Grassley: Dr. Ford Has Not Yet Accepted Invitation to Testify Monday — ‘Do They Want to Have the Hearing or Not?’

Raise your hand if this surprises you.  Raise you hand if you are shocked that now, Sen Feinstein is saying she doesn't know if all the accuser has said about Judge Kavanagh is truthful.  Raise your hand if you believe the Democrats have pulled this stunt too many times for it to ever again be believable.


On Tuesday’s “Hugh Hewitt Show,” Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) said his committee had reached out to Supreme Court justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s sexual misconduct accuser Dr. Christine Blasey Ford multiple times in the last two days to have her testify Monday and have yet to hear back.

“Has Dr. Ford accepted, and she has agreed to come?” host Hugh Hewitt asked.

“No,” Grassley responded. “We have reached out to her in the last 36 hours three or four times by email, and we’ve not heard from them, so it kind of raises the question do they want to come to the public hearing or not? And the reason we’re having the public hearing is obviously, well, number one is accusations like this deserve consideration and looking into, and that’s what the purpose of the hearing is.”

He continued, “We wouldn’t be having this hearing if it wasn’t for the fact that Dr. Ford told the Washington Post and other people publicly that she wanted to testify. And we also have Judge Kavanaugh. Even before we requested him to testify, he said he was willing to testify. As of Sunday night, I had that message. So we still haven’t heard from Dr. Ford. So do they want to have the hearing or not? We’re delaying the vote, strictly, to get all the facts out on the table.”

Grassley went on to say Ford deserves “to be heard” because of her serious accusations, but questioned the delay.

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Every time a Republican (or more correctly a conservative) gets close to getting into an office that might derail the communists, they drag out some woman who will claim that the candidate/nominee did something terrible years and years ago!

The pattern is obvious but the spineless republicans slither back into their shells and say effectively "Oh my dear God how could he have done such a terrible thing!"

The weenie McConnell should just call for a vote and if those spineless bastards, Flake, Corker, Collins and Murkowski choose to screw both the Republican party and the United States of America, then they should be punished in some way that prevents them from every screwing our Republic again!

McCain lives on in Flake. This, for him, is about derailing Trump. He doen't give a flip about this judicial process.  We are very happy to be done with him. I want him to stay alive though because I can't take another endless funerals. But back to this situation, Kavanagh is just the latest victim. Dems know this woman is lying through her teeth. Dem opposition research rooted out this woman and made up the letter. A scam via dems all over again.  Now, let's talk about the declassified FISA docs.

I will say for the most part the senate republicans have appeared to walk the higher path. The demon-rats there is not a lower path they could travel their bottom feeders now.

Being a woman I spent a load of my adult life helping to raise conscious of issues of domestic violence, pornagraphy, sex trafficing of women & children, prostitution, pedophilia, etc. Sexual harassment is real. 

What is not real is the demon-rats giving a fig. Their caring is reduced to a care that this is a tool in their political war game bag.

Flake like McCain never votes for the good of the people but for his own self satisfaction. I will gladly vote for McSally and after 6 yrs if she betrays us we will need to replace her.  But you know, she could be faking her conservatism until she actually becomes one.  Trump is very persuasive.

I am SO sick and tired of politics!  This accusation is about 35  years too late.  I hope that he sues her for everything she has or ever hopes to have.  I don't care if the accusation is real or not, which I don't happen to believe, but it is way, way, to late for this woman to change her mind about saying something.  The decision she made 35 years ago, she made.  Assuming this whole thing is nothing more that a political dirty tricks campaign...again against the man WE elected as our President.

I really am sick of the games being played.



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