In the Americas, the Trump tsunami has swept across both continents and the “pink tide” of progressivism has all but disappeared from the southern half of the hemisphere. In Europe, with the recent exception of Spain, the left has been banished to the political margins. In Africa and Asia, socialism has devolved into nationalism, authoritarianism, or just plain corruption. And forget about the Middle East.


In this planet-wide rising tide of right-wing populism, the liberal left commands only a few disconnected islands -- Iceland, Mexico, New Zealand, South Korea, Spain, Uruguay. In so many other places, increasingly illiberal leaders are in charge. Add up the numbers and significantly more than half the world’s population currently lives under some form of right-wing populist or authoritarian rule, courtesy of Donald Trump in the United States, Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil, Narendra Modi in India, Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Turkey, Vladimir Putin in Russia, and Xi Jinping in China, among others.

Optimists cling to the pendulum theory of politics: conservatives are now basking in the limelight, but the day will come when the right inevitably falls on its face and the left swings back into action; witness the results of the 2018 mid-term elections in the United States.

"Bolsonaro, Erdogan, Putin, Trump, and their ilk should indeed be understood as the political equivalent of global warming. Instead of deadly carbon, they spew hateful invective and show a remarkable determination to destroy a far-from-perfect status quo."In addition, pragmatists point out that many of these latter-day autocrats, for all their anti-democratic tendencies, came to power through elections. Yes, they have since sought to change constitutions, pack courts, muzzle the media, and crack down on civil society, but they remain constrained by the guardrails of the more-or-less liberal political systems they still run. In the end, so goes such thinking, democracy will prevail. Look at how, over time, some right-wing populists have been dislodged at the polls (Vladimir Meciar in Slovakia), brought down by corruption scandals (Alberto Fujimori in Peru), or forced to resign in disgrace (Silvio Berlusconi in Italy).

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I personally get very tired of hearing how the 2018 midterm election was such a "mandate" by the people when in fact it was a direct result of having almost 40 GOP congressmen retire and "we" were left trying to replace them...

Where was the Republican "bench players" to fill in the gap? Shunned by the establishment élites who side with the Chamber of Commerce and the Demoncrats.

I find this extensive discussion missing the point Americans need to focus on; that of every politician failing to accept that our Constitution of 1787 has been replaced by a 3000 page "annotated Constitution" that reflects the changes to our original and lawful Constitution and which are the result of an unelected group of black robed dictators found on the Supreme Court and who all - so far as I can tell - are guilty of Treason for "adhering" to our Constitution's enemies known as the central bankers that have returned us to bondage via their ungodly and unconstituti0onal monetary policy.

IF America is to ever be made great again, America MUST be in control of its own destiny. This requires America withdraw its commitment to support UN policies, that monetary policy be brought into compliance with the Constitution of 1787, and the debt America and Americans theoretically owe as a result of the present ungodly and unconstitutional policy be responsibly dealt with. Unfortunately, these are subjects talking heads and politicians refuse to recognize.

I couldn't finish reading it.  It was so strenuously false and passionately left wing and globalistic, I couldn't know where to begin a review of its falsehoods.

I think that is the point, Eric.  We must always know what the left is saying otherwise we just preach to the choir.

The missing point is the role of Satan.  Islam wants to conquer the world and has not accomplished that in 1,400++ years.  Marxists have failed time after time.  The progressives have been undermining America for over 100 years.  Pure democracies have a life span of less than 200 years.

As to the 2018 mid-term elections the GOP messed it up - period.

The entire Bannon rant draws out many reasons we need an Article V  Convention of States to propose amendments with one vote from each state for ratification.

Hey AFA, what happened to my comment?  Did I hit too far below the belt.  That's exactly what you get when you put this kind of trash in front of Patriots.

Larry, we have no idea what happened to your post.  There is no evidence that you saved a post.  Or maybe you accidentally deleted it yourself?  See that tiny x in the upper right corner of your post?  Maybe you accidently clicked on that and poof, no more post.  We never delete a post without giving a heads up to the person who posted.  And then, it's only if our singulr rule has been violated, which you never do.

The article was making me angry so if the fool wrote something that was not bias I will be open if someone points it out to me.

Trump for now does not deserve to be placed in the same list as the author placed him that was a below the belt punch.

One thing I do believe Trump and his team read the tea leaves of we the people. We ended up with as the Fox guy calls it positive populism. I'm fine with that. 

I think I'll stop for now and calm myself down.

Trump 2020!

The re-election this past weekend of a CONSERVATIVE leader in Australia, when the media told them he didn't stand a chance, is all we need to know ... that the Trump wave is gaining the upper hand over progressive statist socialism! TRUMP will win the largest landslide in American history in 2020.

Election day outcome in Australia was a good win for Australia. While I do not want to become cocky about the 2020 election in saying it will be a  landslide for President Trump, I do believe that he will prevail if we all work our butts off for him. 



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