repeal and replace. 

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