Do not say "I'll watch this later."

There are a few long pauses in this video.  Stay with it to the end - it's not long. 

This video is important - no, critical - for EVERYONE to watch.  It's for those who understand the critically deep trouble the United States is in.  And for those who don't understand the fullness of the peril.  It's very much for those who don't like Trump on any level because this video is ONLY about America and what MAY save our country.

Dismiss this video at your own peril for it exposes those things that we fear most but may not be able to put it into words.  It dispels every idea you have about American government. You will say, oh, I already knew that but you will not say you completely understood the solution!  You will not say you really know the role Putin may play in American government. This is like we know what is coming  - on steroids x 10.

So WHO are the "right" people to carry this out?

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I have NEVER been any kind of conspiracy theorist even tho I know just because someone calls you that doesn't mean there is no conspiracy. I watched a video about the assassination of Kennedy and one about the real story on 9-11 but took them both with a grain of salt. As I watched this video it hit me hard. It has such a ring of truth to it because we have seen the gigantic effort to keep Trump out of the WH. Even reporters who have been in that business forever say this is the most vicious assault on a candidate ever. There are no coincidences in politics. This video is on to something and makes me think twice about Trumps words about Putin.

This could not have been better said.  My mantra for many years has been that the "enemy is within" (our party) and has taken total control of the democrat party.  We the people are their enemy and until Trump, We the people have been dismissed, by them, as just a nuisance.  However, with the advent of Donald Trump, we are no longer their nuisance, we are now their nightmare and they will come for us.  I have been in the belly of the beast and although it took me a while to totally understand the reality of today's body politic, I can absolutely say that I do now understand it, and that is why I vigorously support Donald Trump and the message he brings.  Please pass this video along to everyone you know and ask them to do the same.  We are running out of time and must do what we all must do to save this great nation.  Stay strong. 

I agree with you 100%. I have long described politics as being like a bird, left wing the Democrats and Right wing the Republicans. The Brain is the Establishment  Elite and the body the working class citizen which ever side they are on. Sometimes it banks left or right but only the Brain knows the destination and has to fool the body into cooperation which will ultimately kill us. The main feature which is common to our plight and that of the entire world is the central banks. Believe it or not it is the same players in these banks world wide, they will not give up power easily which they have concentrated in their corporations over hundreds of years. The Federal Reserve is just over a hundred years old and look at what we have become from what we were in just the last 50 years.

Oh, my goodness. This is something. There is such a ring of truth to this video.  I have wondered about Mr. Trump's references to Mr. Putin.  I began looking into this man. I was sick when he started to take over countries.  I still don't know how that plays into things but I do see that Russia is better with Mr. Putin.  Perhaps it is as we have heard for years that things have to hit bottom before they can be brought back to a good place. It is painful to tear everything down to start from the very beginning again.  I do so believe that is now true of America. If Mr. Trump is elected and everything must be torn down, the people will start to doubt him.  We are entirely dependent now, and always have been, on God's grace.


I AGREE WITH THIS AND HAVE POSTED FURTHER CONCLUSIVE EVIDENCE AND FACTS IN MY BLOGS. CLICK-ON THESE LINKS  and  for the truth and the proof that supports this video claims. JWS  

I disagree!  Trump will NOT be alone.  He will have me....... and you and you and you and you and you!





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