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IRC split on cooperating with AG investigation By: Christian Palmer Published: August 3, 2011 at 6:19 pm

The Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission could stumble into another partisan divide, but this time it involves whether members will cooperate with Attorney General Tom Horne's investigation into whether the commission violated open meeting and procurement laws when it hired a mapping consultant in June. Democratic Commissioner Jose Herrera said he had no intention of answering questions ...

Below is an article from Sacramento, CA. This is exactly what is happing in AZ and is a move by the far Left to take over our elections all over the country. We must not let this happen! 

I attended two of the meetings this week.  One was in Glendale and was well attended and was in general
a long uneventful event.  The meeting Friday night at the Burton Barr Library was a different story.  Although
the meeting was well attended there were only about a dozen Tea Party type folks at the meeting. We were
far out numbered by the MoveOn, Union people.  All there with their prepared statements.
Seemed their purpose was to trash the Tea Party and had nothing to do with the issue at hand of redistricting.
The man, from the Green party,  sitting next to me began his conservation showing me an AZ Republic article 
that had a cartoon of "Tea Party Terrorists". He called us "Tea Baggers".  I asked him not to use that term as it 
was offensive and that "I was a Tea Party person".  We can not let these people try to intimidate us and keep
us from attending the meetings, this is their purpose.
So far there are no meetings next week but will keep you updated.                                        

Steven Greenhut: Left wins redistricting game in California

August 05, 2011|By STEVEN GREENHUT
SACRAMENTO - As someone who chronicles the political goings-on in California, I rarely offer encouraging news for those who believe in the principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility and individual freedom. Nevertheless, readers frequently implore me to offer some good news. The truth isn't enough. These folks want to read something positive.
So, here it is. After looking at the current redistricting process, and the new maps offered by a supposedly nonpartisan and fair-minded commission that is doing the bidding for left-wing and ethnic interest groups, I do have some happy news: The new maps - which almost certainly will ensure a two-thirds legislative voting majority for Democrats, who will be sure to raise taxes early and often - are likely to be challenged and, either way, won't go into effect until at least 2012.
That leaves taxpaying Californians with enough time to sell their assets in our lovely but mismanaged state and find a nice home somewhere east of the Sierra Nevada.
Facetiousness aside, the redistricting debacle spotlights the far-reaching tentacles of the political Left, the impotence of the Republican Party and the outlandish double-standards at work in the high-stakes game of Sacramento politics.
As former California Republican Party Chairman Shawn Steel put it, "The Democrats knew what they were doing, and Republicans were asleep at the switch." He said the commission, comprised of Republicans and Democrats (and members of third parties), features ineffective and liberal Republican members and hyperpartisan Democrats, with the results strongly tilting the new seats in one direction.
Furthermore, Steel notes that the commission was designed, though the language of the initiative that created it, to devise new ethnic-oriented gerrymanders beyond what's required by the federal Voting Rights Act.
The one commissioner who voted "no" on the new maps, Michael Ward of Fullerton, complained publicly. "In my opinion, the commission failed to fulfill its mandate to strictly apply constitutional criteria and consistently applied race and 'community of interest' criteria and sought to diminish dissenting viewpoints."



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