TRUMP’S PLAN WORKED! Look What AMAZING News Border Patrol Just Gave President Trump!

According to a new statistic delivered by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), illegal border crossings have dropped 40% in Trump’s first month in office.

This is all thanks to him allowing ICE to do their jobs and enforce the immigration laws already on the books.

The flow of illegal border crossings – measured by apprehensions and the prevention of ‘inadmissible persons’ apprehended at the southern border by U.S. Customs and Border Protection – dropped to 18,762 in February from 31,578 in January, DHS Secretary John Kelly said in a statement.

To make it an even bigger deal, Kelly revealed that normally in January-February the US border experiences a 10% RISE in illegal border crossings. This means that it’s effectively a 50% drop from Obama’s illegal crossing rate.

According to Kelly, the conclusion to draw from this is simple and clear,

“Early results show that enforcement matters, deterrence matters, and that comprehensive immigration enforcement can make an impact.”

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Mr.Obama is living two blocks away from the White House which I heard no  former President has ever done. It is not about his girls either. He is keeping his eyes on Trump. He is up to no good again. The count on the Illegals might be down more now, but I do not believe all that I hear in the news media. I pray that President Trump will go into History someday as a great President. He needs our help and prayers.

Charlene, Yes, I have seen pictures of the home that he is leasing. I had a pretty good idea of where he was. The thing is, with Barack Obama, one should never take things for granted. I'm in total agreement with you when you said, he is up to no good & he is making sure that he is keeping an eye on President Trump. I don't believe all that I hear or read on the news today; however,the stats that I had read previously were the same that were mentioned in this website. Living in AZ I tend to watch these things b/c we have gotten more than our share of illegal aliens in this state. Donald J Trump has my firm support & prayers & unless the OFA or the MSM get involved in things, I feel he will go down in history.

the media making all kinds of excuses for why border crossings are down and giving all credit to BO. He's gone back to being a community organizer, flying under the radar, and will never stop trying to damage & sabotage America until he's in prison (which won't happen) or dead.  Either one works for me.

                                                   Lets Keep Our Eye On the Real Ball!

I'm glad to see fewer are coming in, however the Illegals still within our border hasn't and won't change significantly until a Stand is taken on those Illegals, Dreamers and Anchor Babies who don't fit the New GOP Definition of Criminal which is just a play on Words and I do believe somewhere behind the Curtain we're going to have the GOP Legislators try the same old Bait & Switch of the Gang of Eights Comprehensive Immigration Reform.  Please don't misunderstand hope we continue to stop the flow and Deport the Rapists, Drug Dealers etc., however if we don't deal with the Millions who've stolen jobs, don't pay taxes, collect welfare by have anchor babies etc. the Billions spent won't end in Texas it 12.5 Bil, AZ 2.5 Bil. and Ca. it 25 Billion and these 3#s don't include lost Tax Revenue or Lower wages caused by them being here and the overcrowded schools hurting the Ed of all. God Bless You; Clair VAN Steenwyk 

Yes, it took a while...8 years... but Barak's strategies are starting to work.  You see, he allowed the illegitimate immigrant problem to become a crisis to prove to all of America just how serious it is.  And he knew that the next President would create totally opposite executive orders than Barak's.  And THAT would finally effectively solve the illegal immigration forever.  An amazing strategy.  We should be so thankful to him for his far-sightedness. 

In some respects that may be true. However, it doesn't work for the people who are living in border states & are being bothered by the Mexicans & other ethnic groups that are "sneaking" across the borders & are causing havoc. We don't need any more drug cartels or illegal weapons brought into our border states. I'm not so sure that Barack was intelligent enough to have come up with this strategy, as good as it might appear. Maybe you are speaking tongue & cheek, which I have a habit of doing. However, I doubt there will ever be a day that I'm thankful to Barack for his far-sightedness. He was merely setting the stage for HRC to enter & take over where he left off. That was to be his third term. As it turned out, she never did win & now with the creation of OFA, he is trying to get back at President Trump b/c DJT won the election & HRC did not.

I was being factitious but trying my best to send genuine.

Yes, I understand that b/c I do that quite a bit myself. You best straighten up & fly right!! :)



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