Arizona voters would decide whether to put redistricting back in the hands of state lawmakers and the governor under a proposal endorsed by a Senate committee as Republicans renewed their criticism of the state redistricting commission.

The resolution approved the Government Reform Committee on a 4-2 party line vote Wednesday is sponsored by 20 of 21 majority Senate Republicans.

The plan is an alternative to a stalled proposal by House Speaker Andy Tobin that would revamp the Independent Redistricting Commission. The Senate proposal instead eliminates the commission outright.

Both proposals would be subject to voter approval in November because both would amend the Arizona Constitution.

Voters in 2000 approved an initiative creating the five-member commission and making it responsible for the once-a-decade redrawing of new congressional and legislative districts.

Republican legislators have accused the commission of violating constitutional mapping criteria and processes, and the Republican-led Senate ratified Gov. Jan Brewer's removal of the commission's independent chairwoman.

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I'd like to see redistricting go back to the legislature.

Does anyone have a website where I can view Tobin's Congressional map?

Lots of people would like to see the redistrictng go back to the legislature but a whole lot don't.  They have bought the premise that the commission is "independent" and unless the repubs do an excellent sales job in the media this will go down in flames. Given the recent performance of the repubs in the whole redistricting debacle  I hold no hope at all. 

The maps apparently are still secret because they are no where easily to be found.  If they are so wonderful then where the hell are they??  This whole charade is "blueprint" all over again and we know how that turned out in Colorado........

The maps were posted on the Capitol Times but you have to be a subscriber to see them. I debated subscribing but haven't done so yet. The Dems know the commission is not independent but they don't care because things went their way. As to the Republicans doing a good sales job, that seems to be impossible on the local and national levels.

I saw that the Capitol Times had the maps but $150 to check them out means that the information goes only to a selected few.  Tobin should have them posted on his website at the least and every where he can if he wants them passed. 

The internet is a great source for getting the word out--never mind the local media although he can "buy" ads and make sure that the info is public.  Like I said if the repubs want this passed they will have to do a good sales job and that is going to take money.  There are 20 that signed on to this bill and they need to ante up -- or shut up.  jmho

I am a subscriber to ACT and saw the maps when they were first posted... I think.  But I don't seem to be able to find them now.

I went on to Tobins website and sent a request for the maps.  I got a response rather quickly who suggested that I go to the Prescott enews (online) they were there.  No they weren't. I even went to their search and there is only the article written by Tobin about the maps, but no maps.  I have responded back that they are non existent.  Will post when and IF they ever show up.......

Please let us know if you find them.






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