By Randy Miller

I find it fascinating that we have so much bickering over our immigration laws and security of our border. Consider this:

Illegal immigration is a system of unchecked and unregulated entry into a country by people given no expectations to assimilate and understand laws and customs of the country they enter.   They don’t understand the people and customs of this country so they create and gather in communities of their own, thus creating a subculture outside the one they live in. No one under these conditions feels comfortable and avoids each other even though they live together in the same community. These trespassers continue with their own standards of living because they can’t completely function in the community, thus no real gain in economic or living standards are achieved.  

Additionally, they are taken advantage of by the business community, being paid a lower wage. This creates resentment and anger towards each other so nobody is happy.

Trespassers' children enter the schools of those that pay for and provide this service to them. These children need special attention to learn the native language and interfere with the education of the others due to their disability. Further, these children congregate with their own and create an unnatural separation of cultures within the community with racial and “status” resentment and conflicts ensue.

Crimes increase within these communities as competition among the trespassers creates tensions. Crimes spread outside their community into that of the “host” communities with robberies, thefts, burglaries, assaults, rapes, gun violence and homicides.

Now, due to a final straw, another homicide by firearm, a law is rushed through that deports those illegally in the country unless they pay for a license and can pass a language and law test. People start being deported and cries from the opposition startup with “That is inhumane, we owe these people an opportunity”. After awhile these cries die down as they see crime rates fall, living conditions improve and pay for employment is regulated for compliance with checks on employers with REGISTERED IMMIGRANTS and new immigrants must meet standards of the new law.

Welcome to Russia. This is their story when in 2011, they passed this law due to the conditions mentioned above. The difference is these immigrants were once part of the Russian Empire/USSR until 1991. They had a connection and a sense of obligation. The United States doesn’t. We have no history of being one with Mexico, Central or South America.

The Democrats are the enemies of the Country and are Globalists. What other explanation do you have?


Randy Miller

LD21 Constitutional Republican.

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President Eisenhower had the right approach in the early 50's, when this nation wasn't run by all the special interest groups at the level it is today, so now it's harder but still possible if we do the right thing or just surrender to the Socialists who want to Transform the U. S. 

On point again, Sir Miller!

A few other points:

1:  Assimilation is key.  We can only allow a number that will allow for assimilation.  Otherwise, we ultimately lose our own culture.

2:  We need to DEMAND that our enforcement people enforce our laws, ALL OF THEM, ALL OF THE TIME.  This includes the hard cold fact that NO enforcement is authorized to ignore the laws they are given to enforce by their own legislative body or bodies that they are supposed to be responsible to.  Their motto should be:  We cite the next violation we see, each and every time.  We let the judge clear the air, BECAUSE we are enforcement, not judges.  Nor are we legislative bodies, city councils, state legislators, or congress members.  WE enforce the law, all of it, all of the time!  INCLUDING but not limited to, illegal immigration, AND the illegal hiring of criminal illegal aliens

3:  I can go on, but the point I am making is that we have many problems, most of which are our own making.  Starting with holding our elected people accountable.  WE, the people, need to operate with our own motto:  Want my vote, DO NOT lie to me, for I WILL NOT forget -- and I NEVER vote for liars!

KUDOS to you and Randy, Russell.  We have become a nation of wusses, afraid the law breakers won't like us if we mention they are breaking the law.  Let's not just mention it, let's pressure the elected officials who DO NOT do their job.  Where is AG Brnovich on any of this?  Is he working with Sheriffs to get control of these law breakers?  No, he's hiding under his desk.  Can't we do better than Brnovich?  Would a dem be worse? Yes, but only because they would outwardly break the law instead of quietly ignoring it.

Invasion is solvable. First make no mistake that referring to those who have been allowed to invade our nation be they visa overstays or by sea ports, air across our  northern border as well they have invaded.

Do not listen to the left when they say technology, a virtual wall only. They are lying O"s DHS said that way back in 2009.

Beware of any talk that calls for "comprehensive" immigration reform. How did that comprehensive healthcare work out?

We have petty good immigration laws, little tweaking needed that makes common sense. Congress has mucked with laws and approved nations for special travel status visas. Congress and their special interest $$ donors should be candidates for deportation as well.

D's and many R's are now the uniparty. They do not want border security open borders period. They seem not to want this issue resolved because as long as it's not solved it is valuable issue to keep respective bases in a state of underwear twist.



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