The latest test of the Republican party’s will to yield the sword of victory is GONE. There is no draining the swamp, and it is the fault of the moderation of the party of Lincoln by the entrenched Cabal of Thieves. The latest test came from the recent budget “crisis” to avoid a government shutdown, a shutdown that would involve ONLY 17% of our government activity.
     For decades we have longed for those who would stand up to the evil that lies in the heart of Washington DC. Now we see that the words of an election campaign do not matter for so many of us who we have entrusted with our politics. This is just the latest in just another in a series of give-ins to the Democratic party and the Republican establishment.
     Each year we go through this charade of getting the government to stay moving forward, in reality is a NON-win for “We the people” who elected Donald Trump, as spending, entitlements grow, and the borrow from future generations grows. This is due to the “baseline budgeting” which gives politicians an opportunity to deceive taxpayers by allowing them to claim that they are holding the line on spending while providing more services.
     Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer said “this agreement is a good agreement for the American people and takes the threat of a government shutdown off the table" … I say it kicks the can down the road EVERY YEAR no matter what party is at the helm of government.  
     For decades we have been fed this baby pabulum of how “next year” or “next election” we will solve the problems of big government, higher spending, raising the debt limit, and yet all we get is the continual LIP SERVICE from this Republican brand of a new world political “chaos”.
     How does our vote count when this happens election after election. Does our vote matter at all? I think not, for the Congress authorizes the spending, so they are the problem, yet they are us who expect somebody else to pay the bills!! It is Donald Trump who MUST stand up to these bullies and those that are raping the citizenry.
     So let’s … follow the money … of the big government bureaucracy. Under this “budget deal” :
Refugee resettlements will continue.
Sanctuary cities continue to be fully funded despite the outcry to stop it … which is against the Federal Law found in Title 8 Section 1324.
Planned Parenthood is fully funded despite their abortion mills.
EPA is saved which Trump wanted eliminated.
Puerto Rico gets $295 million for Medicaid expansion which Trump opposed.
H2B visas are expanded.
National Institutes of Health stays, which Trump didn’t want.
Consumer Protect Bureau stays, which Trump didn’t want.
California gets to keep its Federally funded high-speed rail. 
Military gets $12 billion more … short of the $30 billion that Trump wanted.
NO border wall funding … and limits what Trump can do with the border funding increases given.
     All this as we wait for the Obamacare repeal while Republicans dither without any kind of free-market competition in the health insurance business. Oh, but those lobbyists are getting their way of influences through the Camber of Commerce and their big business hucksters. The middle class be damned. Obamacare destroyed the markets … yet we those who buy insurance ARE the marketplace … and now we’ve been replaced by a government involvement … for government is the marketplace dictator of today’s medical insurance.
This “establishment” on both sides is the insurrection within by the arms of power, control, and corruption that is the spreading cancer against Donald Trump is all ways … all the time! 

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Editor's note: This is the opinion of the author and not necessarily the opinion of Team AFA.

I appreciate the AFA for allowing all of us to express our opinions on all matters of concern. This strikes deep to me personally for the reasons I've expressed within my own family. Having sold health insurance for various companies, I've always told my clients ... read the fine print and the exclusions FIRST ... then "assume" ...  all other situations are covered. But that kind of "assumption" has been given to the citizenry time and time again, only to find out the Truth from BOTH parties ... that we have been deceived by evil for you "first have to vote for it to know what's in it". They told us previously about a "10 year plan" for this or that, and we all got screwed by them in power and control over our governments spending DRUG. It's a DRUG they cannot do without and it's time that the parasites be named loud and clear for all to know. This AFA is one of the very few outlets that does that and I commend YOU for it. Let those who have eyes see, and those who have ears ... hear!

It is the Uni-party, neither dems nor republicans want their power base to change..they get orders from their handlers. 

There is only one party in America.  It is called "The Elite Party"  and only the movers and shakers belong.  We the People have no voice in this party.  We elected most of the clowns who voted for the extention of the Obama budget and we fund it with our tax monies and fines from the IRS.  Trump cannot stop them.  WE THE PEOPLE are the only ones to stop this.  If you voted for an incumbent you support all that has happened and is happening to this country.  WAKE UP PEOPLE.  Have we already lost our country?  

Under the process of using our Constitution we do have a choice ... an election every 2 years ... to VOTE for those who will support our Christian values ... thou shall NOT covet thy neighbors goods.

Just where is America today?? In an ungrateful state of affairs ... within the darkness of evil deceit ... for FAITH ... is the key to knowledge that will save each of us. 

Come on folks, we all know this government is just a façade! Trump is in charge of nothing! He's only liaison in between the cabal and the general public. If the actually tries to swing some power around they will just kill him like they did the last Pres. that did.

I'm saddened that this has all come down to the sickening reality of DC and most state governments.  I saw it in stark reality back in the 1959 presidential election.  And it has only gotten far, far worse since then.  We have been betrayed by our own trust in politicians and others who claim to have our best interests at heart.

There is only one to trust ... the ONE man who never lied ... N E V E R ... his name is Jesus Christ! We have lost Him, and so we will lose our nation.

NO, IT'S NOT GONE. We are more determined to win than ever. And we all know that Trump is doing everything he can to change this situation. What this recent vote -- as well as the judicial debacles with the anti-immigration orders--demonstrate is that he cannot do it alone. There is one power far vaster than any uniparty. It is the power of the American people--that power we are all so accustomed to believe we do not have. 

Think back to the campaign. We had both the Dems and the RINOs on the run. They were AFRAID of us. They still are, but they believe we are quiescent, now. ANd we HAVE been. I've been basking in the wonder of every new day of Trump executive orders and meetings with every echelon of American society. Now, it's time for us to stop basking and get out there and visibly express our anger at the uniparty for what they are doing. It is the only thing they understand. 

Another thing we need to do is to consider all the people you know. There are people among us who qualify for office and maybe we should field these REAL CANDIDATES in 2018. It's almost too late, now, but there is still time.

Are "We the People" in the army of righteousness, that which fights for the word of integrity and Truth? Those who have a righteousness of Jesus will rise to the forefront as directed in our time of peril. The past is our solace for what the Truth is ... a belief and a Faith  ... that we are mere mortals but that He will prevail over evil deceit, if we only allow Him into our thoughts and life being. Mankind cannot control where the Spirit of an evil reigns in this earthly human form of the flesh.  We are in a Spiritual War with evil for all to see ... if we have the open eyes to see it as it is.

Damn straight, Marianne. Everyone makes the mistake of judging Trump by the same measure we judge the uniparty. BIG mistake.  Even if it's gone in it's current state, that's a good thing and we the people can work with Trump to reconstruct. Stop the whining, pull up your big boy pants and get to work as Marianne suggests. Don't fall for what you see or read  most places because the standard issue blogger has no more insight than CNN. Read this article and you will see what real strategy looks like. It's the strategy that won WWII that we have all forgotten.

I don't think that most of the country - and virtually ALL of Congress - has a clue as to what President Trump (not just "Trump" please) is thinking or planning.  He did not make billions of dollars by doing stupid things with stupid people.  Because someone wants Hillary jailed immediately and that's not being done by Trump, does not mean he's forgotten.  At the moment, he's a very busy man and deserves our patience.  The mess we have was not done overnight or even over the past few presidents.  It's been going on for copious decades.

Power over others is a very powerful force and very few have the ability to handle it without succumbing to the idea that they know better than anyone else.  And that's a fair description of most governments, including all the bureaucrats and menials in their lifetime jobs.






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