[Editor: If you were following this site in 2011, you know the shenanigans that were carried out on the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission.  AFA attended nearly every meeting across the state and testified at most of them.  It didn't matter. The "independent" member was a leading democrat in Tucson politics who had re-registered as an Independent five years earlier.  The rule is that the lone Independent on the Commission had to be an Independent for at least five years.  Very conveniently, Gov. Brewer appointed this person as Chairman of the Redistricting Commission along with two establishment Republicans and two liberal Democrats.  Is it any wonder that a red state suddenly turned blue by the time of the next election.  We have nine Congressional districts and only four of them are held by conservatives - or should we say, conservative at the time they were elected.  Those were Congressmen Schweikert (no longer conservative), Franks, Salmon (replaced by Biggs who is still a conservative) and Gosar.  McSally was elected in the Tucson sector as a Republican but she is more liberal than many democrats.

Today, Maricopa County, one of the largest counties in America, has a Democrat County Recorder who is unilaterally changing election law by fiat.  Part of his plan is "re-precincting," a method to shove Republicans into already Republican precincts and leaving precincts mostly Democrat.  He learned that from the Redistricting Commission!]

Operatives to raise $35 million for GOP efforts after 2020 Census

A new Republican group launched a campaign Thursday to counter the efforts of an organization chaired by former Attorney General Eric Holder to redistrict Congressional boundaries more favorably to Democrats after the 2020 U.S. Census.

The National Republican Redistricting Trust announced it would raise $35 million by the 2021 redistricting to combat Holder’s group, the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, or NDRC, and assist the GOP in future redistricting cases.

Republicans in recent years have gained control of statehouses nationwide. They own a majority in 32 state legislatures and occupy 33 governor seats.

They used this advantage in 2010 to redraw Congressional boundaries to skew election results in their favor — to devastating effect: the GOP snared 55 percent of House seats in the 2016 cycle even though its candidates barely captured more votes than Democrats by 1 percent.

Democrats blame these results on partisan gerrymandering.

“Republican gerrymandered districts after the 2010 Census have put Democrats at a massive structural disadvantage,” the NDRC’s website says. “That’s why the most important turning point for the future of the Democratic Party will take place in 2021: when states redraw their Congressional and state legislative lines.”

Republicans deny these claims.

[In Arizona and some other states we checked at the time, it was the democrats in charge and doing the gerrymandering.  AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham appointed a Redistricting Committee to assure conservative Republicans were appointed to the new Commission coming in 2021 and that an actual Independent was appointed to serve as Chair.  To our knowledge, he did nothing about this.  You can bet the democrats did do something about it on their side!  This is how to change red states to blue states.  It's important on many levels.]

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Absolutely. A SCOTUS decision last year says illegals may be used, but leaves room for states to apportion by other methods including by 'voter's

...The justices didn’t rule out the possibility, if a state wishes, of using eligible voters to apportion districts. Justice Ginsburg said they didn’t need to reach that question for now, though two members of the court, Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Anthony Alito Jr., both signaled they wanted to tackle that subject...

We need action. 


Idiotic decision by SCOTUS which in today's world is not unexpected.

The IRC will be key, if GOP does not get an 'independent' on the commission, as the democrats did in 2010 (a democrat who switched 3 years out to independent) then no amount of money will help.

The law is 5 years and that is what she did. I believe it is 5 yrs before the census but it could be before the commission is empaneled.  Republicans, if they didn't already do this, have missed their chance.  Like you jfreden I don't know how money can help now.

Yes, it has long been that way. I don't know what your point is. I was talking about redistricting that now comes the year after each census but the rules for the independent here in AZ is must be registered independent for at least 5 years before redistricting panel formed.

three years.

When I took over as Chairman of the AZ GOP in 2011 I was stunned by the way our Party had been painted into a corner on the way that the Redistricting Commission had been populated. I could not fathom how this could have occurred when we had control of the legislature going in, several years earlier, when this was set up. By 2011 there was little that could have been done to counter what was coming.  What I believe is the first step that should be taken now, is to expand the panel of this commission to a much larger body of voting members and make certain that their apportionment is fair, above board and honest.  Something it was not in 2011. For the life of me, I do not understand (or maybe I do) why we get played over and over again by the Leftists (Establishment) here, in one of the most conservative states in the Union. We need a local leader who is more like Donald Trump than the leadership we have in place today.  I know I state the obvious but it is just that simple.

Good points Tom but who do we see on the political horizon who would run the party "fair, above board and honest?"  We know who runs politics here. But the old coot is disintegrating before our eyes so I wonder who he's been training to take his place.  The new guy, Heiler?

I would place some money on that bet Jasper.  Keep in mind that there is a line newly drawn between them and us that was not there until Trump saved us. Now it is up to us to act accordingly.  

Absolutely that simple if we had people in office who actually believed in our platform and our Constitution.





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