OANN offers up information on world and national news not found on mainstream TV news organizations, including Fox News.  This video came out today regarding the exit from the Trump White House of the NSA advisor Deputy Executive Secretary.  She was a top suspect as the leaker of classified information.  Guess who she was tight with.

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I hope this leaker is investigated for her role in jeopardizing American military and intel personnel.  It sounds treasonous to me.

This should be considered treason, and she should be shot... dead. You can bet THAT would put an end to these leaks!

The woman has managed to get out without being hung by her toes by others in the WH.  

She has to live with what she appears to be guilty of. No matter who helped her to get her close to the inner circle she apparently chose to leak. That is hers to own the rest of her life. Not something to be proud of. Unethical at the least.

But still no actual penalty of any kind.  If they can't make her do time, then at least she should be fully exposed so her reputation is actually ruined rather than just vague innuendoes. Her having to live with her actions is not enough, esp. if her conscience is not strong and admirable.

I really get what your saying. 

I have no idea whether this leaker was an Obama holdover or is she one of the people Trump put in place when he came in? I don't get why Trump hasn't fired all of these  people from the Obama admin.  They are traitors to our President and to our country.  Let's bring back the concept of traitor and go back to the time these people were dealt with.  Especially when they are leaking classified info and not just stuff said around DC. Can we start with the Clintons?

Apparently, she was not an Obama holdover, but part of the president's transition team. This snippet from Bloomberg makes one suspect that they've quietly asked her to leave... https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-04-06/bolton-is-said-t...

And there's also this from today's WaPo... if there's any truth to the rumors about these "McMasters allies" being a nest of rats jumping ship, the swamp may just be draining itself. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/white-house-homeland-securi...

Was she one of the folks who received a govt appointment as a reward for her active support in Trump's election campaign?  Said support does not seem to translate into staff position competency, or, it seems, even into loyalty once the President is in office.  I'd guess that many of these patronage appointments turn into disloyal leakers as soon as the administration does something they don't personally agree with.  Self over service.  If someone wanted a candidate to be elected based on principle, he/she shouldn't expect a payback reward for that.  Should be service over self.  Otherwise it is just people working the system and hustling for personal gain.

I agree 100%, but some of this was to be expected... he was a Washington rookie, after all, and staffing many hundreds of positions without catching a few ringers is nearly impossible. What does surprise me, though, is how long it's taken to weed these traitors out. He should have a special squad of tried and true loyalists whose only job is to ferret these weasels out, no matter what it takes or whose toes get stepped on. I really don't think he anticipated this level of treachery, disloyalty and outright betrayal, but he should certainly have gotten on top of it by now.

I think he should have surrounded himself with a dedicated cadre of true Conservatives to whom the cause is more important than their careers.  That would have required selfless and true Constitutionalists as Chief of Staff, Nat'l Security Advisors, and all Cabinet appts, esp. DHS and DOJ.  But since he is not a political person, he chose moderates without a true Constitutionalist bent for whatever reason (patronage?), and now he and the country are paying the price with all the ensuing organizational chaos.  The transition team gave him terrible appointment advice.   I agree that he should have figured out and dealt with this 6 months ago.  In the meantime, he has used up too much political capital dealing with the leaks, teachery and ensuing bad press and embarrassment. 

Wasn't Chris Christie head of the President's transition team?

I do think there was a bit of being naive on the President's part. Learning who can be trusted is difficult. Sorta one of those things where you learn by being hit between the eyes by a 2 x 4. Hard and painful lessons.

Trump has been so naïve in his approach to the evil that resided within the Obama administration. One just such mole is the current head of the FBI Christopher Wray ... where we are still waiting for a million pages of texts and emails having to do with Hillary and her cohorts ... and still no arrest warrants against her for destroying 33,000 emails that would have put normal citizens in Jail ?

That's not "bipartisanship" its a felony



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