How many ways can you say "we are being sold out."  This Congress is like no other in that the only true focus is to "get Trump."  Whether they are talking about imprisonment, impeachment or just talking privately about new ways to sue the President of the United States, this Congress in securely in the insanity corner.  And yes, we are not talking parties here because neither major party is interested in the welfare of the country.  There may be 10% of those serving (we use that term very loosely) who are worth a vote in 2020.  Until grassroots steps up and recruits winnable candidates to replace the sorry crop we have, we are stuck voting with a sour look on our faces.  Do you actually think McSally will get re-elected and if she does, the ONLY saving grace is the satisfaction that the dems didn't get the seat.  Otherwise, the votes will go the same way, no matter the R or D designation.  Look only to the idiots who stood behind McConnel in defiance about the tariffs.  One would think tariffs were the work of Satan.  So, here we are on the threshold to, once again, give away the farm and the country in exchange for a goat.


This week, the House will consider a massive, five part, minibus spending bill (H.R. 2740) that will set defense, education, health, labor and energy funding for the coming fiscal year.

Without any meaningful conservative reforms or policy included, H.R. 2740:

  • appropriates less than half ($622 billion) the increase in DOD of what the president’s budget calls for,
  • prohibits the use of funds to build a “wall, fence, border barriers, or border security infrastructure,”
  • increases spending to wasteful government programs,
  • avoids welfare, education, and labor reforms,
  • restores funding to the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) and the Human Rights Council (which is notorious for its anti-Israel bias) while repealing the Mexico City Policy (which stops taxpayer dollars from being used to fund abortions overseas), and
  • gives members of congress a $4,500 pay raise.

H.R. 2740 forwards the progressive agenda and lacks fiscal restraint. This sham process is nothing more than a liberal, partisan exercise divorced from the real negotiations of the budget caps deal. We urge every Republican to VOTE NO on H.R. 2740.

So what can Sentinel Nation do? We must:

  • Ensure that all votes are roll call votes. All votes should be recorded as a yay/nay vote rather than a voice vote so that constituents can hold their members accountable.
  • Fight poison pills within the bill. Provisions that raise congressional salaries, limit border security, and advance an extreme pro-abortion agenda must be defeated.
  • Make sure no Republicans jump ship. We must expose this bill for what it is: an irresponsible and partisan product of radical liberals in Congress.

Conservatives in Congress must demand to be included in the conversation on appropriations, but more importantly, on the larger budget fight to defeat measures to increase wasteful government spending. Encourage your members to push against House leadership and their extreme agenda.

Want to see how your representatives are voting on key issues? Our 2019 Scorecard will go live on Friday!

Source: Thanks to Heritage Action for this report.

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This would be called central planning?

Let's just wipe out the Demon Party altogether in 2020.  Tell your friends, tell everyone now.  THAT'S what we're after.



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