BREAKING: House Ways and Means Committee Votes to Refer Lois Lerner For Criminal Charges

The House Ways and Means Committee has voted to 23-14 along party lines to refer former head of tax exempt groups at the IRS Lois Lerner to the Justice Department for prosecution. Although the details about exactly what charges will be have not yet been released, lawmakers are arguing Lerner has not been truthful with Congress or the IRS inspector general and leaked confidential tax information.

Last time a referral like this happened, it was to Major League Baseball player Roger Clemens, who was pursued by the Department of Justice for lying to Congress but was exonerated in court.

This is a test for the Department of Justice and the Obama administration. What's more important? Baseball and steroids? Or the most powerful federal agency abusing its power to target innocent conservative groups?

Last summer President Obama called the targeting "outrageous" and promised to hold people responsible and accountable for what happened. If the Justice Department refuses to pursue charges against Lerner, it's fair to say one reason is because they don't want information leading back to the administration coming out in court.

Tomorrow the House Oversight Comittee will vote on whether to hold Lerner in contempt of Congress.


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Thinking that is the point of the post. Dems never get prosecuted.

But we have the ever-so-assertive, fearless Jeff Sessions in place now!

I've been sending President Trump to replace Sessions for quite some time now.  Maybe if he gets more such emails and phone comments, he'll move quicker on it.  Sessions is just doing the minimum he can do and just to occupy that position for the RINO's.  I recommended Jay Sekulow.  Jay's a Tiger.

What is this... click-bait?

Mmmm, Rude. I've never seen AFA use "click-bait" but I have seen them replay old info in order to bring it back to the minds of those who have forgotten. It is getting plenty of interesting comments. Now I saw let's direct these to Pres. Trump and AG Sessions.

Rude? If that's the way you took it, then I apologize. In my view, a "replay" should be labelled as such. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the subject line in my InBox, and the let-down was palpable when I saw the dateline on the story... but not until three or four lines into it did I get that sinking feeling that I had read this before, a long time ago. It sucked then, and it sucks now. Unless a post with a headline as sensational as this one is clearly framed as a "Call to Action," then it's either the hurried product of oversight, or it's click-bait. Either way, it's certainly not out of line to ask.

It would take a National / State movement to get this done as now insulated by staff & yes political machine as are most in DC and elsewhere.  If you really believe it will work then hold a Rally at the Capitol as we did with the Tea Party Rallies or the one we held in support of the 2nd amendment & picketers against Gov. Brewers Obamacare Expansion it will get press and who knows. God Bless You; Clair VAN Steenwyk 

Upon reflection, Jeff Sessions has done a piss-poor job as Attorney General  thus far. He always appears to be overwhelmed and has that "deer in the headlights" look about him. It would have been a smarter move if President Trump had left him as Senator of Alabama and appointed a Pit Bull or Rottweiler to fill the Attorney Generals position. Now we have the politically dangerous possibility of a thieving Democrat taking Jeff Sessions old seat in the Senate. I love the Donald, but his decision to put Jeff Sessions in the Attorney General hot seat was a major screw-up!!!

And he's always making it seem that the task before him is huge and difficult to manage.  I have commented, blogged, emailed President Trump several times recommending he remove Sessions and replace him with Jay Sekulow.  Jay's a tiger.

Why does all this illegality seem to lay squarely with Jeff Sessions to pursue?? Congress does it legal obligations yet Lerner, and the other crook holdovers from the Cabal of Thieves in the Obama administration collect their cash from us and walk smirking to the bank. Congress can bullshitzey all they want but it is Jeff Sessions who will not file charges against her. Even those who destroyed her emails at the IRS were never fired and still work there.

So way to go Mr. Trump he's your guy, not ours! We wanted a pit-bull and we got a chicken. Now since Lerner is now "retired", according to the National Taxpayers Union she is eligible to get $102,600 per year ... and ... $3.96 Million over her remaining lifetime. Even John Koskinen the former head of the IRS is jumping for joy, as we are FORCED to pay for another year of penalties for Obamacare mandates. Where is the outrage Mr. Sessions? You are a fox in the hen house.



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