No one was totally surprised that the democrats held paid-protester rallies during the time of the inauguration of President Trump, pussy hats, Hollywood types, riotous destruction and all.  This is who they are.  All of it constituted a tall-person temper tantrum.  We cannot say an "adult temper tantrum" because adults don't throw these tantrums.

Most of us figured these people would be like Occupy Wall Street: they would grow weary of the tantrum format and move on to some other type of chaos.  Woe to us, the pay for the resistance-cum- obstruction must be better than what Occupy Wall Street protesters got.  Perhaps they all signed long-term contracts.  The difference this time is that it's the Congress of the United States of America, the most free, the most generous country in the world.

Malcontents that they are, when simple resistance or obstruction didn't work to stop President Trump, they pulled out their ragged copies of Rules for Radicals for renewed inspiration.  Thus, what we are seeing in the current confirmation of Judge Kavanagh is all out hostage taking... of an entire country.  Wow, Alinsky would be proud.  The current crop of democrats have outdone him in the radical activities department.  Imagine if such energy was focused on making America great again!

Dr. Ford, the hidden and shadowy protester during the inauguration week antics, whose parents were about to be foreclosed on in a courtroom of Judge Martha Kavanagh, and accuser of Brett Kavanagh, refuses to chat with Sen. Grassley and his committee.  (Sen. Grassley has said the entire committee would fly to CA to speak with her.  No, thanks, she said.)  Snopes, that bastion of fairness in their research, says the Mom judge ruled to dismiss the foreclosure; conservative researchers say, not so.  Either way, we don't believe in political coincidences, so you decide whether there is a real connection between this odd pairing of accusations against Judge Brett Kavanagh's view of abortion and the accusations against a 17 year old boy.  Also in dispute is whether there is a statute of limitations.  Even MSNBC is reporting that there is but it hardly matters.  Dems throw out sexual assault charges against every Republican male who comes into their line of sight.  The little boy who cried wolf, circa 2018?

Either way, they believe they have hit on the mother lode of hostage taking: they have come up with the idea that Dr. Ford must resist speaking to the Judicial Committee until the FBI conducts a Mueller-like investigation, one that could go on for, oh, two more years.  They have stated unequivocally that they are fine to leave the seat unfilled for as long as it takes, years, if necessary to get their way.  Forever, even, since the FBI has stated in unambiguous terms they will not investigate because this has no bearing on national security.  Dr. Ford demurs.  She seems to believe whatever she wants IS a matter of national security.

Anarchists that they are, the democrats are not happy with simply disrupting the entire country on the nomination of Judge Kavanagh.  Oh, no, they also committed written treason by instructing agencies of the United States Judiciary to resist, obstruct and hold hostage the de-classifying of the FISA warrants.  This info must be so damaging that dems are willing to throw the entire country to the wolves.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.  We the people don't deserve fair treatment in America any more.  No such thing, now, as "we the people" as the source of a durable government.

The Democrats are in charge.  Thank you spineless Republicans.

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I am sure that all members of AFA are aware of the foundings fear of "true" democracy stating as akin to "mob rule". Today we are witnessing "mob rule"" with top folks pulling the mobs chains. All of what they do the chain pullers and the mobs is carefully designed to break our backs and a goal to destroy our unique in the world form of gov't, "it's a  Republic if you can keep it".

What else am I missing?

Not much that I can see. :)   But how do we help light a fire under the real Republicans?  AZ has problems enough on that score.  I'm hardly feeling giddy about the Republicans and pseudo Republican in Congress.  What a disgrace!

Eric, I hear you and share your concerns. Republican candidates up and down the ballot for the most part could be described as "Purple" candidates. My God I have read in the press that AZ Senate race is between two moderates.

Obviously it's too late to change a darn thing for the Nov. election. Question then is what to do for the next.

Right on, Eric. Rs sit on their butts except for a precious few.  Ds get out in the heat and work.  lots of them.  One thing grassroots Rs are good at is complaining.  I tried to  put together a walk group for a very conservative candidate. you shoulda heard the excuses not to be there.  Conservative candidate lost.  Wonder why.

AFA brought up the issue of Kavanaugh's mother's connection to Ford's family.  Snopes and Joanne Daly said the mother judge ruled in favor of the Blasey family.  I never trust Snopes and haven't for years since they donate to Hillary and I have yet to see them call any bad info about the Clintons and progressives to be true.  Might have happened but I've never seen it.  Last night I was watching Judge Jeanine's opening.  She strongly and without hesitation declared that indeed, the mother judge did foreclose on the Blasey family property.  I would trust her first over Snopes.  I suspect she has a team of people who are professional researchers.  Just a thought to clear the air on that.

Well said, Jasper.  I've also noted the very far left slant shown by Snopes and stopped using them several years ago.  



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