In 2021, after the U.S. Census is completed, a new Independent Redistricting Commission must be appointed to redraw Congressional lines in Arizona.  In 2011, the "Independent" chairman was selected, we believe, by Gov Brewer.  This person had changed her registration from Democrat to Independent five years before the commission was selected.  The rules say the Independent member, who becomes the Chair, must be a registered Independent at least five years before the appointment.  Prior to that appointment in 2011, Colleen Coyle Mathis and her husband were prominent democrats in Tucson.  In fact, they were so prominent that they literally pulled all the strings in democrat politics there.  Even though Mathis was called an independent for the purposes of this commission, her husband retained his place in democrat politics and so did she.  Efforts to have her removed through a milquetoast move by Gov Brewer was unsuccessful.  You can read more about what went on during that year long process HERE  This process was so obviously corrupt that no one had any confidence in the process.  The Obama administration had no trouble sanctioning it, however.  The Attorney General of the United States must approve Arizona's plan although that is not the case with all states.  If a Democrat is elected President in 2020, be assured the corruption in Arizona will occur again.

Open meetings laws were consistently violated. Both Mathis and democrat Commissioner Linda McNulty lived in Tucson and drove together to hearings around the state. During that drive, it was highly suspected they discussed and plotted a plan to capture five seats of the nine available for the democrats. That was not a violation of open meetings laws. Two policymakers can have that conversation since it takes three or more to privately discuss policy matters to violate open meetings laws.

But then, one of these women discussed their conversation with the other democrat. BOOM! They now had a majority opinion/plan that excluded the two Republicans. See how cagey these democrats are?

And that is why we have five democrat Congressional Representatives and four Republicans in a state that at the time was solidly RED.  That is unlikely to change in 2021 because the Republican party under the glorious control of McCainiacs never recruited a true Independent for that Commission.  The Independent clearly has control being the third and necessary vote on decisions.

The good news: all of the states that are likely to lose a Congressional seat are democrat strongholds.  The bad news is, two in line to get at least one seat are also democrat, the other three could go either way.


It’s beginning to look like Arizona’s going to have a bit more congressional clout after 2022.

A new analysis by Election Data Services concludes that the shifts in population from the Northeast to the South and West pretty much guarantee that Arizona is going to pick up a 10th seat in the U.S. House after the decennial census. The organization’s Kimball Brace said that’s because Arizona is adding residents at a rate faster than much of the rest of the country.

But Arizona’s gain is going to be someone else’s loss. And in this case, Brace said the latest estimates mean that seat will come from Rhode Island.

The reason is that reapportionment is a zero-sum game.

Federal law limits the House to 435 members. And if Arizona gets an additional seat, it has to come from somewhere else.

It’s sort of like musical chairs.

Brace said that, based on the latest population trends, Rhode Island will be reduced to having just one representative in the House.

It’s not just Arizona, which already has added about 780,000 new residents since the 2010 census when the last lines were drawn.

Brace figures that Texas, which already has 36 representatives, will pick up another two based on adding more than 3.5 million residents already since the 2010 census.

Other rapidly growing states that will get an additional House seat include Oregon, Colorado, Florida and North Carolina.

The losers?

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Arizona Constitution Article IV Section 1(3) thru (23)  Independent Redistricting Commission

The process starts with a list of people interested in becoming a commissioner compiled by the Commission of Appellate Court Appointments which is why ALL the commissioners so far have been LAWYERS. 

Thank you Joanne for posting that link. AFA thanks for addressing this now.

I attended the first organizational hearing in 2011 in Phx.  There was so much hanky panky that we all clearly understood how the commission had been appointed.  Sure there was a list but so much lobbying went on to get the commission we got, esp by the dems that no one had confidence in that process. I attended many other hearings after that and testified in some but it didn't matter about testimony.  Brewer was lobbied to replace Mathis with a real independent but she was also weak and caved in.  Sure it went before a panel of judges but they capitulated their duty.  I was there.  The dye was cast when they hired Obama's oppo research firm to draw the lines.  The two republicans were weak and the other three were clearly in perfect alignment.  It will happen again in 2021 and whoever is the republican chairman better be armed for bear.  If it is Lines, we are dead on arrival.  I don't like Ward but she has a reason to want a decent commission since I believe she intends to run again.  I'd vote for her for that alone.

Thanks for sharing the history. Yes Pat i do think that Ward would be a good choice.






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