When was the last time we saw democrats stand and applaud the current President of the United States, Donald Trump?  The ladies in white, signifying, we suppose, they are virgin freshmen in the Congress, don't take orders very well.  Which is why they scare Pelosi, but we digress.  Even President Trump pointed to them dancing in the aisle and said, "You aren't supposed to be doing that!"  He had a magnificent smile on his face.  Speaker Pelosi even stopped moving her dentures around and got up and joined the fun.  She probably had several adult beverages afterward in disgust with herself!

Democrat failed candidate for Georgian Govenor, Stacy Adams, had her work cut out for her.  Sadly, she already had her script written and sounded petulant and petty with her usual criticism of the President.  She probably took notes from Schumer's prior diatribe on the floor of the Senate where he said Trump's address would be full of the usual lies and what Trump calls fake news.  "It's not Fake News," said Schumer.  "It's just the truth that Trump doesn't want to hear."  Sure.  Schumer should get off those noon-time toddies before speaking to the Senate.

Likely you already know that 76% of viewers approved of the address and most believe it will help unite the country.  The rest were media from national outlets.  They attacked even while the address was ongoing.  No problem to them since everything Trump does or says is a lie and open to criticism.  A slight majority of democrats didn't even tune in.  They missed an opportunity to see some wonderful Americans given tribute for their accomplishments and stature.  Democrats are rarely interested in such things.

While the words spoken were full of soaring rhetoric and beautifully formed phrases and statements that made the hearts of those who have hearts feel downright giddy throughout, we could hardly focus on such things.  Our focus was on the shots of the many democrats running already for President in 2020: Kamala Harris, Kristen Gillibrand, Cory Booker, Tulsi Gabbard, Elizabeth Warren.  Stoic faces in some shots, disdain in others, never saw them applaud except for the freshman class of young scary women.  If we were democrats and that is what we had to look forward to, we would re-register first thing this morning!

We laugh today as the media fact checkers sort out some of the statements made by Trump such as America's status on oil production, etc.  For some reason, the worst they can say about these myriad of facts is "lacks context."  The one they checked from Abrams also carried that label but we fact checked her statement and found it to be totally false and subjective.

So, what is your impression of the SOTU?

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Totally awesome!!! Best I have ever heard!!

Magnificent!  The dems are sweating today.  they just look ridiculous with their resistance and more and more people are seeing that. Glad I recorded it so I can go back and hear some of it that I missed.

I was pretty impressed with the speech as well. I turned it on a little late but when I saw the responses I thought "he's killing it"! 

As far as the fact checking goes... (to quote AOC):

"Facts Don't Matter When You're 'Morally Right"... 

My two favorite moments:

  • After President Trump handed Vice President Pence and Speaker Pelosi copies of his speech--and with my belief he knows what he's doing and does nothing by accident--he broke protocol by not letting Pelosi introduce him.  With that action, he both discounted and disrespected her, and he sent that message to the world.  He can do whatever he wants, even in her house!
  • Watching the expressions on the faces of the socialists when President Trump declared we'll never be a socialist country.  Best expression of all was on Bernie Sanders.  When Sanders' face turned red, I thought . . . no I hoped . . . his head would explode.

If Old Line Dems can't recognize that the Democrats are now Socialist then they're truly Politically Blind and more dedicated to a party than the USA, this is what our founders said long ago: We gave you a Republic if you can Keep It & of course the other statement; It will Take a Moral People to Keep It, there's nothing Moral about Socialism or Killing the Unborn so we'll either have to Fight in the Streets eventually or everyone who viewed the Best SOTU I've seen will have to leave the Dem Party, by the way if the Christian Churches don't take a Stand against this latest effort to Kill our Children then they to are more concerned about a Tax Status than Protecting Our Children which is Truly Evil as well.
God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

I know they were doing it for different reasons but our President actually had those freshman Democrat women dressed in white (they reminded me of those doomsday cults back in the 70's) shouting vigorously and in cadence, "USA, USA, USA"!!! The President skillfully stripped them of their anti-America persona for at least 20 seconds. He had them chanting what Conservatives had been chanting all along since his election. For that 20 seconds they had probably for the first time felt what it was like to be an American. After this temporary outburst of unity they will all probably go back to what they were trained to do best.......promoting chaos, divisiveness, hate, class warfare and racism!

I noticed how upset Pelosi was, she couldn't stop her mouth twisting and making annoying smirks.



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