Rush Limbaugh: “One way to end” the Russia probe “is just pardon everybody that Mueller is investigating, right now”

[Editor: YOU can stop this ridiculous "investigation" before it goes further. With the broad powers Mueller's claiming for himself, before you know it, he will be investigating everyone who worked in the Trump campaign!  Call Rod Rosenstein DOJ @ 202-514-2000, press 4.  Tell him just what you think of Mueller's expanded investigation and tell him to stop it NOW!  The call or email the President LINK HERE]

Mueller’s out-of-control investigation that is obviously a political opposition research program underway with all the liberal Democrats supporting Obama and had Hillary that Mueller has hired. And the no parameters and the wide open playing field, they go anywhere back in time to any point they want. There’s no limits on them.

And one way Trump could shut it down, there’s speculation, why don’t you just fire Mueller? And our good buddies at National Review Online, which, for the most part, are Never Trumpers, are now wagering on the odds that Trump will fire Mueller. And some of them are saying it’s a hundred percent, others say 70%, some say 50%.

One way to end this is just pardon everybody that Mueller is investigating. Right now. Just pardon them. It would shut down the investigation. If there’s not going to be any punishment, whatever charges are brought eventually, if allegations are made, they’ve been prepardoned here. It’d be one way of shutting it down.

If Trump were to fire Mueller — and believe me, the conventional wisdom is that he’s going to at some point because — one thing, Mr. Snerdley, we’d all have to agree here. Trump ran for president for a whole bunch of reasons, but I think it’s probably safe to say that the one thing Trump did not want to happen is because he wins the presidency, there now begins an open-ended investigation of his entire business life.

[Article originated with Media Matters but we just can't drive traffic to that swamp.]

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[Let's be clear: this only happened because AG Jeff Sessions recused himself unnecessarily from any Russia investigation which, Trump rightly pointed out, is nothing but a witch hunt that will go on for years unless Trump takes action.]

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It seems he just couldn't wait for the chance to recuse himself.  What is he so afraid of......getting accused that he's partisan.   Well, golly gee, if that's all the Dems need to do, Trump can't fire him fast enough.

What a clever solution.  What say ye, folks?

Can you pardon someone who has not been convicted?

In politics today, I have come to believe they an do any damned thing they wish to. :)  Bit a good question, Patty.

The President could also make it known that he had already prepared X number of undated pardons with a list of who they are. However, bringing all this nonsense to a halt and getting on with business would be the best solution.  However, NO solution is going to stop the demoprogs from their constant attacks.  Hmmm... suppose the President did a tit for tat and had Hillary brought up officially on charges.  Lord knows there are enough of them to put her away for whatever is left of her life.

YES YES ... no crime conviction, no pardon, and that includes Trump pardoning himself. But that is why Mueller is going further down that road ... to find something, ANYTHING that would open up Trumps tax records, business connections, and his use of Capitalism to benefit his businesses as he should ... not as the socialized leftist elites want it to be. Take away their power and they have nothing but hot air.

Trump needs to have Session fire Mueller and company. Then go after everyone of those Muslims that Obama brought in from 2008 and before-deport them to wherever. North Korea could use them for cheap labor or targets..

That Muslim cop who murdered that  Australia Lady with his two plus wifes. Why are these Sh-- Men allowed to have more than one wife when the LAW IN THIS COUNTRY IS ONE WIFE/ONE MAN. WHERE ARE THE CHURCHES IN THIS-SILENT AS USUAL. Why has the government not put them in jail??  US citizen is paying for food, housing for these animals , (I apologize to the animals) 

The Cop needs to be charged with Murder along with Mayor, Chief of Police and all the Communist/Democrats who pushed the City to hire these Isis Muslims into the Police Force, they had to have their TOKEN Muslims. They got what they wanted but a White/Women was murdered by a Black/Muslim  and nothing in the CONTROL NEWS is said. Should we be surprised? Deported all these scum out of this country to a loving one called NORTH KOREA, where they can use them for cheap,labor, and with some good luck targets for the military.. Get everyone of them out from Obama (Muslim) brought them in from 2008 and before.

Minneapolis has what they call “separation ordinances”, which make it a sanctuary city, those city government ordinances prevent their police departments from asking victims of a crime, or witnesses to a crime, for their immigration status. These ordinances were driven by local law enforcement leaders who find it hard to get cooperation from witnesses that are worried about being taken into custody. So it's all about "cooperation" ... yet the acts of a Muslim who can and do use its Sharia Law against "apostates" who would follow lawful acts.  



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