Things are changing rapidly with redistricting. The details of the next three days are below then following that I have included the AIRC filing suit to keep the three commissioners from appearing before Attorney General Tom Horne in his investigation. I have attached an article from yesterday's meeting of one person's perspective of what happened at the meeting. Most of the audience from Southern Arizona was not happy with what was done down here and it looks like a special district was carved out of Maricopa for Krysten Sinema, according to this article.



IRC Cancels One Meeting, Schedules Two More Panel to Use Wednesday for Individual Study; Will Convene Thursday, Friday

PHOENIX (Sept. 27, 2011) - The Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission has canceled the meeting it had scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 28. Instead, the panel will meet Thursday, Sept. 29, and Friday, Sept. 30, in Tempe.
The commissioners voted unanimously to cancel their Wednesday session after Vice Chairman Scott Freeman noted that after meeting into the evening Tuesday in Tucson, reconvening at 9 a.m. the next day in the Phoenix area wouldn't allow enough time to resolve issues brought up today.

Instead, the commission will meet Thursday and Friday in the Galleria Ballroom of the Fiesta Resort, 2100 S. Priest Drive in Tempe. Thursday's meeting will be at 9:30 a.m.; Friday's at 9 a.m.

The commission will make alternative arrangements for anyone who had planned to make a presentation Wednesday but will be busy celebrating Rosh Hashana Thursday and Friday.

Agendas are available at Meetings are open to the public. However, if an agenda item involves legal advice, the panel could go into executive session, from which the public would be excluded.


Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission

Business and Mapping Meetings
Thursday, Sept. 29, 9:30 a.m.
Friday, Sept. 30, 9 a.m.
Fiesta Resort - Galleria Ballroom
2100 S. Priest Drive, Tempe
  Agenda Info


9/27/2011 11:54:08 AM  


Redistricting Commission Asks Court to Rule on Independence of Commission

PHOENIX (Sept. 27, 2011) -- The Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission filed a lawsuit in Maricopa County Superior Court today asking the court to determine whether state Attorney General Tom Horne's investigation of the commission is constitutional. The commission asserts that the attorney general's investigation "is in excess of his authority and in violation of the constitutional independence of the IRC."

Arizona's Constitution requires that the commission conduct its business in public, and the panel goes to great lengths to fulfill that mandate. But the constitution does not give the attorney general any investigative or enforcement authority to wield over the commission.
Instead, to maintain the commission's independence, the constitutional openness requirement that governs commission activities is enforced through the courts rather than through attorney general investigations.

The commission asked the court to consolidate its lawsuit with one that the attorney general previously filed against three commissioners concerning the investigation. A copy of the commission's complaint is available on the commission's website,




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I don't like this map either. I really liked the Whole counties Version 6E that I guess they have now thrown out.

We must all accept the fact that this commission had its mind made up before it got started about exactly what they were going to do......One of their primary goals has always to make the new District for Kyrsten Sinema. They have been going thru the motions simply because they have to LOOK like they are not 'pre-programmed'. Everything they have put out there for us has been totally preposterous for the sole purpose of thinking we will be more acceptable of their final product if they make the first maps so rediculous. These are all my own thoughts which I have had from the very beginning. They were really solidified when I was told that they are going to make a district for sinema.

If you will look at where they are doing most of their destruction includes her current LD (LD 15). This woman has connections to the WH and has been assured she will have her own CD. Those of us who get smushed into her District will just have to fight twice as hard to keep her from being elected. I am thoroughly and totally disgusted with what they are doing and feel as though everything that we have done will be all for naught. Especially knowing the final product will have to be run thru the Holder Justice Dept.

What must happen is that we get out and register as many 'Pubs as we can and fill as many of the PC slots as we can before everything is final.


You are very likely to be exactly right and on Sinema, you are right.  Perhaps we won't make a difference in this process.... but if and when it goes to court, our actions will count.  It gives us standing in the court case.  It shows just how many citizens called for "communities of interest" which they have ignored.  That is what we are hanging our hats on now.

Or we can tuck our tails between our legs and slink off into the sunset like they want us to do!!!  Not me!!!

I am not talking about tucking my tail and running. You cannot do that with these idiots. Just trying to be realistic. I have sent in emails almost weekly telling them my thoughts on communities of interest. It is just incredibly frustrating!!

You are sure right about how frustrating it is.  I'm frustrated at the ignorance of the other side!!  But we will stay the course and never give up!!!  Together, we stand.....






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