For a detailed look at proposed changes and zoomable maps, visit

Here are some highlights:


• Democratic Commissioner Linda McNulty proposed moving the Village of Oak Creek from the 4th Congressional District into the 1st Congressional District, which would alleviate complaints about the IRC splitting Oak Creek and Sedona. Democratic Commissioner José Herrera proposed a similar change.

• McNulty proposed eliminating the “lobster claw” in CD4 by moving Fountain Hills into the Scottsdale-based 6th Congressional District.

• McNulty proposed moving the eastern half of Cochise County from CD1 into the Tucson-based 2nd Congressional District. The move would remedy the myriad complaints about splitting the county, but would eliminate a third proposed border district.

• The Hispanic Coalition for Good Government proposed swapping land into the 3rd and 7th Congressional districts, the two minority districts, to increase Hispanic voting strength and ensure compliance with the Voting Rights Act.

• Herrera proposed moving part of western Gila County, the area around Miami, from CD1 to CD4.

• Republican Commissioner Richard Stertz presented a proposal that would effectively redraw much of the map. The proposal would move Flagstaff into CD4 while putting the Gila, Maricopa and Pinal county regions of the district into CD1. Cochise County would be made whole in CD1. The plan would move the 9th Congressional District from central Phoenix and Tempe and reshape it to include Scottsdale, north Phoenix and Ahwatukee. The district would include U.S. Reps. Ben Quayle and David Schweikert.


• McNulty proposed making Legislative District 8, which includes parts of Pinal and northern Pima counties, more competitive by shifting the area around SaddleBrooke and Oro Valley into neighboring Legislative District 11 and bringing in part of Casa Grande. The change would make LD11 more conservative and would put incumbent GOP Sens. Al Melvin and Steve Smith in the same district.

• McNulty proposed including Show Low into Legislative District 7, a predominantly Native American district, and moving Winslow out into Legislative District 6. The change is opposed by the Navajo Nation, which wants to keep the large Navajo population around Winslow in LD7.

• The IRC’s consultants recommended moving the Arizona Strip region from LD7 into the Mohave County-based Legislative District 5 to bolster Native American voting strength in the Voting Rights Act-protected LD7.

• The mapping consultants also proposed strengthening two “coalition” Voting Rights Act districts in Maricopa County — Tempe and west Mesa-based Legislative District 26 and central Phoenix-based Legislative District 24, which stretches into the tribal areas in the southeast Valley — by moving non-minority voters in Mesa, Scottsdale and Tempe into neighboring districts. The IRC also decided to move Guadalupe from Legislative District 27 to LD26 to strengthen compliance with the Voting Rights Act.

• Cochise County would be made whole in the legislative map under McNulty’s proposal, which would move the “tendril” that includes Bisbee and Douglas from Legislative District 4 into the Cochise-centric Legislative District 1. LD4 would pick up Green Valley to make up for the population loss.

• Herrera proposed moving the Schultz Fire region north of Flagstaff into Legislative District 6, which many Flagstaff residents and officials said would assist with post-fire flood management.



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GOP lawmakers eye array of IRC reforms
Arizona Capitol Times
By Jeremy Duda IRC chairwoman Colleen Mathis listens to testimony at a recent commission meeting. (Photo by Ryan Cook/RJ Cook Photography) Now that the outright abolition of the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission appears to be off the table, ...
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I like the Stertz map for Congressional Districts! By the way, I don't think you can view the AZ Capitol Times map unless you are a paid subscriber??

In reading the above article, it would appear that the commission will be successful in disrupting the integrity and basis of the current legislative districts and the congressional districts.  It is a shame, as the pioneer communities of the Navajo and Apache Counties will no longer have sway in the matters of their communities.

The Stertz map as drawn and on the web site splits Cochise County by removing Sierra Vista and Ft Huachuca into CD2 leaving the bulk of the county in CD1 to have a 3rd border district except that there is no population base in that part of the county so whoever is the Congress critter for CD1 will never come to the border region--meaning that instead of 7,500 people being disenfranchised in CD1 there will now be about 50,000 disenfranchised in CD1 along the border.

AND for CD2, supposedly a border district there is NO port of entry--just illegal trails through the mountains.... how does that create a viable "border district" that we can get teeth back in DC to solve the border problems???


I think they have all made some good moves on the maps but getting them all to agree is going to be fun.  The big problem is going to be the Feds.....  lawsuits here we come. 

You do have to be a subscriber to see the AZCapTimes maps but I think those are posted in the Comments section.  And they are on the redistricting website.

Joy Iris Staveley said:

I like the Stertz map for Congressional Districts! By the way, I don't think you can view the AZ Capitol Times map unless you are a paid subscriber??


I just saw a blurb that the State Supreme Court ruled that the AIRC does NOT have to comply with Open meeting laws or the State procurement policy but it is on AZ CAp Times...can't get any more info and they are the only ones reporting right now....  can you check this out??







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