No one was totally surprised that the democrats held paid-protester rallies during the time of the inauguration of President Trump, pussy hats, Hollywood types, riotous destruction and all.  This is who they are.  All of it constituted a tall-person temper tantrum.  We cannot say an "adult temper tantrum" because adults don't throw these tantrums.

Most of us figured these people would be like Occupy Wall Street: they would grow weary of the tantrum format and move on to some other type of chaos.  Woe to us, the pay for the resistance-cum- obstruction must be better than what Occupy Wall Street protesters got.  Perhaps they all signed long-term contracts.  The difference this time is that it's the Congress of the United States of America, the most free, the most generous country in the world.

Malcontents that they are, when simple resistance or obstruction didn't work to stop President Trump, they pulled out their ragged copies of Rules for Radicals for renewed inspiration.  Thus, what we are seeing in the current confirmation of Judge Kavanagh is all out hostage taking... of an entire country.  Wow, Alinsky would be proud.  The current crop of democrats have outdone him in the radical activities department.  Imagine if such energy was focused on making America great again!

Dr. Ford, the hidden and shadowy protester during the inauguration week antics, whose parents were about to be foreclosed on in a courtroom of Judge Martha Kavanagh, and accuser of Brett Kavanagh, refuses to chat with Sen. Grassley and his committee.  (Sen. Grassley has said the entire committee would fly to CA to speak with her.  No, thanks, she said.)  Snopes, that bastion of fairness in their research, says the Mom judge ruled to dismiss the foreclosure; conservative researchers say, not so.  Either way, we don't believe in political coincidences, so you decide whether there is a real connection between this odd pairing of accusations against Judge Brett Kavanagh's view of abortion and the accusations against a 17 year old boy.  Also in dispute is whether there is a statute of limitations.  Even MSNBC is reporting that there is but it hardly matters.  Dems throw out sexual assault charges against every Republican male who comes into their line of sight.  The little boy who cried wolf, circa 2018?

Either way, they believe they have hit on the mother lode of hostage taking: they have come up with the idea that Dr. Ford must resist speaking to the Judicial Committee until the FBI conducts a Mueller-like investigation, one that could go on for, oh, two more years.  They have stated unequivocally that they are fine to leave the seat unfilled for as long as it takes, years, if necessary to get their way.  Forever, even, since the FBI has stated in unambiguous terms they will not investigate because this has no bearing on national security.  Dr. Ford demurs.  She seems to believe whatever she wants IS a matter of national security.

Anarchists that they are, the democrats are not happy with simply disrupting the entire country on the nomination of Judge Kavanagh.  Oh, no, they also committed written treason by instructing agencies of the United States Judiciary to resist, obstruct and hold hostage the de-classifying of the FISA warrants.  This info must be so damaging that dems are willing to throw the entire country to the wolves.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.  We the people don't deserve fair treatment in America any more.  No such thing, now, as "we the people" as the source of a durable government.

The Democrats are in charge.  Thank you spineless Republicans.

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This whole Kavanagh issue is a 'sham'  the Dems/socialist have made the USA a joke.  I wonder how much this accuser is being paid??

Just a few things to remember ... Obama told us "we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America". Obama's chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel (now mayor of Chicago) told us "You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before".  

The problem with the Republican brand is that the leaders of this "party" doesn't fear the evil adversary which is a criminal syndicate called the Democratic Party.  The Republican leadership believes it must "get along" to give the appearance of "fairness" and dare not "offend"  all the while the Democratic religion ... is hate for all that is a Republican value and morals. This is a S E D I T I O N against a duly elected President .... by all means necessary.

Mr. Grassley,  to backtrack and allow a 36 year old allegation with no facts but a she said-he said, and after a full investigation of Kavanaugh, simply takes conservatism off the table and allows a no vote on him ... rather than a victory for America. They play you like a cheap fiddle sir !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have said for years that Republicans can take great comfort in the Jellyfish.  It has neither spine nor brain and yet continues along using it's s mouth as its anus.  Could there be a better mascot for the Republican party these days?

Well said.  Liking Paul Fitch's analogy.  Is it time to start the Trump party or America First party?  R's are useless and Ds are communists.  I wonder if the dems know they are commies and I know these young people who populate that party don't know

I keep wondering if there are any occupants of Congress who have any guts?  Doesn't look that way.

Something else keeps twigging in my mind.  Progress means to move forward.  The "progressives" appear to be moving backwards into that which had ALWAYS resorted in war, destruction and slavery.  Of course, they, like the communists of the 1920s don't mind as they and intend to be in the "leadership", calling the shots for the "little people".  So what might be a better name for  them?

Communist use the language of double speak. Liberty to them is slavery for us. Progress for their cause is us being chained and silenced like we were before America came into being. It sounds good when they say the words but they mean something other than what we think. Free speech is only for their cause not ours. When we speak it is racist or demeaning regardless of what we have said and that can not be allowed. Their answer to all of this is to shout us down and hold the ground as if they had a mandate. They act this way because they know they are about 3% to a max of 5% and any resistance to their ideals will put them in the dust bin of history so they know they must be violent and forceful in their response to cow opposition. In Russia and China they killed millions and millions, by some estimates over 100million dead, and the total in Russia who subscribed to their belief system was never over 5%. They are a minuscule minority but we better not give them an inch here or their violence will again kill millions. I recommend we call them what they are so that they can be known for what they support and how they intend on getting it done. Allowing them the call themselves "French Poodles" won't make them friendly and fuzzy. Changing their name to progressive won't make that true either and does not properly warn the people of who and what these people really are. Remember the slogan "By any means necessary"? This is truly a bloody warning when we hear them spout it now, don't forget those hundred million dead who will never hear it again and did not take it serious enough when they did hear it. We now hear some of their elected leaders using this slogan I recommend we take them very seriously.

They are Communist plain and simple let them be known by that and for all the evil deeds assigned to their kind.

Would these idiot republicans dare vote Kavanagh down?  I heard this morning on oan that Grassley got a shot of courage and set tomorrow at 10am edt for accuser to decide to talk. If not, they vote on Monday.  McCaskill says NO. If stupid Flake does same, we are toast but oan said the Rs are coming together since Ford seems confused about what actually happened, if anything did, which I doubt. This is just too convenient. R's finally seem to be tired of being played by dems. I sure am.

The main thing we have to do is to crack down on the RINO's in the party and never let any of them into an elected or appointed office again. McCaskill and Flake can go to their retirement and never show their faces again as far as I am concerned, oh and the lucrative jobs for business? Never allow any former politician or government employee to become a lobbyist period.

How do you/we go about doing that?  Other than the vote ever 2-4 years, what effective efforts can be made, John?

In Arizona we are only about 150 to 200 Precinct Committee men and women behind the McCain faction in the battle to run the AZGOP. There are 748 precincts in Maricopa County alone, or there about. We would only need to add one PC out of ever three precincts to the Constitutional Conservative side of the issue and we could take over the operation of the State GOP. They are the guys who sent the letter, Golden Ticket, that listed all the RINO candidates who won the recent primary because the Republican Party recommended them to unknowing voters. The AZGOP also sent the list to NRA and presumably to others who listed these RINOs as good guys. I and many others are very upset that this violation of the bylaws occurred but it is past and now we need to prevent a reoccurrence and there is only one way to do it that I know of. We need to become PCs if we are not already and we need to recruit solid Constitutional Conservatives and take back the power in the party from the corrupt McCain faction that has a grip on it now. We also need to put in place a few new rules within the party but that is for after we take it back. This is the shortest and easiest way I know to make a difference in the outcome of these elections and the only way to get solid "real" Constitutional Conservatives elected. There may be some others who slip in from time to time, if we get this done, but it won't be like the most recent event where the entire ticked looks purple.

John, you left out the fact that AZGOP used their PC database to campaign for Ducey in the primary. AFA called them out on it (not that they ever read our email) and it switched from sending from AZGOP to being sent under Ducey's name.... same data base that is supposed to be for official AZGOP business.

One minor correction: to be able to take back the AZGOP PCs must be voting members which means they need to be State Committeemen.  ONLY those who sat for election to be PCs in the August primary are qualified to be elected State Committee until 2020.  New PCs can be appointed after the State meeting in January. They could have impact on their county leadership! County leaders often become state leaders.



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