Heads up, Phoenicians and those who go to downtown Phoenix.  The September 2 Agenda for the City Council is planning to add some artwork on the streets.  It seems that every crazy democrat council makes this decision and it's a green light for BLM to start a riot.  Why would Phoenix be any different?  

The following is a page out of the Phoenix City Council 9/2/2020 Agenda, pg 256:

Street Mural Pilot Program

This report provides information to and requests direction from the Transportation, Infrastructure and Innovation Subcommittee on a potential pilot project for the installation of a Black Lives Matter street mural in downtown Phoenix.  emphasis added]



In numerous cities across the country, businesses, organizations and communities have been provided the ability to request, create and install street murals within the public right-of-way for artistic expression. Recently there have been efforts in many cities (New York City, Oakland, San Francisco, Minneapolis, and Chicago, and more locally Tucson) for the approval and installation of street murals in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement. Most of these street murals consist of the statement "Black Lives Matter" painted in large letters of either one color, multiple colors, or artistic depictions within the letters. The installations span across multiple travel lanes of city streets.

In Phoenix, community members have approached the City with a request to install a "Black Lives Matter" street mural in downtown Phoenix. Councilwoman Pastor requested the Street Transportation Department (Streets) and the street mural organizer meet to discuss the request and details such as potential location, size, cost, as well as safety and liability concerns. The street mural currently proposed by the street mural organizer would include the "Black Lives Matter" statement, as well as painted likenesses of civil rights leaders Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., César Estrada Chávez, [Chavez was a criminal.  They call him a leader.  Of what?] and former United States Representative John Robert Lewis (Attachment A).

The street mural organizer's request is to install the street mural either adjacent to or nearby the Talking Stick Resort Arena, Phoenix City Hall, or the Arizona State Capitol.

Streets staff has been meeting with the street mural organizer to discuss the proposestreet mural and the conditions and requirements of a potential street mural pilot project.

Installation of a mural in public rights-of-way is not currently permitted or allowed bythe City. In June 2019, the City adopted a non-standard crosswalk treatment program (Attachment B), which resulted in the development and implementation of a Non-Standard Crosswalk Marking Program policy (Attachment C). This program is limited to City crosswalks and is the only non-standard markings permitted on City streets.

Many of the concerns Streets might have in regards to a street mural pilot project were researched and addressed in the development of the Non-Standard Crosswalk Marking Program policy (Attachment C).

Since street murals are larger and more prominent than non-standard crosswalk markings, Streets staff conducted additional research into the practice of allowing street murals within public rights-of way. Specifically, Streets focused on the following areas: safety, risk and liability, federal guidelines, installation / maintenance / removal requirements, public forum legal concerns, and other pilot project requirements. These areas are further described below.

Page 256

Be Proud, Phoenix!

Let's see.  The Gays got their rainbow crosswalks.  BLM will get their mural.  What would happen if, say, "Mothers against abortion" wanted to paint a mural?

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This sounds like a great opportunity for a lawsuit against the Phoenix City Council.  They are trying to give sanction legally to an un-American ideology without consulting Phoenix residents and shop owners who don't want "artwork" that would be damaging to their businesses.  They would at first of course try to get an injunction.

These businesses could possibly sue for $ Millions.  That would make up for a lot of the profits they lost during the fake pandemic. 

Nothing under the sun surprises me in The State of Maricopa County -- City of Phoenix drives the craziness of the left. Our Gov what if at the Capitol? Will he tuck his tail between his legs and  go out and do some paint rolling? 

If they let blm have a mural they have to let others have one as well.  I can see it now--

Un-born Babies Lives Matter

TRUMP 2020

Blue Lives Matter

Jesus Is LORD  and on we could go on.


This is F***ing ridiculous !!!! 

This is extremely racist.  I thought the goal of Americans was to get rid of racism.

I would approve murals saying "All Lives Matter".

I believe Conservative/Republican groups should be surveyed on the following questions:

1. Would we be willing to work together to sponsor a message from 'our side'? 

2. If so, what should the message be?  Possibilities include MAGA, Trump = Keeping America Great, John 3:16 or some other suggestion?

Seems to me what is allowed for one side ought to be allowed for the other .....  






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