The decision didn’t sit well with U.S. Attorney General William Barr. His antitrust chief in May had agreed to open probes of Google and Apple Inc., handing over Facebook and Amazon to the Federal Trade Commission, the rival antitrust agency a few blocks away.

Two months later, Barr did an end run around the agreement and made a grab for authority over all four tech giants. The Department of Justice announced wide-ranging reviews of the top social media, retail, and search platforms, which means Facebook Inc. and possibly Inc. will undergo parallel investigations by two agencies. The announcement enraged Mike Lee, the Utah Republican who oversees antitrust on the Senate Judiciary Committee. In a hearing, Lee berated FTC Chairman Joe Simons and the Justice Department’s antitrust chief, Makan Delrahim, for piling on the companies with overlapping investigations. [Note: Cry me a river, Sen. Lee.  When did you turn on conservatives to become complicit with the progressives?  We here at AFA tend to be contrarians who like breaking with the status quo that got this country in the swamp it's in.]

Barr’s power play, described by two senior officials involved in the cases, shows the attorney general is taking a direct role in the probes of America’s biggest tech companies. At the same time, Barr is doing what’s become his trademark as the U.S.’s top law enforcement official: delivering on the agenda of President Trump, who’s agitated for tech investigations since his election.

Those companies may have more to fear now that they’re pitted against a single, determined law enforcement agency in addition to a more ponderous, five-member commission that acts mostly on consensus. The Justice Department has about 50 people working on the tech antitrust cases, says a person familiar with the matter. Barr has assigned his No. 2, Jeffrey Rosen, to oversee the investigations, and he promoted a lawyer in the antitrust division to his personal staff to advise him.  [Note:  That's just what we the people have been waiting for.  So, what's next, AG Barr?]

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When Code Pink Republicans and/or RINOs become unhappy, I generally become happy.  Bring it on, Barr!

He's laid back, kept his cards close to his chest and will be playing those cards carefully.  I will be VERY interested in how this rolls out!

He is stretching our patience as we wait and wait and wait for justice to finally prevail against the members of the Coup trying to take down an Administration that challenges the status quo Establishment swamp and the entrenched and self-serving Deep State. When will Good finally prevail over Evil?  Pray for Trump!

It isn't Barr we have to worry about it is the people under him that long for an Obama like President and who failed to prosecute Hillary when the evidence said she was guilty. They are still the day to day people that need to do their jobs and quickly. Barr needs to "motivate" those people to get this done or fire them in droves if they fail to move off the start button quickly and with serious intent.

I feel for Barr lots of pressing issues dumped on the DOJ and folks the chaos reining party of hate [democrat] is the source. 

FB, Twitter, Instagram and like plus Google, Apple their business model promotes socialism and communism, it is at the core of what they do -- free stuff -- magic happens -- making all dependent on their platforms and guarantee your habits online we market for profit and use subscribers to sell to as well.

Hope Barrs assigned crew makes the technocrats pay for all they have engaged in.



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