One Theory on U.S. Taking Out Islamic State Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

1. WOW! What if?

Trump needed to nail down al-Baghdadi's location.

@POTUS knew withdrawing troops from Syria would spark an uproar and ISIS would be emboldened.

Because deep state ties have been cut with Syria and ISIS, someone had to get a message to Al-baghdadi in person.

2. But, who could go there while missiles and bombs were being lobbed across international borders by multiple countries?

So... Trump manages to get both sides to agree to a cease fire.

If someone is going to go meet with al-Baghdadi, they would have to go during the cease fire.

3. Completely unannounced, Pelosi and Schiff, both deep state traitors, both ClA, suddenly head to the Middle East.

Do you understand the significance of this timing?

If there was no troop pullout and if a cease fire had not been arranged, Pelosi and Schiff would not have gone.

4. Somehow, according to the New York Times, al-Baghdadi's location is learned WHILE Pelosi and Schiff are in the sandbox.

Understand this folks, al-Baghdadi's location was discovered while Pelosi and Schiff were on the ground in the middle east.

Coincidence, right?

5. Trump issued command authority to take out al-Baghdadi LAST WEEK, perhaps while Pelosi and Schiff were still in country?

It looks like al-Baghdadi may have been compromised by the very traitors involved with supporting him during Obama's administration.

How freaking poetic!

6. During Trump's press conference on taking out al-Baghdadi he was asked if he notified Pelosi or anybody in Congress about the planned mission.

Trump stated directly that he did not tell Pelosi because he didn't want any leaks getting out or any Americans getting hurt.


7. Trump knows Pelosi is a traitor and that Congress can't be trusted. It only goes to confirm that my theory here bears weight.

How is it that all these coincidences occurred at just the right time?

If my theory is right, then it was the perfect set up and the perfect trap.

8. If I'm right it's also what was needed to draw al-Baghdadi or one of his confidants out into the open.

It worked.

It was noted by USA TODAY that Trump praised the intelligence community for their work in finding al-Baghdadi, but never once did Trump mention the ClA.

9. That didn't prevent the NYT from assuming and giving much of the credit for the intel to the ClA.

But, Trump never actually stated who the Intel came from.

Remember Q said,

"Why go around 3 letter agencies?"

Because, so many traitors and leakers were in those agencies.

10. And, would you look at that?

Delta Force performed this operation!

What did we recently learn about Delta Force?

They're part of a very special group that is home to the "Northern Virginia Army," 800 intel officers who report to Trump and to Q.

We were introduced to Lt. General Paul Nakasone in Q drop 1268.

He became the new director of the NSA and CyberSpace Command when Admiral Mike Rogers retired.

You will see through this thread, it appears he has also served with @GenFlynn!

11. So... again... this is all just theory, looking from the big picture in.

But... in case evidence surfaces that Pelosi or Schiff are exposed as having passed info to al-Baghdadi, you can say "Hey, #QAnon was tossing that theory around!"

If it's wrong, it's on me.


12. Trump credited the intelligence community, but he never said which one.

Notice... there were ZERO leaks about this mission.


President Trump said in a nationally televised address that American forces targeted Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the head of the Islamic State, in an operation in Syria this weekend.
13. Again, I stress, this is an outside looking in perspective of what can only be described as a compelling coincidence.

However, how many coincidences must occur before it becomes mathematically impossible to simply be coincidence?

You make your own conclusions.

God bless.


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No such thing as coincidence, Rule #39, Leroy Jethro Gibbs...

We have us a smart fox in the wh with good instincts.

Agree there are two many cards on the table to be just coincidence. Don't worry about someone calling this CT, they tried to cover up NWO as just a CT for years.



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