Gosar Calls For Investigation Of Biden For Violation Of Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Two of our representatives in the Swamp will often step out ahead of the crowd and do the right thing.  Unlike the democrats, the GOP does not slap down such an effort.  The Dems see it as "stepping out of line."  The GOP will get testy if they disparage the GOP brand but, otherwise, will turn a blind eye to action that is usually outside the interest of the party.  Such is the case with Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ).  So far as we can tell, he's the first to formally call out Biden from behind his desk but is willing to make a splash heard 'round the country.

So, what's the point?  He's in the minority party and this will never see the light of day!  Democrats can do just about any illegal or nearly illegal stunt without fear of retribution from an unknowing public.... or any other entity.  By doing SOMETHING instead of hiding in his/her office, a lawmaker can at least get airtime to spotlight the misdeeds of the dems.  Until the GOP buys some successful media, it's the best Republicans can hope for unless they re-take the House and keep the Senate.

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WASHINGTON D.C. – On Wednesday, Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar called for an investigation into Vice President Biden’s “potential corruption.” After reviewing the transcript of a phone conversation between President Trump and Ukraine President Zelenskyy, Gosar believes a full investigation by Congress and the Department of Justice is warranted.

On September 25, 2019 the President released a transcript of a phone call between the President and the President of Ukraine. According to Gosar, the transcript establishes that the government of Ukraine fired a prosecutor that was investigating Hunter Biden after Vice-President Biden threatened, in his official capacity as Vice President, to withhold official U.S. foreign aid to Ukraine, if and unless the government of Ukraine did not comply with his demands.

“I have reviewed the transcript of the phone call between President Trump and Ukraine President Zelenskyy and concluded that the evidence of then Vice President Biden’s potential corruption warrants a full investigation by Congress and the Department of Justice,” said Gosar referring to the call that occurred in July 2019. It appears, based on former Vice President Biden’s admission captured on video, that he used his official office as Vice President to coerce a foreign nation to take action that would personally financially benefit the Vice President’s son. This is the definition of a corrupt practice.”

Continue reading and see tweets:  https://bit.ly/2miWKoE

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It's about time the Republicans acquired some intestinal fortitude and brought efforts to bear against the communist other side of the aisle.  They're typical role as doormat for the Dems is disheartening.  The only time one hears from "Congress" is when they're groveling for money from their constituents during the election cycle run-up.  Otherwise, it's just business as usual in feeding at the trough of K Street lobbyists and personal wealth accumulation. 

You say this al the time Clair. We can only vote for those that run.  If no winnable candidate runs we are screwed.  I often vote for the lesser known candidate but only if too much is at stake if we lose in the senate.  we are seeing daily the wages of letting the dems in control

You are like a broken record, clair. If there is no good candidate, you suggest we would just not vote. Yeah, I know you ran for several offices but apparently, you were not electable.  We need good candidates who can win, not just good candidates.  I suggest instead of saying the same thing over and over you do something to recruit better candidates and they find a way to get them elected.  Words are cheap.  Just sayin'

Yes, $$$$$ is a great equalizer but if a candidate is not already electable, money won't matter.  Hillary is a great example of that, Romney too.  PACs can help clean candidates so long as they are not colluding with them so which PACs supported you?  What PACs supported your opponent and why didn't they support you instead if you are the better candidate?  Yes, I know you were not for sale.  Is that all it is about?  If so we are doomed no matter what.  And as to you running again, be careful not to get a wendy rogers reputation.  Has money, an airplane and not winnable.

OK I'm gonna bite one more time.  What JFK said was in the context of being capable of success.  For instance, he didn't try to be an astronaut because his back would have kept him from success.  Waste of time and he knew it.  Don't "try" to jump the grand canyon on a motorcycle either.  As to PACs there are good PACs out there that just want to help good candidates win. To lump them all into an evil context is poor judgement and fake news.  PACs can and do help clean candidates so long as they are in no way tied to those candidates.  Just follow the rules.

Van, I'm glad you have tried. I am one who does not judge a candidate on the past attempts. Takes a lot more info than that in my vetting process.

Hang in there!

Gosar is a keeper! The RINO's up my way know not to go after Gosar. If another good patriot, lover of liberty and the U.S. Constitution I believe that Gosar would term himself. We are fortunate to have him.

BTW Van, Daniel McCarthy was well received this evening at the Prescott Courthouse Sq.

good news, patricia.  We really need a winnable candidate and he looks like he could be one.  he has my support and I hope someone helps him run a good campaign

Daniel  has a hill to climb. One thing that stood out last night was the fact that the nest of republicans in Prescott, save a few, were missing in the crowd. Not surprised by that since even R's let themselves to be led around by a nose ring that "the party" provides. Guess its too much for them to have their minds open and think for themselves.

Clair, don't get me wrong.  I'm glad, too, that you ran and I believe you made the contests more interesting.  my only point is everything in it's own time.  When the time is past... And speaking of that, Joe Arpaio has stepped in it.  It's a sad day that he doesn't know it's past time to hang it up.

Well Pat J.the good old Sheriff is enjoying being a spoiler candidate if that is his reason for jumping in again. I do not think he has a chance to succeed. Its like many old men, less of old women, they can't seem to give up the key to the vehicle.

I realized a number of years back, I loved the freedom of driving, I had to turn in the drivers license. Some folks die shortly after being retired, perhaps entering the race(s) is what keeps him plugging along.

As conservatives we should be duly upset with the slow pace of righteous investigations, yet we should all know that there is a Statute of Limitations clock that is ticking away on Hillary and these others who violated their Oath of Office to We the People. The DOJ should also look into the current FBI director as to WHY he allowed the Hillary server to leave their control and go the Ukraine. That was what Trump was searching for ... and why their is an agreement between the U.S. and Ukraine for cooperation between the two nations for investigation of corruption  ... signed by Bill Clinton.  ENOUGH of the BS at the feeding trough. We want answers Now.





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