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We all know that all states in the nation are redistricted every ten years after the Census and based on populations the Census reveals.  That occurred in 2011.  The Redistricting Commission was supposed to be made up of five local citizens: 2 Democrats, 2 Republicans and 1 Independent (registered as such for at least 5 years) to be the tie breaker.  In many states as in Arizona, handpicked Democrats were tapped to re-register as Independents and then applied to be appointed to the Commission.  The Commission is appointed by the Governor from a list provided to her/him.  Based on the ideology in the Commissions of Arizona and other states, we almost think the lists were made up of all Democrats who had changed their registrations!

It is due to the maps they drew over the next year or so of public, and many private, meetings that Arizona, long a solid red state, ended up with nine Congressional Districts, five of which were held by Democrats.  Legislative District maps were similarly drawn, stacking registered Republican voters together in a few districts, thereby giving the Democrats an advantage in other districts.  At the time of the Redistricting process, Republicans held a small majority registration, Independents were second in registration and Democrats were third.  You can see those maps at Arizona Redistricting Commission.

Throughout the process of meetings, dozens of Arizona citizens, AFA members and AFA attended meetings all over the state and put their testimony on the record just for the lawsuit we all knew would develop.  At the opening meeting in 2011, it was clear to all that the Commission was stacked with Democrats.  They voted to use the data drilling company the Democrats used to elect Obama as the map consultant even though that company had no experience drawing maps while all other applicants were specifically set up as mapping companies!  Take off the gloves, the fight was on! 

Arizona filed a lawsuit to overturn the work of the Commission and many AFA members are Plaintiffs on those two lawsuits: one against the Congressional map and one against the Legislative map.  Those lawsuits have been crawling through the courts at the usual snails pace since 2012.  To no ones surprise, the case failed in Superior Court in Phoenix.  But on October 2, 2014, the Supreme Court agreed to hear the case.

Now, don't get all giddy over this because we know that the Supreme Court makes some very anti-Constitution rulings.  You can read the document the Redistricting Commission attorneys, both Democrats by the way, wrote about this decision here.

This is important because it was the intention of the Democrat party to draw maps in as many states as possible in their plan to turn red states blue and they have been pretty successful.  In response to this, AZGOP Chairman appointed a committee in Arizona in early 2012 to start early to find Republicans and moderate Independents to serve on that Commission in 2021 to prevent the Democrat packing that occurred in 2011.  AFA Team members are on that committee but nearly two years later, nothing has happened with that.  And times a-wasting!

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On this, I actually have to quote Hillary Clinton, “what difference does it make?” That horse has been out of the barn so long ago that the only place you’ll so him again is when you open a can of Alpo… We couldn’t stop it in 2011 when it meant something or would have had an impact so let’s move on to the “relevant” battles ahead...

Agree.  Regarding 'relevant' battles, few are more relevant than this one as this is the easiest way to take America away from the people.  The Dems have a long term plan and co-opting states a few at a time is a big part of that.  THAT is what difference it makes.






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