Final Round 1 meetings - ACTION ITEM

Please help us by filling out the Public Input Form on the AZ Independent (ha!ha!) Redistricting Commission website. Even if you do not know what the Left is trying to accomplish in your district, please consider the following:

1) Ask the Commission to respect the boundaries of your town/community/district (why you live there)

2) No gerrymandering-bringing in other non-related communities  only to change the voting pattern; i.e., be more "competitive"

3) The Voting Rights Act specifically addresses that minorities be allowed to have their own communities and thus their own voting blocs/legislators (and thus should not be used to make Gilbert more competitive)

4) The "Minority-Majority" Rule specifically prohibits "dilution of minorities" as the Left tries to place more minority areas into conservative areas.

5) The district should be "compact and contiguous". Their #1 priority in the Phoenix area is to merge Tempe with downtown Phoenix. Tempe is 12 miles away from downtown and separated by several freeways (#10, #17 and #51) weaving in and out. The Left's talking point is the commonality of using light rail (by them!), the two ASU campuses, and people live Tempe and work in Phoenix and vice-versa. People live in Tempe for the restaurants, shopping, the lakes, Kiwanis Park-a suburban feel.

People live in downtown Phoenix because they like to walk to work and go to the stadiums/museums for events-an urban life style .The only reason the Left want downtown Phoenix merged with Tempe is that both areas are liberal and progressives are actively  promoting Kyrsten Sinema as our  next Congresswoman ( a conservative AZ legislator says KS is a self-avowed  communist).


As in most of politics, there are two sides to the redistricting issue, and each side believes passionately that theirs is the right one.

One side, most of whom happen to be progressives , believe that creating a competitive district is imperative.

The other, mostly conservatives, believes that community of interest is more important than competitiveness. People tend to live in areas with others who share their views and they want to be represented in legislatures by those who also hold most of those views. Left-Conservatives are a Super Majority because of lack of competitiveness. Us-We won because the State is tired of the Tax and Spenders destroying our economy.

LEGAL DEFINITIONS: Please note that "Community of Interest" and "Compact & Contiguous" hold a higher priority than "Competitive"-6th in order of legal priority. The Left's major push is #6-Competitive.

1): Must comply with the U.S Constitution and the Voting Rights Act (minorities have right to own community/politicians)

2): Equal Population –Criteria A and B are federally mandated.  All plans must satisfy these two criteria.

3): Compact and Contiguous  (no gerrymandering)

4): Respect communities of interest (Tempe is completely different than downtown Phoenix) (progressives want to merge Tempe/So Scottsdale with downtown Phoenix)

5): Use visible geographic features, city town and county boundaries, and undivided Census Tracts, and freeways

6) After the first 5, only then can they apply "Competitive" ( the left's new mantra which means that the Voting Rights Act allows Guadalupe and the Navajo Nation has their own community/voting block but conservative Gilbert and or Mesa are not competitive)

ONLY after all the above criteria are applied and maps are generated based on them can the 'competitive district' criterion be used to ‘tweak’ those. AND, when the ‘competitive’ criterion is used, it cannot disrupt any of the previous criteria. So, despite what has been said by some, the 'competitive district' criterion is rather weak and very hard to apply in most cases due to the fact that many geographical areas that will have been defined to be compliant with the first 5 criteria will as a result be fairly homogeneous in a manner that will make it difficult or impossible to significantly apply the 'competitive district' criterion.

Last Two Meetings-Glendale and Phoenix:

XXXXXX attended two of the meetings this week. One was in Glendale and was well attended and was in general
a long uneventful event. The meeting Friday night at the Burton Barr Library was a different story. Although
the meeting was well attended there were
only about a dozen Tea Party type folks at the meeting. We were
far out numbered by the MoveOn, Union people. All there with their prepared statements

Seemed their purpose was to trash the Tea Party and had nothing to do with the issue at hand of redistricting. The man, from the Green party,  sitting next to me began his conversation showing me an AZ Republic article that had a cartoon of "Tea Party Terrorists". He called us "Tea Baggers". I asked him not to use that term as it was offensive and that "I was a Tea Party person". We can not let these people try to intimidate us and keep us from attending the meetings, this is their purpose.



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