The latest test of the Republican party’s will to yield the sword of victory is GONE. There is no draining the swamp, and it is the fault of the moderation of the party of Lincoln by the entrenched Cabal of Thieves. The latest test came from the recent budget “crisis” to avoid a government shutdown, a shutdown that would involve ONLY 17% of our government activity.
     For decades we have longed for those who would stand up to the evil that lies in the heart of Washington DC. Now we see that the words of an election campaign do not matter for so many of us who we have entrusted with our politics. This is just the latest in just another in a series of give-ins to the Democratic party and the Republican establishment.
     Each year we go through this charade of getting the government to stay moving forward, in reality is a NON-win for “We the people” who elected Donald Trump, as spending, entitlements grow, and the borrow from future generations grows. This is due to the “baseline budgeting” which gives politicians an opportunity to deceive taxpayers by allowing them to claim that they are holding the line on spending while providing more services.
     Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer said “this agreement is a good agreement for the American people and takes the threat of a government shutdown off the table" … I say it kicks the can down the road EVERY YEAR no matter what party is at the helm of government.  
     For decades we have been fed this baby pabulum of how “next year” or “next election” we will solve the problems of big government, higher spending, raising the debt limit, and yet all we get is the continual LIP SERVICE from this Republican brand of a new world political “chaos”.
     How does our vote count when this happens election after election. Does our vote matter at all? I think not, for the Congress authorizes the spending, so they are the problem, yet they are us who expect somebody else to pay the bills!! It is Donald Trump who MUST stand up to these bullies and those that are raping the citizenry.
     So let’s … follow the money … of the big government bureaucracy. Under this “budget deal” :
Refugee resettlements will continue.
Sanctuary cities continue to be fully funded despite the outcry to stop it … which is against the Federal Law found in Title 8 Section 1324.
Planned Parenthood is fully funded despite their abortion mills.
EPA is saved which Trump wanted eliminated.
Puerto Rico gets $295 million for Medicaid expansion which Trump opposed.
H2B visas are expanded.
National Institutes of Health stays, which Trump didn’t want.
Consumer Protect Bureau stays, which Trump didn’t want.
California gets to keep its Federally funded high-speed rail. 
Military gets $12 billion more … short of the $30 billion that Trump wanted.
NO border wall funding … and limits what Trump can do with the border funding increases given.
     All this as we wait for the Obamacare repeal while Republicans dither without any kind of free-market competition in the health insurance business. Oh, but those lobbyists are getting their way of influences through the Camber of Commerce and their big business hucksters. The middle class be damned. Obamacare destroyed the markets … yet we those who buy insurance ARE the marketplace … and now we’ve been replaced by a government involvement … for government is the marketplace dictator of today’s medical insurance.
This “establishment” on both sides is the insurrection within by the arms of power, control, and corruption that is the spreading cancer against Donald Trump is all ways … all the time! 

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It is fine with me just point the people toward AFA. They are the ones giving us the forum to conduct this conversation and that is a huge effort on their part. As long as they don't mind it.

Thank you, John Powelson, for pointing that out. We spend time and money to provide this forum for all of us to learn from each other and all we ask in return is attribution on information taken from this site and posted on another along with the appropriate link. As all can see, we do that for any info we borrow from other sites. is how it went down thanks to all

BINGO !!!!! Whenever government puts forth "subsidies" to make a product or service affordable ... we get the shaft. Look at the example of Solundra, and the other solar energy businesses that can't profit in the free market without government handouts. How about the GM bond holders who got only 10% on their "investment" after Washington bailed out General Motors? Who walked away with millions, how about Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac? The taxpayers always pay the bill. Crony capitalism won out, and gave all of capitalism a bad name pushing for more statist government intervention and socialistic fascist business ventures. Try and find an MD today that accepts Obamacare cost structures, very hard to find, that's why Mayo Clinic doesn't accept Blue Cross & Blue Shield .. cost reimbursement is to low.

One way to help Obamacare implode is for more REAL PAYERS to get off it and sign up with Medical Sharing programs like Medi-Share. The cost is about half of Obamacare. And there's other ones, like Liberty Health Share and Medial Cost Share. Let's force Obamacare to destroy itself.

The practice of a risk / reward is present in what used to be our medical insurance market here in all of the states, but it was destroyed by the Obama Democrats who changed the House rules ... as NO Repbulicans chould change any legistlation in Obama 1st term.  Pelosi did that ... . That was the "transformation" and the "chaos" desired by the fraud that was Obama. Our SCOTUS made Obamacare a "tax" thus giving themselves an inalienable right ... and "new world order" entitlement program enslaving us to government. Medi-Share is a great program, as is AFLAC, and those Medical Saving Accounts that Obama removed from us all ... and are now back!






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