TRUMP’S PLAN WORKED! Look What AMAZING News Border Patrol Just Gave President Trump!

According to a new statistic delivered by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), illegal border crossings have dropped 40% in Trump’s first month in office.

This is all thanks to him allowing ICE to do their jobs and enforce the immigration laws already on the books.

The flow of illegal border crossings – measured by apprehensions and the prevention of ‘inadmissible persons’ apprehended at the southern border by U.S. Customs and Border Protection – dropped to 18,762 in February from 31,578 in January, DHS Secretary John Kelly said in a statement.

To make it an even bigger deal, Kelly revealed that normally in January-February the US border experiences a 10% RISE in illegal border crossings. This means that it’s effectively a 50% drop from Obama’s illegal crossing rate.

According to Kelly, the conclusion to draw from this is simple and clear,

“Early results show that enforcement matters, deterrence matters, and that comprehensive immigration enforcement can make an impact.”

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I hope this is true, but with all the liars abounding I am just a tad jaundiced!  Will keep watching as time goes on.

Barbara, I have read this elsewhere & they have been the same figures. I'm happy to hear this again b/c this is the kind of news that gives people more faith in our president.

Thank you for that.  I certainly have much faith in President Trump but not so much in some of the people (left-overs) & how they seem to be able to manipulate the news!  I hadn't seen the stats earlier ergo my take on things!

Jennifer, "they" make proclamations for news outlets and send out the SAME information to many different outlets around the nation.  It's not that all these outlets are independently garnering information and there is probably very little (to none) fact checking or investigative work done by the news outlets... they are fed information, then the outlet distributes the same information out to everyone all around the country, virtually verbatim.

Hearing the "same numbers" from different news outlets is not an indication that this information is truly valid.  

Yes, Barbara, I am glad to see I am not the only Devil's Advocate in this forum...

I am not sure I understand exactly what this means... does this mean they apprehended or prevented 31,578 in January of 2016 vs preventing and aprehending 18,762 in Jan 2017?  OR are they saying that 18,762 people got through in January of 2017, but in 2016 31,578 got through?  

I am guessing that what this is saying is that 18,762 people got through this year vs 31,578 last year... those are some pretty exact numbers.  

Doesn't anyone else find this declaration odd or worthy of questioning? 

Let me understand, Chiara. You are upset because the illegal border crossings were cut nearly in half in one  month. I have lived most of my life along the border. Do you have a concept of how long that border is and how porous it has become in the past 20-30 years? And you are unhappy because Trump has not sealed the entire border in 30 days along with all the other problems that are immediate? Maybe it would be helpful to keep this in perspective.

First of all I am not upset. Could you please explain how you came to this presumption that I am upset?  I am utilizing what is known as objective "critical thinking" and questioning what we are being told.  I find it odd that it is known precisely how many people crossed illegally. How do they know this? This is far different than "being upset". 

If you want to believe wholeheartedly in what you are being told, that is your prerogative. I am well aware of the challenges you point out...  But, maybe it would be helpful for you to keep in mind the perspective of those who don't just believe whatever it is they are told, or those who are willing to question how such information is compiled... even if it sounds like what they want to hear. 

Honestly, I didn't meant to _____ you (fill in whatever you perceive fits because I sure am not going to say "upset".) But you did seem upset TO ME. Oops! I didn't mean to say that.

For your own information, I do tremendous research. Being a border rat I know how to do that. Anyway, with all the rhetoric for the past year-plus about closing the border and building the wall, hordes of border crossers were doing everything possible to get across before Trump was inaugurated. Last summer, hordes were also coming across almost daily. So a 40% decrease is not so unusual. Border patrol agents know which trails, train tracks, river bottoms and foothills are the high dollar crossing points. They just could do nothing but watch before.

Can somebody please forward this to the last, uh, what's his name?

Good question. I think that he's elsewhere working on OFA. God bless his little pea pick'n heart. :) I'm almost sure he's not back in Chicago...probably at one of his other 'abodes'. :) Most likely he's at his leased home in DC so that he can keep on top of things that are going on in Washington, D.C. I would doubt that there are very few folks that would give his address out. I thought I had a brain fart/freeze when I couldn't remember where this man was. At least I remembered his name. He's history now & that's the most important thing that people can remember about him b/c there is little more that is worth remembering.

Odd that you should put it that way.  That's what I'd been saying when his term ends, that he will simply become a footnote in history.  On the bottom of the last page, the area that no-one reads, and it will say, "The years when there was not a legitimate U.S. President". 

Well, his term has ended; however, he is still in Washington, D.C. I remember what he said about the one daughter finishing high school. And yet you never hear anything about her, (her older sister yes, who is enjoying a year off before she starts college) Michelle, or Barack. We have not seen the end of this man. I think that he feels  that he is still mentally the president of this country. There are many issues that he will most likely pursue b/c of some apathetic citizens as well as the problematic MSM. I hope not, & yet once he was able to get OAF going, it seemed like there have been more problems in this country. BTW, I liked your comment about Obama being a footnote in history b/c it's very true. The past 8 years in this country we didn't have a legitimate U.S. President..About the only person that might feel differently would be Jimmy Carter b/c he no longer holds the title of "The Worst American President" & when saying that, I don't feel that would be anything to brag about. Enuff said!!



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