PHOENIX - Arizona voters could get the last word on the political alignment of the state for the balance of the decade.

House Speaker Andy Tobin has crafted his own maps for the state's 30 legislative and nine congressional districts. More to the point, he wants lawmakers to place those maps before voters at a special May 15 election, asking them to approve those - and scrap the ones drawn by the Independent Redistricting Commission.

If approved, these would be the lines used not only for this year's election but through 2020. And Tobin is proposing a separate ballot measure to revamp the five-member commission into a 12-member body to draw the maps in 2021 - and every decade beyond that.


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Is this too little, too late?  Or will this actually work to fix the maps?  How would this affect the 2012 elections?

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when do we get to see the maps?

I expect Tobin will put those out in his own good time but you can contact his office and ask that question.

will do.  the 12 'man' commission is certainly an improvement...but MUST include TWO from rural districts...When does the 'judicial selection committee' that is appointed (and then appoints the commissioners) get new this is where the process starts and the dems figured this out 10 years ago while we were asleep..we need not to be asleep again.


With all due respect, CA used a 15 person Commission and are having the exact same problem.  It will always come down to that 1 or 2 deciding votes, giving way too much power to too few people.  I had this conversation with Tobin via email in November!

And of course the Dems figured out how to game the system years ago.  That is their basic philosophy... find a way to turn the table to their side, the people be-damned!  Letists think like that all the time... the ones who rise to power are basically dishonest and the ones who mindlessly follow are lemmings.  It's in their DNA.

Remember, it was the Dem Paul Johnson who came up with this system in the first place and sold it dishonestly to the voters.  Voters once had a basic trust that politicians were relatively honest but the past few years have brought that lie out into the sunshine.  And the same Paul Johnson is behind the Open Primaries.  The petition gatherers are being paid and I personally heard their spiel and it's, once again, a big lie to fool honest people into voting their freedoms away.

NOT another election--we already have 5 this year with the special election to replace Giffords in CD8 this will make 6.  Besides being ridiculous and where the hell was he when the process was going on, did he NOT read Blueprint???  It is deja vu for Colorado!!!  Who is HE to decide how the lines are drawn???? 


Make corrections to the existing crappy legislation and put them on the ballot for November where they belong.    Then get the hell out of the way or we will NEVER get Prop 106 repealed.  The more the Repubs get in the way the angrier the public is going to get--- is he single handedly trying to screw up the elections?

(should have done this in all caps!!!)






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