Brian Kolfage of We Build The Wall: Then (Admired) and Now (Indicted). Where Will The Story Go?

Some stories were posted on AFA (12/20/2018, 12/21/2018, 1/8/2019, 1/13/2019, and those are only the posts tagging Brian Kolfage). Going in good faith, backers imagined We Build The Wall was on the up and up, especially given how we'd like to see a border wall going up.

Of course, there's a good way to go about it, being on the up and up, so seeing as how this is breaking news for now, we'll see how things eventually play out.

Here's the official news release and indictment.

And how about this...

Here's Brian, in his words, fighting back, posting this at his Facebook page...

"The witch hunt is on! I'm not going to be bullied into being a political prisoner for my beliefs. I have fought hard for these freedoms and the SDNY is on a all out assault to take down every Trump insider from the 2016 election, that means Bannon. They will ruin innocent peoples lives in order to have a war trophy pinned to the wall just before elections.

I've obtained one the best super lawyers around who isn't afraid to fight back at the politically motivated assaults against me. This is where the line of freedom is drawn. If you allow the weaponized apparatus to win, we lose freedom. They will go after anyone for anything they want, anytime.

They wont ever investigate their friends like the Clinton Foundation. They've targeted Trump's inner circle- Flynn, stone, Manafort, Cohen and now Bannon. If it walks like duck, quack likes a duck, its a duck. We cant let the weaponized judicial system take anymore political prisoners.


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It will be interesting to see how this plays out in court. The likelihood that Bannon and Kolfage are being targeted by Democrats on trumped up charges in order to discredit this project are greater than not. In either case, Democrats will win on the negative publicity generated from this even if the charges are proven to be false.

Yes we have to wait.

I can't remember the Arizona guy who called out Brian last year after their project sham became obvious to him? It was the first phase when BK group lost land to build on, and they pissed off several Arizona landowners who are Trump Wall Supporters but didn't like BK group tactics. I'm writing a book about all I've lived through from the San Diego Mayoral implosion in 2013 through Kelli Ward implosion in 2018 to UK Brexit and now New Zealand's historic election. There was a Gold Star/Someother Star dad who called out Kolfage from Tucson I think? If anyone is familiar with who I am talking about, please contact me through this system.

This man was saying last year how they were not qualified for this task. That Kolfage was a publicity seeker (which Trump backed up last week saying it was Showboating). This man has suffered and is active with the Conservative/Pro-Trump side of things, and he was warning people not to donate to Kolfage. Bannon distanced himself from this project, so that was interesting to see the fundraising he did. I spoke with Jennifer Lawrence 2 years ago through a mutual friend who was a Breitbart writer. It's true that Bannon back stabbed several Tea Party "allys." What Alex Jones broadcast and what Bannon did to Arizonans backing Kelli Ward and then backstabbing the Trump kids. So I'm not surprised about Bannon, but there was a brave lone man from Arizona who tried to sound the alarm among the grassroots that Kolfage was lying and over his head. And if I can find him, I'd love to interview him.

ETA: I just remembered that the Arizona Man Trying to Warn wasn't social media savvy, so Brian hopped on Facebook and Twitter to have his brainwashed followers mob attack the guy. But if you read what he was saying about BK a year ago versus the Indictment this week, there were grassroots Trump Activists trying to warn about BK.

Be safe, Arizona.



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