Before we get to the headline story representing a glimmer of hope, let's reflect upon the ongoing sad and tragic story of misguided politicians violating their sworn-on-a-Bible oaths of office to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution, permitting the in-plain-sight imported invasion of illegal aliens into America, and permitting so-called "birthright citizenship," a bizarrely popular phenomenon within anti-American circles representing a gross misrepresentation of the 14th Amendment. The consequences of "birthright citizenship" (children born in the U.S. to illegal alien parents being given automatic U.S. citizenship) are extremelydangerouslyunderestimated.

As for the "DACA-MENTED" (see graphic below), they must go back to the homeland of their foreign national parents, who, in violating U.S. law, are the ones responsible for their illegal alien family station in life. Or, maybe, as a compromise, they must be shown the days of cutting in line are over, and it's now time to go to the back of the line, or, if they fail to get with the program, there's always get out and stay out.

"Immigration" refers to a person making a permanent commitment to become a naturalized U.S. citizen. Some say it only refers to a person making a permanent residence in a foreign nation. Why are these foreigners essentially abandoning their homelands? Why are they breaking into the U.S., then openly promoting ideas offensive to the Constitution, the Rule of Law, and We The People?

Here's a graphic showing what makes the "DACA-MENTED" so proud of themselves (while saying to Americans: "SUCKERS!!!").

And now, for the headline story, a glimmer of hope...

End of Year Numbers Highlights:

ICE arrests of immigration violators were up 40 percent to 143,470. Of those, 89 percent had either existing criminal convictions or pending charges. These charges ranged from drug offenses (76,503), to assault (48,454), homicide (1,886) and many other serious crimes. In addition, ICE arrested nearly 800 MS-13 gang members – an 80 percent increase from last year.

CBP, announced that the agency apprehended more than 301,000 illegal aliens at or near the border. That is a considerable decrease from last year, presumably due to a reduction in the number attempted illegal crossings into the United States.

ICE announced that so-called “Sanctuary Jurisdictions” declined a total of 8,170 detainer requests. ICE was only able to arrest 6 percent of these immigration violators after they were released into the public. The rest remain at large in American communities. Currently, there are 7,710 illegal and criminal aliens at-large who would otherwise have been  turned over to ICE for removal had these jurisdictions cooperated with federal law enforcement agents.

These statistics confirm what was already obvious – that President Trump and his administration are serious about enforcing American immigration laws, with a renewed focus on removing dangerous criminal aliens from the United States. However, as was mentioned by the heads of all three departments, these promising signs will disappear if they are not complemented with real immigration reform, such as mandatory E-Verify for all employers, and progress in securing our borders with additional immigration enforcement officers and an effective, physical barrier.

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To paraphrase on of the regulars here...."DRAINING THE SWAMP!!!" <G>

We need a New Immigration Policy with a Merit System, E Verify for all Employees, No Chain Migration grandfathered in, WALL, Tech @ Border, and of course cut off all benefits to all and any Immigrants Legal or Illegal, Refugees etc. Deport All Illegals within our Borders as it's a Crime to Enter Illegally and then of course fake ID which is by definition Identity theft which is Fraud and a Felony last time I checked.  The costs to us for illegals is enormous check the links showing costs to each and every state and then tell me the benefit us, the only real benefit is to those who hire for low wages and they get higher profits at the cost to all of us: Link:
God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk 



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