Stunning new details of the betrayal of Pres. Trump and America.

This transcript holds more weight than anything the media has ever run on President Trump.  Does the Steele Dossier ring a bell?   Read ALL of it to see just what happened and how/who orchestrated it.

From Lin Wood:

Let’s get the day started with a big BANG of truth. Below is the transcription of the entire taped interview conducted with the brave whistleblower who speaks credibly about crimes committed at the highest levels of our government. He speaks at risk of his life and the life of his family. He consented to this public revelation of his truth.

You can judge for yourself whether the claims of the whistleblower must be investigated by law enforcement. I spent several days with him. I am convinced a thorough law enforcement investigation is demanded.

You may now review this evidence and come to your own conclusions.

I think this transcript should be shared far and wide. What do you think?

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I  am a 100% Trumplican and I do not suffer those who stick a knife and turn the knife ever deeper into the back of the  45th President. The RNC  is put on notice walk lightly in all you do for you [RNC] are sliding down a slippery slope and won't be rescued should you have a faint smell of anti Trump.

Hogwash!  In a couple of hours, I could explain how Putin and I put together the Russian Hoax if you wanted to hear how we did it.  I could make it sound just as convincing I  bet.

Bottom line, Pres. Trump was a true outsider in  the DC swamp.  He was a risk to all of them.  ALL the swamp creatures hated him.  They are scared to death that they didn't get completely rid of the threat he creates for  them.  All one has to do is look at the actions of VP Pence to see that this is just one more hit piece against him by the swamp.

But then, there was that time in North Korea when Putin and I met on the subway and discussed how to get Pres. Trump out of office...oh wait!  North Korea has no subways, so I need to rethink my fake news story.  I suppose though that someone might believe anyway.   Sheesh!

Lets get serious.  In four years in office, VP Pence did nothing contrary to what he and the president was trying to do.  Actions speak louder than some BS made up story like this one obviously is!

I could not disagree more with Russel more.  If this was anyone except Lin Wood or Sidney Powel I might feel like he does.  This is so incredible that Wood would not put this out unless it's true.  And why do you think it is HOGWASH?  Are you on the inside and know the facts about these criminals?  Pence, Ryan, Roberts, Rosenstein?  Why did Trump hold him around?  There is not a slice of  honor among them.  The part about Pence has floated around for years as has the info about Roberts' and his kids.  Impossible for most of us imagine but in that crowd, just another day at the office.   You remember the many who named Pence as the leaker? How much talk there was that Trump surrounded himself with a lot of bad people? And if Pence was so lily white why did he pull the trigger on Jan 6?  And why won't Roberts hear a single case for election fraud?  Yeah, it all comes together.

Maybe.  How do you know that it was Lin Wood that put this out?  Just asking....

What "action" has Pence ever taken that makes you think this way.  That is not rumor, of course.

Maybe.  But I find it very doubtful.  Again, his actions say otherwise.  At least to me and with what I have seen.

Lin Wood would not put his name on this unless he has direct knowledge. And he would be suing to take his name off if he didn't put out this transcript.  Simple. Wood is a no-nonsense lawyer and one of the best defamation lawyer in America.

We need term limits--get rid of these career politicians.  And conservatives need a new political party to replace the failed Republican Party, just as they replaced the Whig Party in the mid-1850's.

As sickening as this is, it explains much.  I was pretty sure that Scalia's death was no accident and was certain that Seth Rich's murder was a hit.  January 6 exposed Pence for me, but I had no idea that it went as deep as it did.  I also knew Ryan was a snake, but again, had no clue that it was this bad.  President Trump may well have saved the nation if only by beating Hillary Clinton, then forcing the obvious fraud in his attempt at winning a second term.  This all fits what has gone down.  It's also the second time that I've seen Rod Rosenstein's name as the guy who set up the hit on Rich.  A Baltimore lawyer attested to that several years ago.

My observations:  I now understand Nancy's interest in the 25th Amendment of a few months ago.  She intends to replace Biden fairly shortly.  I wondered at the time, what that was all about.  I bet they knew then, that Biden was going to be the target of the amendment, not Trump.  Makes one wonder who really is running the country.  Any ideas?  It isn't Biden, for sure.

I wonder also, how long it is going to be before the general public gets off the couch and begins to move against these manipulators?  If they even do.  I started a  FB group called  Restore Meaning of 2nd Amendment a couple of months ago, and keep its members appraised of what they can do to save the amendment.  It is pretty clear that should we allow them to further hamstring the amendment, both the 1st and 2nd will disappear.  Both are absolutely essential in my mind.

I have a tendency to trust people, till they screw up big time.  But, the present bunch of crooks need to go.  Unfortunately, the people sitting on their couch are going to have to help out.  I wish I could still make the argument that term limits are wrong (they are) but I no longer can.  These dunderheads have proven over and over, that we can only stand them for one term.

Then, we have lobbyists and big business!  Lobbyists should be outlawed!  There is a real reason why, after a couple of terms in the House, that "our" representatives come home millionaires.  Everyone should have the same access to being represented, but buying representation should go.  Sooner than later.  Since when does a corporation have a vote?  Hint:  They don't!!!

Before I go off on a rant, this is the people's government, or it should be.  It and its freedoms are very near being destroyed by the swamp manipulators.  It is up to the people to put an end to this foolishness.  My favorite saying of late has been:  Stop voting for incumbents.  Just stop!

Might we suggest - no, demand, that pensions for lawmakers be outlawed.  They get rich from the bribes and "gifts" and then they milk the public for lifetime pensions.  Most of those of us who pay those pensions don't have pensions from years of working for the same company.  On more theft at the point of a pen.

So our choice is this: senile Biden or ultra leftist Harris . . . ?

(from Pat’s wife). I don’t how much I totally trust Lin Wood.  I believe he was saying that Jeffrey Epstein was still alive, and he wanted Georgia Republicans not to vote in the Senate race. 

It is my feeling that Mike Pence was loyal to Trump.  Pelosi gave him the chance to use the 25th amendment to push President Trump aside.  He didn’t do it.  I have always seen him as a good Christian man who follows his principles.  There is no way I can see him getting involved in homosexual relationships. He doesn’t even have meals or meetings with one other woman unless his wife is there.  

People may not agree with how Pence handled the counting of electoral votes, but I believe he thought he was  abiding by the Constitution.  We may wish he did otherwise, but I think he is a person who tries to do right.

I cannot agree.  I view Pence, along with Mitch McConnell, as traitors to President Trump.  If he was so "loyal" to Trump, he would have challenged the electoral votes--rather than merely stepping aside and giving Biden the keys to the White House.  Patriots need to fight for their country.






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