Since the day Doug Ducey took office, he has done what he thought he could get away with to unravel SB1070.  For the uninitiated among us, that is the famous - or the infamous - bill that passed under Gov Brewer to address the illegal immigration problem that has only grown worse over the years.  It was signed into law on April 23, 2010 and has been challenged ever since.That bill would allow law enforcement to check out motorists suspected of being in the country illegally during a lawful stop, detention or arrest.  Before you shake your head in wonder over why this is necessary, consider that there is a set of common visuals that often accompany people out breaking the law.  The law, entitled Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act, would require law enforcement officials to enforce existing federal immigration laws in the state by checking the immigration status of a person they have "reasonable suspicion" of being in the U.S. illegally. But a U.S. Supreme Court ruling in 2012 and a settlement with plaintiffs in 2016 have collectively gutted the law. Source: Find Law

Imagine, the Supremes actually struck down a law requiring law enforcement to uphold the laws on immigration.  Is this not the definition of insanity and why our country is losing its culture to those who have no business in this country?

Last week was quixotic for Gov Ducey.  He joined with President Trump Wednesday on stage, beaming as he got an endorsement of bubbly words conveyed on him by our President whereupon the Gov's chest literally puffed up with unearned pride.  Not 15 hours later, he called a meeting of Republican leadership to torpedo SCR1007, a bill with simple language (and its sister bill in the House) that would put a measure on the ballot to let voters decide whether to require federal immigration law already on the books to be enforced.  He did not even have the grace to inform the sponsors of these bills as to what he was going to do.  It was Ducey himself who asked Rep T.J Shope to carry this bill to start with!  In his State of the State Address, Gov. Doug Ducey said that in November, it’s time to give Arizonans the chance “to say yes to the rule of law and no to sanctuary cities."  NOW, you should share your head in wonder!

What did President Trump run on in 2016?  Yes, curbing illegal activity by illegals in our country and stopping the flow of illegals from coming here by the tens of thousands.  BUILD THE WALL!  We wonder at the audacity of this governor.  This comes on the heels of the Red4Ed cave in, giving teachers a 20% raise at taxpayer expense after thousands of paid protesters spent days at the Capitol pretending to be teachers (yes, some were actual teachers, too).

It took no more than a half of a nano second for democrat LUCHA lawmakers (we use that term loosely since these are really law breakers) to gather on the lawn at the Capitol to crow about their coup against the state and citizens thereof.  Make no mistake: LUCHA is now the most rabid anti-American organization in the state, courtesy of Gov Ducey.  Rep. Diego Rodrigues, D LD27, a district that has only a handful of Republicans thanks to the not so Independent Redistricting Commission, was puffed up to match Ducey as he swaggered about, bragging about owning the governor's office.  He is now the most powerful democrat in Arizona, too.

This, as it has been revealed, was strictly a political decision.  Rep. Tony Rivero, de-facto Republican from Peoria where he has to assuage the democrats more than his own party, made it clear he would vote against this bill unless it was modified to contain more give-aways to illegals.   Apparently, he would need that to get re-elected in November.  His chief concern: it might anger Mexico!  Angry Arizona citizens bedamned!  Ditto for Republicans in the Senate. (Can you say Brophy-Magee, Carter and add Boyer to that list?) It's the reality with a razor-thin majority... sooner than later, some half-hearted Republican will give away the farm and the rule of law to gain votes.  This is what we know today to be "Representative Government."

Democrat lawmakers have consistently chipped away at SB1070 since 2010.  They have been helped by our governor who is positioning himself for higher office in 2022.  It's all about votes.  Repeat, it's all about votes, for all of them.  Their political careers are the most important component on decisions as to how to vote on proposed laws.  And by the way, the ballot harvesting bill in the Senate did not get a hearing, the ballot harvesting bill in the House passed with reservations and all other worthy election bills will never see the light of day this session, even if they get to the Senate.  It's been determined, using a hammer and a sickle.

We applaud Rep. Kelly Townsend, Chairman of the Elections Committee in the House.  She stepped up to the plate to propose some very important election improvements only to be betrayed by her party.  

Welcome to Arimexico.

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That may be true ... but the obvious choices are ... Don't vote for a Republican OR vote for a Republican on the ballot OR vote with the authoritative bureaucratic socialist Democrats. The lesser of 2 "evils" will result in a consequence. One "evil" you can change by a majority of Republicans, the other you can't change at all because they HATE what America is.  

I don't know how you get your info but thank you for informing us about this.  Ducey has been the disaster we all thought he would be and I expect McCain made sure he won the primary.  We will never rid ourselves of the scourge of McCain.  Shame on Ducey when he was publicly for this vote of the citizens before the crazy stuff at the legislature.  What a whimp.  I will vote democrat next time since that is what we get anyway.

Back in the mid 2000's the then President of Mexico, Vicente Fox and a CEO of an American globlistist corporation was having a panel discussion on CSpan. They were ask if the NAU would happen. Fox replied only if the U.S. Constitution was changed to be the same as Mexico's. The CEO responded not until Americans backs were broken. I took that he meant that individualism would be destroyed and the fierce love of liberty/freedom was forever removed in American hearts.

Our Blue Dog Republicans are engaged, all in, to be a part of American love of Freedom/Liberties destruction for that horse left the gate decades ago and they know that their careers depend on the New Order.

I have come to agree with Clair we must have the intestinal fortitude to primary the Blue Dogs for they are truly flawed elected. 

Clair I so agree with you.

Here's the way I see things, clair.  We have a terrible recorder in Maricopa.  We have an excellent candidate in Stephen Richer  While I agree he is not the most conservative, but he understands the power of law and he's done yeomans work on the problems in 2018.  He's NOT evil nor the better of two evils.  So why are you making it harder for a R to get elected to replace Fontes.  Yeah yeah, you will claim you have a right to run and you do but when do republicans start to get smart and become team players in the right situation?  Stephen will win the R primary.  He's running an effective campaign. He's honest and forthright that I can see.  I don't care that he was hired by the previous gop chair to do the investigation.  Lawyers CAN do things the right way even if it goes against their personal preferences but Richer seems to have it together on all counts.

On AFA there has been a ton of whines about the election recorder and I agree they were justified. Saying a guy is not so conservative please tell me why that is acceptable? How in the heck can a restore to "true" conservative movement happen when folks continue to vote in the lesser conservative candidate? Once any candidate is elected to the office a hold their feet to the fire has to be done. Why in hell would one vote for the less conservative candidate would not a fire already be burning? Are folks fearful they would NOT have whines? Hooked on whining kindling?

Because, Patricia, it's mostly about perception.  What I perceive in a candidate may be different from what you perceive even if we are sitting in the same meeting at the same time.  I perceive Richer to be conservative and I think there are levels of conservative. Some conservatives are not as conservative as others and it's like that with life in general. We all hold varying ideas.  There is not a person living that has not violated some constitutional principle, either deliberately or due to misunderstanding or some other reason.  I sure would not boot a person who meets either of those last two.  I have not heard Richer in person but I do look at what he posts around FB and in my view, he IS conservative and will make a very good recorder and I hope he wins but now, he has to squander part of his campaign money on the primary but the dems don't.  kudos to the two other candidates who bowed out early and have been helping Richer.  THAT is a true conservative... thinking of the best way forward and not about themselves or their own ambition.  I also like that he is young and we Rs need to bring in younger people.

My opinion, Patricia, is that we often don't know who is "conservative" because as was pointed out, there are a lot of brands of 'conservative' that are valid.  If we don't add a dose of good sense and practicality we are in a bigger fix.  Then what if EVERYONE running is a conservative?  Or more than one?  Which is MORE conservative?  Or a true rabid conservative but unsuited to the job they are running for?  Much to consider. It's helpful to have a good 6th sense, too.  Let's face it, voting is a crap shoot.

Here's why I think you are the wrong candidate to run: you said "indicates the usual and almost always expected way of telling me and others who don't fit in with the GOP Elites not to, so we'll move forward and allow the process to work and by the way there was Voter Fraud, Campaign Fraud and yes Election Fraud in 18 and in most elections proceeding them, as no one seems to correct those who run a say they're Conservatives even when there are people who know it isn't true but won't speak out at the GOP or LD meetings, guess being accepted by groups is more important and as for Team Player we spent Thousand of our own $$$$$$$$$$$ putting GOP Candidates on Our Radio Show and did " and that is just part of this run-on sentence.  I want a person who can communicate and by the time you get to a period, I have no idea what you said.  Furthermore, your comments always make me think you think you are the ONLY right person to run for everything.  You never are in favor of the electorate.  That is suspect.   You should know the gop doesn't help anyone in the primary so that sounds, uh, a bit petty.  They aren't helping anyone but the awful mcsally and so what, who cares.  I'm sure you are a nice guy and you do seem to be well informed on certain issues but no one will support a constant candidate.  Have you missed an election without running since your first run?  I'm just a realist and yes we have elected some awful people but winnable people often do not run.  And when real winners do finally run, they can't get off dead center.  We have a lot of new candidates this year and I'm sure happy to see that and I hope the good ones win.  Citizen candidates not perennial candidates.

Personally I thank Clair for running. We need candidates with his background and knowledge and I think he would do an excellent job as Recorder definatly much more reliable to a fair process than Fontes who has been caught using his office and taxpayer dollars to campaign for his party and against the others. I wish more of our kind of people would run and push the people that don't subscribe to the party platform out of office.

John, If you are asking for the House version of SCR1007, there will be no House version.  Despite the Senate passed it out of Committee, it was killed before it could go to COW.  It didn't even go through Rules.  If you are asking about a different bill number, give us more info.   SCR1007 would enforce the right to law enforcement to uphold feder immigration law.  What's the problem in letting that go through?  Hmmm.  Maybe Ducey would loose dem votes in 2022

Actually I am getting information that the house may have a similar bill coming up which is in need of our support. I would have thought any Senate bill would have had an easier time getting passed but without the Gov. Do Nothing conservative behind it I doubt it. The bill is or was HB2598 (2020) I have nothing against these bills except that more or less the Fed passed one in the 1990's that gave states and local LE the authority to enforce federal immigration law to the extent that they can detain anyone that does not appear to be a citizen after stopping them for any criminal act or if they are wanted in regards to any crime. The goal being to hand them over for prosecution and removal from the USA. Below is the  link to the one I was told about. Have not read the entire bill myself yet but looks fairly good to me so far. If you like it please ask your Reps to support it. I will for sure although I am not so sure it will go far with the bunch we elected last time out.



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