This headline makes us wonder what he has to threaten the Republicans with.  Rush Limbaugh mentioned recently that the Republicans in Congress plan to get on board with the democrats to impeach Trump.  [LINK] As we have all discussed for the past two years, the Republicans are just as disturbed by Trump's pesence in the White House as the democrats.  There is a reason we often refer to them as the Uniparty. Behind closed doors, they all want to go back to the days of Obama, Bush, Clinton and Romny (or at least, his intent had he won the presidency).  Those were the years, yessireee.  Both hands in the pockets of taxpayers, lobbyists, Big Pharma, banks, etc.  It gives "Politician for Sale" new meaning. Trump put a stop to all of that and we surely hope he has the goods on the Republicans too.  Just look at two Congressional elected politicians: John McCain had no money of his own when he first became a Congressman.  He died extremely wealthy on a annual salary that never exceeded $174,000, coming in at $16,000,000 at his death.  Cindy's wealth is $200million.  Ditto for Paul Ryan. His wife had money, like McCain, but he didn't have any wealth of his own when he first got elected to the House in 1999 at $174K, now $223K as Speaker.  Now, his net worth today is $7,800,000.  Not bad investing for so little income in less than 10 years, although, some of it is his wife's money.

Maybe you are part of those thinking that now that we have a split Congress, where each party can point the finger at the other party so no one gets torched as the culprits, that the end of the Republican party is at hand.  We can agree that Trump is neither Republican nor democrat, but is something different altogether.  Most people believe if he decided to start another party, like the America First Party or the Nationalist Party, millions of people would join overnight, relinquishing their current party affiliation.  Independents would rush in, too.  The Republicans and moderate democrats who left their party would suddenly have a home... and, possibly, a fighting chance on ballots across America.


In a wide-ranging, exclusive interview with The Post, President Trump said Wednesday that if House Democrats launched probes into his administration — which he called “presidential harassment” — they’d pay a heavy price.

“If they go down the presidential harassment track, if they want go and harass the president and the administration, I think that would be the best thing that would happen to me. I’m a counter-puncher and I will hit them so hard they’d never been hit like that,” he said during a 36-minute Oval Office sitdown.

The commander-in-chief said he could declassify FISA warrant applications and other documents from Robert Mueller’s probe — and predicted the disclosure would expose the FBI, the Justice Department and the Clinton campaign as being in cahoots to set him up.

“I think that would help my campaign. If they want to play tough, I will do it. They will see how devastating those pages are.”

But Trump told The Post he wanted to save the documents until they were needed.

“It’s much more powerful if I do it then,” Trump said, “because if we had done it already, it would already be yesterday’s news.”

Trump revealed his playbook just as Democrats are set to take over House committees in January where they are poised to investigate his potential business conflicts of interests, tax returns, Russia dealings and more.

With the GOP losing power in January, its congressional investigations into alleged Department of Justice misconduct in launching the Russia probe is expected to fizzle out.

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He should do it already .

Drain the swamp

Talk, talk, talk. Just DO it.

Do it Mr President.

Be nice if he had docs to release that would embarrass the republican uni-party members.

Yes if it were possible for Trump to establish another party in all 50 states, msg to my  President I would change my registration immediately.

I am sickened by the purple halo that shines over most republicans.

Amen Patricia

Republican, Democrat, does not matter.  There is only one reason to have confidentially:  National security.  Period.  ANY other reason is open to manipulation, as we have seen repeatedly.  Every thing else has little to no reason to be classified at all.

Reason why Comey wants public questioning, so he can say everything is classified

Which leave it up to the president to declassify everything.



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