The only thing we hear talked about in Arizona these days is covid-19 and forensic audit of the November 2020 election.  Important things are happening that don't even make the evening 'news.'   By accident or design?

On March 9, 2021, a critically important election will take place in Phoenix.  Two seats for City Council are up for election and no one knows it. Phoenix is currently ranked as the 5th largest city in America. With residents fleeing the top four like NYC and Chicago, the new census may change that.  Either way, Phoenix is an important city in America and could be a first class city after the coming election!

Yes, coming election on March 9th, all mail in ballots.  We have linked to a comprehensive rundown of the two candidates running for each of two district seats: District 9 and District 3.  There is a clear choice for the first time in a long time.  Voters can actually do themselves and Arizona a favor by taking an interest and voting wisely.  In fact, if voters will take a good look at the candidates, they will see that these two races could shift the balance of power away from the current Mayor and the entire council.

Click here for an unbiased report on the four candidates.  Then VOTE!

If you don't live in Phoenix, please send this article to any who do.  As Phoenix goes, so goes Maricopa County!

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In doing a search on the internet for the ladies running in my district, it appeared as though the incumbent was going to be the best choice (even though she is a progressive).  But the info in this latest story paints a much different picture. Thank you for your attention to detail for the better good!  :  )

I had the pleasure of speaking with Nicole Garcia when she visited my home. I found her to be a very solid conservative and endowed with common sense! We need her on the City council now, more than ever! We must counter the Mayor and her "progressive" agenda!

P.S. Mail in ballots will be the death of America! If you care about your country, get off your duff and go to the polls to vote, the way it was intended!

But doesn't the author state that this election will be by mail-in ballots only?

After November 3, I would never trust mail-in ballots.  No in-person voting on election day?  Count me out if there was ever such an election where I live.

Oh  Goodie...

First we need to preface the word progressive with "So Called" Progressive.  I.E She is a "So called Progressive...  Keep in mind  hypocrisy  is the hallmark of Progressivism , Prove me wrong.

 BTW: I  am just so excited that New Yorkers and Californians  are  moving to Arizona ,, (God F***^ing help us)).

     It is a 86% likelihood that these " New Comers " are going to continue to vote the same insane way they voted in the left wing s**t hole states they are calming to escape. 

Arizona Operation RED 2022 ( Remove Every Democrat 2022)  at this point anyone except Dems 



Oh, the incumbent is a progressive? & it's all "fraud-in" ballots? what could go wrong. We have enough problems with so-called conservative/RHINOS stabbing us in the back. Why in the H... would we vote for her????






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