The Continuing Resolution (H.R. 5325) is bad and keeps getting worse. The bill will now allow Planned Parenthood to have access to more federal funding through Zika emergency funding. Instead of including a conservative policy rider to defund Planned Parenthood, this CR effectively makes Planned Parenthood eligible for a raise.


Republicans have caved to Democrats on so many different areas of H.R. 5325. The bill would fund the government through December 9th, which will set the stage for a lame duck session. The level of spending is at the Obama-Boehner level of spending that broke previous budget caps, which is an irresponsible level of spending with our country is approaching 20 trillion dollars in debt! There are no conservative policy riders attached to the CR either. The bill does absolutely nothing to prevent the transition of the control of the Internet from the U.S. to ICANN, it fails to address more stringent vetting for Syrian refugees, and it doesn't block the DOL's new overtime rules.


H.R. 5325 is a terrible bill, and it is in the interest of the American people for it to be voted down. Please text or call Rep. Schweikert to get his thoughts on the bill, and encourage him to stand strong in opposition to the proposed CR.  Heritage Action

From a member: 

I just spoke to Schweikert’s office . The young staff guy was unaware of the details. Asked him to relay to Cong Schweikert our strong concern. Oh my! We give away control over the internet!?!?

I’ve asked my out of state friends and family to call their congressman.

[Editor: Please contact your own Congressman about this.  What are these people elected to office to do? Agree with Obama and squander our resources on the leftist Agenda?  That's what it looks like to us, party unimportant! This is a cave in to the Democrats who refused the previous terms of the CR because it didn't contain enough pork.  Oink!]


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Not only the problem of continuing funding for Planned Parenthood but the liberal nut jobs and the republicans have not put a rider to stop the internet to handed over to the control of the world powers.  Call all Senators/Representatives and have them stop this attack on our freedoms.  Disgusting ignorant jerks

Incumbents won their Primaries and now they're paying all who voted for them back, they'll be no real change until we vote out the Incumbents, like it or not. God Bless You; Clair Van Steenwyk 

Federal funding can go to Hell, for all I'm concerned.  Accept money from the Federal Government and we become a slave with it.  We must 'do' with what we 'have' here in Arizona.  If we can't afford new laptops for K - 12 every two years, then we'll just have to suffer through it.  My own personal laptop in 8 years old.  Still seems to work well enough to do everything I need to do.

You are so right !!! Here's our problem .. every year we go thought this F mess. We get our national credit rating downgraded by debt we can't pay for.  WITHOUT a Trump victory ... it's always business as usual and kiss the party of Lincoln goodbye, as we get water boarded by progressive statist elite in the Ministry of Propaganda. The Justice department lies, the FBI is disgraced, The President is complicit in email security breaches 1,000 times ... all as we bow to unassimilated, un-vetted Islamists within our borders ... being flown into American at night by the CIA charters.  Are we are supposed to "feel the pain" all over again and again ... as if we didn't have a "greatest generation" that gave HONOR for the United States?   N O flipping way. I will not beg, I will stand for our Federalism, and do it with my voice from my 14 year old car if I have to. 

Obama and the Republicans have not put out a budget in 7 years - the entire time Obama has been in office - and this year is no different. They can spend us into $19T debt which is what they have done, closer to $20T today, $21T by the time the CR runs out, and Alinsky would approve and be proud. We will now have to take back this country state by state. I try NEVER to vote for incumbents in the primary.  By the time they have served one term in DC, they are hopelessly corrupt. NOTE: Schweikert's staff knows nothing about this!!! And we pay these people from our taxes.

I called Schweikert's office this PM and got the same response. If Schweikert cannot/wil not  do what's best for us, then were lost! He's the most responsible person we've sent up to the DC swamp and who has kept his integrity intact. 

In a related comment, a Convention of States approval would put the fear of God into DC. Great supporting effort for what Trump might do. 

Either way, we are approaching a crossroad. 

If anyone tells me that I'm nuts thinking that the republican party is full of Commies are as dumb as a board.



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