We knew it was coming.  We just didn't know when.

He appointed Gen. Jack Kelly, Homeland Security Secretary, to serve as Chief of Staff.

Who will take Kelly's place?

Is this a good move on Trump's part? we

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GOP Wins Vote on “Skinny Repeal”, But Loses WH Jobs!

 I believe the time has come to face up to the Facts about the GOP in DC aren’t the same GOP when campaigning, and have finally shown the entire Nation their True Color which is Purple, they fit the Mold of Swamp Managers.  AZ’s Sen.McCain has always been for Big Government and his joining the other two  RINO Senators, Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, who were the chosen Three to stop the Repeal of Obamacare which gave Political Cover to all the other GOP Senators who couldn’t afford to Vote against it with the Primary Election Season less than 1 year away so Two who are in Safe States an McCain who’ll never run again became the Scape Goats for the other GOP Senators.

I hope this Truly Political Theater doesn’t escape all those who’ve supported many of these Senators in the past like Sen. Flake, Hatch, McConnell and so many more just because they say they’re Republicans, and that in the states having Primaries  to Re Elect GOP Candidates many of whom are RINO’s themselves will find Qualified, Dedicated, Honest Supporters of the US Constitution and Uphold the Oath they’ll take to run against all of these Incumvents in the 2018 Primary Season, or you may as well Kiss a Final Good Bye to the Small amount of the Republic we have left that our Founders gave all of us, DC was a Swamp and has now Sunk to a New Low of becoming nothing more than a Septic Tank in dire need of a DRAINING.

We must all Read the US Constitution and realize that Education, Healthcare, Housing, Commerce, Interior and all the other Depts. except for Defense, Treasury, State and Attorney General are States Rights and the Federal Government must remain out to those areas and the States must exercise those Rights and Stop taking Federal Welfare Funds which is Enslaving All of US.

We can be thankful of a couple of things both Spicer & Priebus are now out of the White House & hopefully those who replace them will be Loyal to the President & the Citizens of these United States and not the GOP Elite RINO’s in DC and elsewhere.

God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk

Clair:  good article!

In that we now live in accordance with the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto do we really have a "small amount of the Republic.....our founders gave us" or is our challenge to restore it? I haven't been able to locate ONE politician that has done anything to get us out from under the 5th plank of the Manifesto; zilch, zero. If you care to find where your city or county officials stand on this issue use the resolutions you will find at http://thecnc.org/Documents/CityResolution.htmhttp://thecnc.org/Documents/CountyResolution.htm.

Also, you stated: "States must exercise those Rights and Stop taking Federal Welfare Funds which is Enslaving All of US." Question: is it the States taking Federal Welfare Funds that is enslaving us (has enslaved us) or the monetary policy described in http://thecnc.org/Documents/DebtReduction.htm? Our combined public and private debt is now well beyond $100 trillion and since we have no money to repay this debt I find Americans to already be enslaved; all the result of the criminals posing as Democrats and Republicans that are running the country. 

If we are to replace the criminals, I suggest a good start would be to "vet" every candidate using a questionnaire such as that at http://thecnc.org/Documents/Questionnaire.htm

A military General KNOWS how do get things done according to a tradition of loyalty which Preibus didn't EVER have. The Trump administration doesn't have "rules of engagement" ... it has what few outside the political realm have seen ... a desire and commitment to our Constitution ... and the laws that protect the individual's  "opportunity for prosperity and success" with LIMITED government interference. The road maybe long, but the reward is worth it.


Seems to me you've got the GOP pegged correctly. Good article.


Hi Rose; Thanks I do believe I do, however for me this applies to the Elite in and out of office and those who keep them there due to some misguided loyalty to a Party rather than the Country, seems we've had others in the History of the World that followed parties and they're now on the Ash Heap of History.
God Bless You; Van 

Priebus was THE establishment that Trump wanted to get-a-long-with ... but now he sees the "light" to remove this darkness from his administration ... finally! Maybe Mitch McConnell should do the same and remove John McCain from his Senate leadership positions for "joining hands" with the Demoncrats to keep the Obamacare mandates in place for individuals and small businesses ... or face fines by the IRS. This turncoat supports the funding of Planned Parenthood for abortion mills, and now he supports the medical device tax which raise premiums on Obamacare "insured". What makes this old man think that any Democrats will support a Republican plan? Only his own ego.

If Mitch McConnell ... had balls ... he would REMOVE McCain from committee chairmanships as if taking him to the woodshed ... which he has so long deserved!  Move over folks Trump needs to be the "new" schoolmaster against the GOP establishment like Priebus was and will always be.


I too financially supported and voted for Trump and like you, I'm rapidly losing faith in him. I also made a trip to Las Vegas to present him a copy of "To Tame a Tyrant" and a letter explaining why I believe America must control its own destiny for there to be any hope of making America great again. It now appears that was a campaign slogan and not a true intent on his part.

Though I'm disappointed to find we have representatives in lieu of representation in government I'm even more disappointed to find that Americans lack the integrity to honor James 4:17 by doing what is right and to unite in spirit and action to again make America a law abiding nation. As it stands, politicians are immune from the law.

Most AZ Voters aren't informed and do name recognition and that's allowed McCain to win along with all who gave him monies to run are responsible for the after effects.  We've been warning voters in AZ for over a decade about his record etc. and unfortunately his power / money and the uninformed watching the Ads vote for him. Pres. Trump has tried to deal with the insiders and probably believed that with the former GOP Chair & Press guy this would work, I believe he's now certain hopefully that you can't work with Liberals on either side of the Aisle as they're concerned only for either ideological reasons, power or perhaps a true dedication to Big Socialist Government, lets try keeping the Faith with Our Issues and not deliver anymore victories to any of the Incumvents Federal or State.
God Bless You; Van 



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